Don’t see edit page in salesforce lightning


Turn SFX/LEX/Lightning on. 4. Go to any object tab (use Accounts as example) 5. Open any Account record. 6. Click on Setup Gear Menu, you will see the Edit Page link is missing.


How to edit page layout in Salesforce lightning experience?

Repro 1. Open Lightning Experience. 2. From Setup, under Platform Tools, select Objects and Fields > Object Manager. 3. Click Account > Page Layouts. 4. Edit a test Account page layout. Add a field or remove a field and click Save. 5. Open an Account record in Lightning Experience.

How do I enable caching in Salesforce offline for Android?

Results—the record does not reflect the change you made to the page layout. Expected—the record does reflect the change you made to the page layout. 1. From Setup, under Platform Tools, select Apps > Mobile Apps > Salesforce > Salesforce Offline. 2. Select or deselect Enable caching in Salesforce for Android and iOS

What happens when fields are added or removed from a page?

Summary When fields are added or removed from a page layout, changes are not immediately visible on a record in Lightning Experience. Lightning Experience and Salesforce Mobile cache layout metadata on the client for 15 minutes.

What are the benefits of caching in Salesforce?

Because Salesforce administrators don’t usually change page layouts during business hours, caching page layouts provides significant performance benefits. When a user requests a page, if the page layout is in the cache, the client doesn’t have to make a call to the server to get the information.


Where is the edit page in Salesforce lightning?

The ability to open in Page Layout is still there, but it is now located in the Setup (Gear icon) drop down and called Edit Page. The Edit Page link will open any screen, including quick action layouts making them easier to find and maintain.

How do I find edit page options in Salesforce?

1 – Click on the gear icon and then Click on “Setup Home” which will take you setup page. 2 – In Quick Search box type “object manager” and Click on “object manager” which will take you to the list of All Object. 3 – Select Account and find Page Layout. 4 – Edit page Layout which you want to edit.

How do I edit lightning page?

Edit Your Lightning PageIn Setup, make the global party ID field visible and read-only before creating the Lightning page.In Setup, navigate to User Interface | Lightning App Builder.Create a record page for the object, or modify an existing one.Drop each component where you want on the Lightning record page.More items…

How do I edit a page in Salesforce?

Log into Salesforce and click Setup in the top right-hand corner of the page.In the left menu, under App Setup, click Customize.Under Account, Opportunity, Product, Work Order or Asset, select Page Layouts. … Click Edit beside a page layout.More items…•

How do I get to page layout editor in Salesforce?

For now, let’s take a quick tour of the page layout editor by adding and changing a basic field on a lead record. First, we need to find and open the lead page layout. From Setup, click Object Manager. Click Lead to open the object and then click Page Layouts.

How do I enable page layout in Salesforce?

Create a Page Layout for ReadersFrom Setup. , choose Setup.Click Object Manager and select Knowledge.Click Page Layouts.Click New.If you’re basing the page layout on an existing layout, choose it. Maria selects None.Enter the name of your page layout. Maria enters Procedure – Reader .Click Save.

What is edit page layout in Salesforce?

Page Layout in Salesforce allows us to customize the design and organization of detail and edit pages of records in Salesforce. Page layouts can be used to control the appearance of fields, related lists, and custom links on standard and custom object’s detail and edit page.

How do I update lightning page in Salesforce?

Create a record page for Lightning Experience in one of these ways. From the Setup menu on a record page, select Edit Page. … In the Lightning App Builder, add, edit, or remove components to change the page’s layout. … In the page properties, give your customized page a unique, descriptive label. … Save your page.

Where are lightning pages in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, click the Setup icon and click Setup. While in Setup, navigate to the Object Manager tab then Click into the Quote object. In the left panel, click Lightning Record Pages.

How do I open enhanced page layout editor in Salesforce?

Opening the Enhanced Page Layout EditorSelect Setup > Customize.Choose the object.Do one of the following: In Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Edition organizations, choose the Page Layouts link and click Edit next to the page layout you want to customize.

What is detail page and edit in Salesforce?

Detail Page means : To Display list of fields of record in a layout. Edit Page : This is like a form where you get the fields pre-populated with corresponding record values , allowing the user to change in form and save record. Page layout is a concept where we group certain fields by sections .

How do I create and edit page layouts in Salesforce?

Create Page LayoutsFrom Setup, click Object Manager and select Account.Click the Page Layouts link, then click New.Select Account Layout from the Existing Page Layout picklist.Enter Customer Account Layout for Page Layout Name. … Click Save.More items…


Salesforce Lightning components can be quickly and easily added to a record page to have an immediate view of information, such as the GL Current Balance for a selected GL account. Another example would be as a multi-ledger user, including the Ledger Manager component provides easy access for ledger management.

Expense Line Add Edit

The Expense Line Add Edit component provides the ability to add and/or edit Expense Lines on an Expense Report from the Expense and Mileage Lines data grid. The data grid includes an Expenses tab and a Mileage tab. That way, you can select each tab to enter the information separately.

GL Account Current Balance

The GL Account Current Balance component displays the balance on a Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss GL Account, as of the current accounting period. For Multi-Currency users, this will display the balance in the active Ledger’s currency. This component also takes into account amounts from archived periods.

Ledger Manager

For multi-ledger users, the Ledger Manager component provides an easy way to set and change the active ledger for working in a desired ledger. In addition, it provides an easy way to view or identify your active ledger.

Time Card Line Add Edit

The Time Card Line Add Edit component allows you to add and/or edit one or multiple lines on a Time Card. With this component, the Time Card Lines section will be available on the selected Time Card record page.

Edit a Page to Add a Lightning Component

Important: The screen captures in the steps below focuses in on adding the Current Balance component. However, these same steps can be used to select and add any Lightning component.


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