Don’t see delete action for knowledge salesforce


How to override delete/edit action link in Salesforce with apex?

Step 1 : Creating Visualforce Page with the Name of [Account] in that put some , apex, java-script and css code for the same. Step 2 : We have selected the above created Visualforce Page for Override properties for Delete/Edit action link. Please see the below screen shot for more details.

How to create delete/edit action link using Visualforce page?

Step 1 : Creating Visualforce Page with the Name of [Account] in that put some, the given code by you in to the same . Step 2 : We have selected the above created Visualforce Page for Override properties for Delete/Edit action link. Please see the below screen shot for more details.

How to override Salesforce standard buttons in Salesforce apex?

There is no Apex code by which we can override Salesforce Standard buttons. The only way is to Create a VF page and then override buttons or Link into Salesforce. Refer the below link. I have tried this in my org and is working as per requirement.


How do I delete a knowledge article in Salesforce?

Delete an Article TypeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge Article Types in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Article Types.Next to the article type, click Del.Confirm that you want to delete the article type.

How do I delete an action in Salesforce?

Click Setup.On the Object Manager, enter Event.View the page layout for the Event object you want to update.Drag the quick action Delete Series and Delete All Following from the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section of the page layout.Click Save.

How do I delete activity in Salesforce lightning?

0:021:25Open Salesforce lightning click on deer icon. Click on setup it opens in a new tab enter mass in theMoreOpen Salesforce lightning click on deer icon. Click on setup it opens in a new tab enter mass in the quickfind. Click on mass delete records. Click on mass delete activities.

Where are Salesforce Knowledge settings?

Make sure you’re a Knowledge User.From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Knowledge , and then select Knowledge Settings.Confirm that you understand the impact of enabling Salesforce Knowledge and click Enable Salesforce Knowledge and click OK in the dialog box.To select your general settings, click Edit.More items…

How do I delete a global action in Salesforce?

Expand the Outlook Configuration by clicking the arrow before the text “Let users access records from Salesforce Outlook.” Scroll down and check each layouts in “Email Application Publisher Layouts.” Remove the Global Action from every layout and save changes.

How do I remove the Delete button from a list view in Salesforce?

To remove the standard new button from the list views, perform the steps below:Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Lead | Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic.Edit the List View by selecting the dropdown next to it.Uncheck the New[New] from the Standard Buttons list. … Once you’re done, click on the Save.

How do I delete completed tasks in Salesforce?

How to delete a Task under Opportunities in Salesforce LightningWelcome. In this guide we will learn how to delete task under Opportunity tab.Click on “Opportunities”Select Opportunity from the below list.Select the drop down next to the task which you want to delete. … 5) Click on “Delete”Click Delete to confirm.

How do you remove activity and chatter from a lightning page?

Remove the Lightning Activity Side BarWith page open that you want to remove the sidebar from (e.g, Account), click the Setup (Gear) icon and choose Edit Page.Click on the Sidebar to select it and then click the Trash Can to remove it.

How do I delete an event series in Salesforce?

To delete the whole series of a recurring Events created in Classic, we need to open the Event series and then click the ‘Delete Series’ button.

How do I enable knowledge settings in Salesforce?

Enable Lightning KnowledgeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.Select Enable Lightning Knowledge. Note To enable Lightning Knowledge, you must have one article type. … Enable any other Knowledge settings that you want.Click Save.

How do I enable the knowledge object?

First, you have to enable topics for the Knowledge Object.Click the setup gear. and select Setup. Note: Ensure you select Setup and not Service Setup.Enter Topics for Objects in Quick Find, then select Topics for Objects.Under Object, select Knowledge.Click Enable Topics.Check Text and Title.Click Save.

How do I enable knowledge sidebar in Salesforce lightning?

How to enable knowledge side bar in Salesforce console?Go to Setup –> Customize –> Cases –> Page Layouts.Click Edit next to a page layout.Click Layout Properties.Check Knowledge Sidebar, and click OK.Click Save.

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