How to add person account in salesforce

If you want to enable Person Account in Salesforce, you need to set up a Business Account Record Type. Go to: Setup → Customize → Accounts → Record Types. Create New Record Type. Set “Business Account” as a Record Type Name. Click Next. Accept all defaults and click Save. Enable Person Accounts From Setup, enter … Read more

How to add permission sets in salesforce

We can assign custom Record type in Permission sets by following simple steps as given below: Login to your Salesforce account Go to the Setup menu and click on it. Enter the Permission sets in the Quick Find Box and select Permission sets under the users section. Select any Permission sets or create new Permission … Read more

How to add percentage to salesforce report

Knowledge Go to the report type category, then double-click Add Formula. Enter a unique name to the formula as you want it to appear on your report. In the “Description” field, enter a brief description about the formula. From the “Format” picklist, select Percent. Under “Decimal Places,” select the number of decimal places to be … Read more

How to add people to salesforce

Salesforce: Multiple ways to add People to Campaign Manually from Contact/Lead page Campaign History related list From Contact or Lead page layout, scroll down to Campaign History related list, you can add Contact or Lead to a … Mass add with Contact/Lead Report You can add Contacts or Leads from Contact or Lead report, for … Read more