Why should i use salesforce


10 Reasons You Should Be Using Salesforce For Your Business

  1. Salesforce Improves Customer Data Quality & Management – One of the core functions of all CRMs is data management…
  2. Salesforce Improves Customer Service and Support – Another core function of any good CRM is that it will provide…
  3. Helps Acquire New Customers – For a business to grow it must…

Salesforce lets you efficiently unify different principal functions of your business so you can achieve customer success. You can sell, provide service, market, collaborate, know your customers, and build apps on a single platform.


Why is Salesforce considered a great place to work?

Why Salesforce.com is a Great Place to Work? Salesforce.com has successfully created a Great Place to Work FOR ALL their employees as they have excelled on the 5 dimensions that are a hallmark of a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture™ – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie.

What are some ways Salesforce can help a business?

  • Salesforce is a good platform to manage existing customers for small businesses.
  • Salesforce makes it easy to discover new customers through tools provided.
  • Online marketing and social media marketing can be managed easily with Salesforce.
  • Salesforce also help small businesses manage sales and support exceedingly well.

More items…

What are the advantages of using Salesforce?

What Are the Benefits of Salesforce?

  1. Customer information. One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity.
  2. Account planning. With all of the customer information you need right at your fingertips, you — and all of the reps at your company — can make plans for …
  3. Time management. …
  4. Team collaboration. …
  5. Accessibility. …

Why is Salesforce so difficult to use?

#3: Lack of defined performance goals

  • Reduce sales cycle time by 50%
  • Increase the number of qualified leads that are released to the sales team to 100/month
  • Increase conversion ratios of leads to fully qualified opportunities to 40%
  • Improve the closing ratio by 20%

Why do we need to use Salesforce?

Salesforce creates and supports customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps break down the technology silos between departments to give companies a complete view of their customer everywhere they interact with your brand.

What are some key benefits of using Salesforce?

Top 10 Benefits of Salesforce CRMCommunicate using automation tools. … Utilizing data analytics tools. … Following customer activity. … Syncing data from various applications. … Assisting customers through chat. … Using an omnichannel feature. … Consistent engagement with current customers. … View your audience in one place.More items…•

Why should sales use Salesforce?

Salesforce can customize, manage, and analyze virtually limitless customer data points, making it easy for your team members to refine and optimize the sales funnel. Finding the right content for the right prospect at the right time can be challenging for even the most experienced salesperson.

What is Salesforce and why IT is used?

Salesforce is a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

Why do businesses need Salesforce?

Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you the power to keep your clients at the heart of every action you take, and to do so in a way that is personalised to them as individuals. The end result is a powerful, customer-centric sales solution that ensures business success through customer satisfaction.

Why is Salesforce more than a CRM?

The software makes sure that it retains your customer and adds new ones to drive your sales. This is the reason why Salesforce is so popular in different sectors of the market. In the current scenario, it is regarded as the number one CRM. Salesforce is much more than CRM.

Who are Salesforce competitors?

Competitors and Alternatives to SalesforceMicrosoft.Oracle.SAP.SugarCRM.Zoho.Sage.Zendesk.CRMNEXT.

What is Salesforce for beginners?

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which is served form cloud. It has more than 800 applications to support various features like generating new leads, acquiring new leads, increasing sales and closing the deals.

Who uses Salesforce?

Companies using Salesforce CRM for CRM include: Walmart Inc., a United States based Retail organisation with 2300000 employees and revenues of $572.75 billion, UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, a United States based Healthcare organisation with 350000 employees and revenues of $285.27 billion, McKesson Corporation, a …

Does Salesforce have a future?

Salesforce as a Game Changer It’s predicted that SaaS CRM solutions will reach a deployment rate of 80 to 85% by 2025. The CRM software market in itself is estimated to grow at a rate of about 14% annually in the short-term, through 2017.

What is the processor feature in Salesforce?

The processor features involved in Salesforce tool does not involve any kind of programming or coding or designing and it just needs a kind of drag and drops or tool features which is easier to operate and that also involves less learning curve for the users or customers. 7. Has greater community support.

Where is Salesforce based?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product which was developed by a Software Development Company named Salesforce Inc., an American Cloud Computing company where its headquarters is based in San Francisco, California, USA. It was a publicly listed company in the USA …

What is Salesforce dashboard?

There is another kind of process in which Salesforce tool processes the data by extracting the customer data sets into meaningful information . The visual dashboards in Salesforce summarize the data with different types of representations such as Pictorial, Pie Charts, Bar Graphs, tabular or Graphical forms.

How can a customer base be understood?

The Customer base can be understood by using the customer data and their experiences and this enables the production company to customize or rebuild the products as per the requirement of the customers.

Can social media data be integrated?

The data from different social networking sites can easily be integrated and data reports can be generated which can be easily understood at the instance to identify the customer insights. The data will be analyzed in different ways of extracting data and visualization forms.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

The different areas and multiples areas of applications in the field of Customer Relationship and its management and also the utilization of Data tools contain Salesforce as one of the top utilized applications which have become a major one among the top CRM or tool. This clearly resembles that the greater utilization of Salesforce tool exists in the area of Data Reporting and Analysis where still as there are many numbers of tools available in the current market i.e., in the current era of the digital data world.

1. Easy to Use

Salesforce is just as easy to use as the websites you visit every day. You can log in from anywhere, collaborate with your colleagues, and view and update customer data whenever you want.

2. Easy to Customize

Whether you want to add modules, fields, create sales processes or change workflows, it’s all just a click away with Salesforce Customization.

3. Cloud-Based

Salesforce takes flexibility to the next level. You can use it anywhere and at any time. It has pioneered a secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure and offers cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Analytics.

4. Efficient Reporting

Salesforce offers a powerful suite of reporting tools. These will help save your time, money and allow you to give your business the attention it deserves. The reporting facility in Salesforce is customizable, enables contract management and real-time reports and analytics.

5. Multitenant Platform

All Salesforce users share the same infrastructure and instance of the software. This allows for automatic and simultaneous updates for all users on the platform while keeping their data secure. This means that you’re getting the latest and greatest features with automatic, seamless upgrades three times a year.

6. Integration Options

The Salesforce platform has a robust and well-documented open API which makes virtually any Salesforce integration possible. This lets you map your business processes onto Salesforce more effectively and boosts productivity.

7. AppExchange Ecosystem

AppExchange in Salesforce allows you to develop and market your own app or get access to thousands of useful, secured and verified applications and integrations built by other users. You can also leverage our Salesforce Glossary to learn more about it.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

In the last couple of decades, Salesforce has earned the reputation of becoming the leader when it comes to cloud computing and social enterprise software. The brand name is well known across the world and to many, the name Salesforce has become equal to CRM.

Is Salesforce backwards compatible?

The upgrades of the Salesforce are backwards compatible. It simply means that the periodic upgrades of the Salesforce would not disrupt the carefully customized system that you have created over the years. This single factor reduces the downtime of your website during the system update.

What is Salesforce’s strategy?

The strategy of Salesforce over the past years has been to become the holistic customer success platform for you to grow your business. They invested heavily in many areas such as Sales, Service, Marketing and now, Analytics, all showing great success. As such, Salesforce can provide all tools needed to support your cash-generating areas with a seamless transition in the same platform. In fact, Salesforce bets heavily on what they call Customer 360º – the possibility to see your customers’ data and interaction history across different company areas (marketing, sales, service, etc), all in the same platform.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the CRM you need for reporting purposes. In fact, when it comes to reporting, Salesforce is incomparable to any other. The standard reports are already very complete. Still, if you’d like something more tailor-made, just like any other asset in Salesforce, you can also customize reports to your own business’s needs. For instance, you can create reports with whatever metrics you wish, cross data, match data, select report types, etc. Then, there’s even a functionality on alerts that you can subscribe to report notifications in criteria reach.

What is AppExchange in Salesforce?

The app ecosystem coined with the term AppExchange is the store where free and paid apps are distributed. All apps in the AppExchange needed to pass a strict approval process that meets the minimum security and functionality standards imposed by Salesforce. So, the AppExchange is a great repository to get to know Salesforce certified partners, tools, consultants ( like us ), and basically anything you want to know about the CRM.

Why do I not have to worry about Salesforce updates?

By using Salesforce you do not have to worry about upgrades to the platform. Why? Simply because multi-tenancy allows you to share the same platform infrastructure with everyone else. The updates will occur automatically ensuring your instance receives the newest innovative features, while at the same time, keeping your data safe. Salesforce delivers three releases per year with new features that become automatically available for all users without the need for you to change or adapt anything.

Is Salesforce a family?

Salesforce goes beyond a simple CRM, a sales system, a hugely integrated data center, you name it. It goes beyond all of that. These days, Salesforce is a family, composed of users, partners, consultants, clients, students, etc. Anyone can be part of this Ohana. In fact, you don’t even need to have Salesforce to be part of the community. You can free of charge create your Salesforce Trailhead account and start learning whatever you want about the CRM, the tools, the company, the values, everything.

Why is Salesforce important?

The software allows companies to understand their customer base better. It offers more than the usual, traditional ways to connect with them, fulfilling the ultimate aim of acquiring more customers.

What makes Salesforce unique?

If you are still not convinced, allow us to drop some facts on what makes Salesforce unique. According to statistics provided by the company, Salesforce implementation has enhanced companies’ performance in many areas. Sales revenue reported an average increase while lead conversion has gone up considerably for companies who use Salesforce. Similarly, companies overall reported an increase in customer satisfaction while overall rise in deployment. Combined, these make for impressive figures that should help companies determine why Salesforce technology could be the best option for them to improve their business and customer offerings.

1. Measured Customer Management

The future clients for one’s business convert to customers along with the already existing customers, which in turn gives your business a continual or steady flow. The potential customers come in the form of connections.

2. Easy to Use

Salesforce is just like a daily use website. It is so easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or programming expertise.

3. Grow as the business thrive

Growth, expanding, and going big are the fundamental principles for all businesses.

4. Higher Employees productivity

A good Salesforce CRM makes sure you get maximum progress. According to Harvard Business Review, approximately 52% of performing agents identified themselves as power users who benefit from the company’s CRM technology.

5. Provide Comprehensive Customer View

One can easily connect their Salesforce CRM with other cloud-based services for a complete view of clients, their needs, and their importance in numerous sections. It helps indicate the needs of customers and make sure we get a better understanding of customer’s demands with the help of all linked software.

6. Cloud-Based

Salesforce is so flexible and available at any place and any moment. It takes flexibility to just another level. You can reach and get a hold of it anywhere and at any time.

7. Efficient Reporting

Salesforce is such a powerful tool. It makes sure that it covers all the needed tools for reporting. What makes it so effective and efficient is time-saving, money-saving, and less manual solutions and allow you to provide your company with the scrutiny it deserves.

What is Lightning Voice for Salesforce?

Speaking of new features, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a game-changer for salespeople. It connects them to customers and prospects faster than ever by enabling voice calls directly within Sales Cloud. This means wherever you are using Salesforce, including on your mobile device, you can make and receive calls in context, while taking notes and logging these calls at the same time. You can even choose a number that’s local to your territory.

Is Salesforce1 a mobile app?

In fact, the Salesforce1 Mobile App is built on top of the Lightning Platform. Both innovations served as catalysts for the reimagined Lightning desktop experience. Any and every customization that happens there is immediately accessible on any mobile device via Salesforce1.


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