What is salesforce shield

Salesforce Shield is a trio of security tools that helps admins and developers build extra levels of trust, compliance, and governance right into business-critical apps. It includes Shield Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail.

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What can businesses do with Salesforce shield?

Shield Event Monitoring gives businesses more control over their data. Shield Platform Encryption does that, too….For example, depending on what a business discovers about its data, it can:Block users.Modify policies.Troubleshoot problems.Increase adoption initiatives.

Is Salesforce shield an add on?

Salesforce Shield is available as an add-on and is priced at a percentage of a customer’s total Salesforce product spend.

What is Salesforce Shield encryption?

Shield Platform Encryption lets you control and rotate the key material used to encrypt your data. You can use Salesforce to generate a tenant secret for you, which is then combined with a per-release master secret to derive a data encryption key.

What is Salesforce Shield event monitoring?

Designed as an API First service, Salesforce event monitoring helps you to use data that normally wouldn’t be possible through the user interface. Salesforce stores the information gathered by the event logs in an API object called EventLogFile.

How do I use Salesforce shield?

0:301:39Salesforce Shield – Product Demo – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd software with simple point-and-click tools you can encrypt fields files. And attachments at theMoreAnd software with simple point-and-click tools you can encrypt fields files. And attachments at the UI level and easily manage encryption keys by rotating the exporting and destroying keys.

How do I know if I have Salesforce shield?

Contact Salesforce to get Shield Platform Encryption License. Shield Platform Encryption is automatically available in Developer Edition orgs created on or after the Summer of 2015.Check this permission are available in case if you have Licensed.

How do I enable shield in Salesforce?

Turning on Shield Platform Encryption is as easy as 1-2-3.Provision your license. Contact Salesforce to get one. … Assign permissions.To enable Shield Platform Encryption, you need the Customize Application and Manage Encryption Keys permissions. … Enable Shield Platform Encryption for your org.

What type of encryption does Salesforce use?

The Shield Platform Encryption process uses symmetric key encryption, a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm using CBC mode, and a randomized 128-bit initializati​on vector to encrypt data stored on the Salesforce Platform. Both data encryption and decryption occur on the application servers.

What is the difference between Shield platform encryption and classic encryption?

Shield Platform Encryption also supports person accounts, cases, search, approval processes, and other key Salesforce features. Classic encryption lets you protect only a special type of custom text field, which you create for that purpose.

Does Salesforce Shield include data mask?

4:366:32Salesforce Shield & Data Mask – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipQuality data without exposing pii or customer information with data mask you can easily buildMoreQuality data without exposing pii or customer information with data mask you can easily build policies that obfuscate sensitive data in a permanent. Way so that you no longer have to worry about pii.

Do I need Salesforce shield to be Hipaa compliant?

Yes, Salesforce can be HIPAA compliant, but you must talk to your account representative to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). You can connect Salesforce to “Shield” premium services for additional monitoring, encryption, and auditing.

Is event monitoring part of shield?

Event Monitoring, a part of Salesforce Shield, gives you access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps in order to monitor critical business data, understand user adoption across your apps, and troubleshoot and optimize custom application performance.

What is shield platform encryption?

Shield Platform Encryption allows you to natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all your Salesforce apps. Encrypting data at rest adds another layer of protection to PII, sensitive, confidential, or proprietary data. It also helps you meet both external and internal data compliance policies while keeping critical app functionality — like search, workflow, and validation rules. You keep full control over encryption keys and can set encrypted data permissions to protect sensitive data from unauthorized users. See Shield Platform Encryption.

What is event monitoring in Salesforce?

Real-Time Event Monitoring gives you access to detailed performance, security, and usage data on all your Salesforce apps. See who is accessing critical business data when, and from where. Understand user adoption across your apps. Troubleshoot and optimize performance to improve end-user experience. Event Monitoring data is tracked via the API and can be imported into any data visualization or application monitoring tool, like Analytics, Splunk, or New Relic. To get started, check out our Event Monitoring training course.

What is field audit trail?

You can use it for regulatory compliance, internal governance, audit, or customer service. Built on a big data backend for massive scalability, Field Audit Trail helps companies create a forensic data-level audit trail with up to 10 years of history. You can also set triggers for when data is deleted.

What is Salesforce Shield?

The solution was Salesforce Shield, a trio of security tools that helps ensures trust and compliance for internal

What is Salesforce Shield encryption?

Encryption protects sensitive data that you don’t want anyone to see. Platform encryption through Salesforce Shield provides protection for sensitive data at rest without compromising functionality. This feature is built into Salesforce natively and requires a simple set up. Platform encryption lets you encrypt a variety of standard and custom fields.

What is event monitoring in Salesforce?

Event Monitoring gives your organization insight into your Salesforce apps. Track what users are accessing, from what IP address, and what actions are being taken in regard to data. You can view all of the information pull from event monitoring in any data visualization app of your choice. Use this information to optimize your Salesforce organization for the best performance for your end-user.

What is field audit trail?

Field Audit Trail acts as a “time machine” for the history of data in your Salesforce. It allows you to go back and look at the value and state of your data on any date at any time. Field audit trail is built on a big data backend and is fit for massive scalability. This gives Salesforce customers up to 10 years of audit trail data for up to 60 fields per object. This information can be for regulatory, compliance, internal customer service use, or anything else you can think of.

What is Salesforce Shield?

The Salesforce platform provides a very robust data security model out of the box to secure data at each level–from individual records and fields to the organization level.

Salesforce Shield: Features You Need to Know

There are three primary features provided within Salesforce Shield – Shield Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring, and Field Audit Trail. Let us unpack each one of them in detail, with additional insights on how they improve on the standard controls provided by the platform.

Salesforce Shield: Aspects to Consider

If you are looking to secure your Salesforce org instance for audit and compliance requirements, Salesforce Shield enables a trio of powerful features to prepare accordingly. Having said that, it does come at considerable cost and effort to implement and enable Salesforce Shield in your Salesforce org.

Salesforce Shield: A Worthy Addition to your Arsenal

Salesforce Shield is a great way to secure and monitor your Salesforce instance. As an admin, if you could imagine your data security model as a multi-layered cake, it would be prudent to think of Shield as the icing on the top. Ensure that your Salesforce data security model is consistently reviewed and updated to provide a strong foundation.

Securing All your SaaS Apps

If your organization uses multiple SaaS applications in addition to Salesforce, it can be extremely tricky to answer questions like:

Support and Success Plans

Every license includes two-day response time, our customer support community, interactive webinars, events, guided journeys, and more.

Shield Pricing FAQ

The contract price is calculated as a percentage of how much you spend on other applicable, technically compatible Salesforce products. If you have questions about which of your products are applicable, reach out to a sales representative at 1-800-667-6389 for details.

APAC Compliance

What is Australia Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 Compliance?

Americas Compliance

What is New York State’s Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies Compliance?

What is SalesForce Shield Platform Encryption?

Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption enables enterprises using Salesforce to natively encrypt data at rest across their Salesforce apps without compromising business functionality.

What is Salesforce Shield?

Salesforce Shield, which is part of Salesforce Platform, is a security solution that protects your enterprise with point-and-click tools to enhance transparency, governance, trust, and compliance across every critical applications and system.

Salesforce Shield Benefits

The main benefits of Salesforce Shield are its performance monitoring feature, platform encryption, data archive, and field audit trail. Here are more details:

Event Monitoring

Discover insights into your Salesforce org with this powerful monitoring feature.

Event Monitoring Analytics App

Use a powerful prebuilt app to visualize your Salesforce event log data.

Real-Time Event Monitoring

Discover insights into your Salesforce org with Real-Time Event Monitoring.

Enhanced Transaction Security

Monitor events, enforce policies, and get instant notifications based on rules you create.

Shield Platform Encryption

Encrypt your data at-rest in the cloud and manage the life cycle of your encryption keys.

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