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With the new Salesforce mobile app your entire business is instantly mobile conversational. AndMoreWith the new Salesforce mobile app your entire business is instantly mobile conversational. And smart. So that you can truly run your business anywhere.

How do I use Salesforce?

With Dynamic Forms you’ll be able to:

  • Place fields anywhere on the layout without needing to add them to the traditional page layout (“Details” tab)
  • Use visibility rules to make fields and components appear and disappear based on criteria you choose
  • Do away with multiple page layouts
  • Improve page load times

How to customize standard Salesforce application?

  • Select product object and click on Edit button.
  • Now Change Product description in to Product specification.
  • Product family in to Product Type.
  • Product Name in to Product name only
  • Click on Save buttons to save all settings.

How do I uninstall Salesforce?

  • Click Continue.
  • Select a reason for the integration uninstallation, then e nter Uninstall Salesforce in the text field.
  • Click Uninstall Salesforce.

What is the outlook for Salesforce?

Salesforce Outlook Integration

  • Users can now log Outlook emails to Salesforce as actual emails, no longer logging emails as tasks
  • Customized Outlook integration panels can be made for different users. Admins can configure Lightning components to the panel and even download more components from the AppExchange.
  • Users can draft Outlook emails using preconfigured Salesforce templates



Does Salesforce have an app?

The app is cross platform, so it runs on Android and iOS operating systems.

Is there a Salesforce desktop app?

Run Salesforce in distraction-free window, manage multiple Salesforce accounts easily and more with the unofficial Salesforce desktop app for Mac and PC on WebCatalog.

What is the Salesforce mobile app called?

Salesforce1 is a mobile application or interface which connects all your apps, connect all your devices and connect all your customer data.

How do I get a Salesforce app?

The Salesforce mobile app is available for iOS® and Android™ phones and tablets. You can download the iOS app from the App Store®, or the Android app from Google Play™. If you’re unable to download Salesforce for iOS or Android to your device, your org’s security policies may be blocking installation of the app.

How do I get Salesforce on my computer?

See Move from Salesforce for Outlook to the Next-Generation Products.Download the Salesforce for Outlook Installer. Download the installer from Salesforce.Install and Set Up Salesforce for Outlook.Manage Your Salesforce for Outlook Configuration. … Uninstall Salesforce for Outlook.

Where can I download Salesforce?

You can download and install Salesforce from the App Store or Google Play.

How do I install Salesforce mobile app?

0:152:49Install & Setup Salesforce Mobile App Emulator for Android – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipMachine here at the mobile debugging tool site on let’s download theMoreMachine here at the mobile debugging tool site on let’s download the android emulator click on the android image and then click on the download.

Is there a Salesforce app for Android?

You can customize and build any app and instantly deploy that functionality through the Salesforce app. You can experience all of Salesforce on your mobile device.

How do I setup a Salesforce mobile app?

To do this, log in to Salesforce on your computer and navigate to “Setup”. Under “Administration Setup”, go to “Mobile Administration” –> “Salesforce1” –> “Salesforce1 Settings” and check the box to “Enable the Saleforce1 Mobile Browser App”.

How does Salesforce app work?

Salesforce apps extend your data and processes to mobile, helping you take action from anywhere, stay up-to-date, manage leads and opportunities, collaborate with coworkers, and close more deals, faster. Salesforce offers hundreds of useful pre-built apps to address nearly every business management need.

What is Salesforce app launcher?

The App Launcher is how users switch between apps. It displays tiles that link to a user’s available Salesforce, connected (third-party), and on-premises apps. You can determine which apps are available to which users and the order in which the apps appear.

What is AppExchange Salesforce?

The AppExchange is a huge selling point of the Salesforce platform , and if you haven’t dived into some of the Apps available, now is your chance. Most of the Apps mentioned have the ability to completely transform the way your business operates using Salesforce, so the potential opportunity is huge.

What is a form app?

Form Apps provide a simple, yet very effective way of collecting data, and integrating it directly into the Salesforce platform. They allow you to create amazing looking forms to collect data for events, surveys, feedback, or any other use you can think of.

Is Salesforce going to explode in 2021?

The Salesforce DevOps space is really heating up in 2021. There have been a number of large investments into a few AppExchange Apps, that show investors are placing big bets on this space to explode.

How many apps are there in Salesforce?

As of last year, there were almost 3.5 thousand apps and 6 million installs.

When did Salesforce come up with AppExchange?

Salesforce themselves may not be able to add those in, but in 2005, they came up with a solution: AppExchange.

What is Formstack for Salesforce?

Formstack is the #1 form builder for Salesforce, so you know you’re getting only the best. It’s easy to make forms with Formstack and publish them on social media or on your website, even if you don’t know how to code. From customer questionnaires to feedback surveys, Formstack’s got you covered. App Features:

Is Salesforce better than other apps?

The answer is pretty simple; Salesforce is just better with them. There’s an app for every business need, from creating personalized marketing campaigns to automatic activity logging. Each app is screened before it can be listed, and each person on your team can choose the ones they feel would benefit them the most.

Will Salesforce be available in 2021?

If you’re a sales professional in 2021, you or your team are most likely using Salesforce. But even with all its capabilities, there are many things that it can’t do out of the box. This is where Salesforce apps—third-party-developed extensions that add functionality—come in. These apps are designed to maximize your productivity, …

What is Salesforce Chargent?

Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce is a 100% Salesforce native credit card / ACH payment solution for one time or recurring billing. Chargent puts users in complete control of payment processing, managing everything right in Salesforce where the customer data is stored. Chargent is available as an easy-to-install Salesforce add-on, the highly extensible platform has been deployed in hundreds of organizations since 2009. Chargent comes with pre-built integrations to 20+ payment gateways, with developer tools that make it easy to customize to fit any business process. Chargent is…

What is Acromobile Salesforce?

Acromobile is a Salesforce OEM, built to power users’ payments and automate related processes. With this software users can sell and collect better in an Omni-Channel world, and enable teams across their organization. They can empower their customers with the ability to make purchases and transactions across Mobile, Contact Center and Web. Moreover, it has the peculiarity of payment requests. Anyone with an email address can receive a request. Then they can pay with their card or bank account by logging in or simply clicking Pay. With Acromobile’s responsive email templates it’s now easier than ever to send Payment Requests…

What is Inforce Marketing?

Inforce Marketing delivers enterprise-strength marketing capabilities in a 100% native application. It streamlines the marketing process and delivers the most relevant results to the users’ marketing team while keeping costs in check. Specifically, it delivers complete visibility over leads, costs, results, and revenues; streamlines marketing operations for multi-channel campaign management; and also optimizes lead qualification and conversion. With the combined power of Salesforce and Infor’s proven expertise in campaign management and marketing resource management, Inforce Marketing delivers enterprise-level direct marketing and lead management to improve the way users manage the entire customer relationship process. With Inforce Marketing, users gain…

What is Kugamon app?

Kugamon is a Salesforce appexchange. It has Core Order and Billing Application which saves time and increase visibility for users. Solutions of Kugamon are CPQ, subscriptions and renewals and inventory management. CPQ includes smart selector which brings intelligence to the product and pricing entry; kits and bundles; discount control which means that the right discount policy can be easily created and managed with Kugamon Quotes; recommended products – users gets the ability to assign product recommendations, define correct quantity levels for packages etc; additional charges and credits – promotions and credits are offered with Kugamon; multi currency support. Next solution…


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