How to use topics in salesforce lightning


Our next step is to add Topics Component to Account lightning record page:

  • Navigate to Setup | Object Manager | Account | Lightning Record Pages and Edit the right page.
  • Drag and drop the Topics standard component into place where you would like to add the chart.
  • Optionally, you can specify the following details: Placeholder Text: A prompt inside the add topics field to encourage users to enter topic names. …
  • Click Save.

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To configure topics for objects, including custom objects, from Setup, enter Topics for Objects in the Quick Find box, then select Topics for Objects.
  1. Create a record page for Lightning Experience. …
  2. In the Lightning App Builder, configure the Topics component and add it to the page’s layout.
  3. Save your page.


How to enable topics for objects in Salesforce lightning experience?

A Salesforce admin must enable topics for objects for the article type (s). Switch to classic and search for topics for objects in the quick find box, this option/setting is not yet available in lightning experience. From Setup, enter Topics for Objects in the Quick Find box, then select Topics for Objects. Select an object.

Why do you love the Salesforce Lightning interface?

Like many long-time Salesforce users, I had to learn to love the Lightning interface. In part, that’s because, after all these years implementing Salesforce, my retina has the Classic interface imprinted upon it. I can navigate it with my eyes shut.

How do I customize the Lightning app menu in Salesforce?

Customize the Lightning App menu A Lightning App allows Salesforce users to see different combinations of tabs. The matrix of nine dots at the left-hand end of the tabs is where you select the relevant Lightning app. However, the result can be confusing. Clicking the matrix reveals a list of hard-to-distinguish Lightning apps.

What are utility items in Salesforce Lightning?

This customization might be as simple as a valuable pipeline chart. However, Utility Items can also include Process Builders, Dashboards, CTI SmartPhone, Visualforce Pages and more. Lightning Tip #14: Customize the Utility Bar.


How do topics work in Salesforce?

Topics are words or phrases that you can associate with Salesforce records to organize them around common themes. Tags are words or short phrases that you can associate with most Salesforce records to describe and organize their data in a personalized way.

How do I add a topic in Salesforce?

Add Topics to Records in Salesforce ClassicOn the top of the record detail page under the record name, click Click to add topics. If the record already has topics, click Topics. … In the topic editor, start typing your text. … When you’re done adding topics, click Done or press Enter.

What are the topics in Salesforce?

Topics in SalesforceCRM Introduction.Level 1(Setup and Config)Types of Objects.Types of Fields.Types of Relationships.Different types of tabs.Types of Applications.More items…

How do I view a topic in Salesforce?

In the topics list, you can:To see a topic’s detail page, click the topic name.To see updates in your Chatter feed, click. Follow.To narrow what you’re looking for, filter the list of topics.Search for topics by name. … Only users with the View All Data permission can filter by record name.

What are topics in Salesforce lightning?

Topics allow your users to organize records by theme. On the topic detail page, users can see all the records with a topic and filter their record list views by topic. Enable topics for objects so that users can add topics to records and organize them by common themes.

How do I manage a topic in Salesforce?

As the number of topics in an Experience Cloud site grows, curate them to improve usability. You can create, merge, rename, enable for content, and delete topics in one convenient location….Required Editions and User Permissions.User Permissions NeededTo create topics:Create Topics4 more rows

How do I report a topic in Salesforce?

To add topics into a record object:Do not need to start with #, just type the topic and hit enter when done.Need to type in the Topics component in lightning, see post below for Topics component.You need to have edit permission on the record to be able to add topics to that record.More items…•

What are the topics in admin of Salesforce?

Examples of the concepts you’ll learn during study for the certification exam include: Managing users, data, and security. Maintaining and customizing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud apps. Building reports, dashboards, and workflows.

How do I use Tags in Salesforce lightning?

Enable TagsFrom Setup, enter Tag Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Tag Settings.Select Enable Personal Tags and Enable Public Tags to allow users to add personal and public tags to records. … Specify which objects and page layouts display tags in a tag section at the top of record detail pages. … Click Save.

What should a Salesforce developer know?

Key Skills Needed To Be An Efficient Salesforce DeveloperFundamental object-oriented programming concepts.Basic knowhow of C# and JavaScript.MVC style of designing.Data management, modeling.Visualforce and Apex fundamentals.Lightning framework.Developer console.Web services, SQL, Salesforce Object Query Language.More items…•

What is Salesforce interview questions?

Salesforce Interview Questions For FreshersWhat are the features of Salesforce. … What is an object in Salesforce? … What is meant by an App in Salesforce? … Explain different types of apps we can use in Salesforce. … What is sharing rule? … What is an Audit trail in Salesforce? … What is the difference between role and profile?More items…

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