How to set password never expire in salesforce


  • Under Administration Setup, click Manage Users > Users
  • Open the target user account and edit Permission Set Assignments
  • Add the ‘Password Never Expires’ Permission Set.
  • Click Save to update the changes.
Make your Salesforce password never expire
  1. Go to Setup. …
  2. In System Administrator, you’ll see a read-only and unchecked box for “Password Never Expires”
  3. Clone System Administrator and name it as you like.
  4. Check Password Never Expires box and save changes.
  5. Log in as another user.
  6. Go to Setup / Users and search your own name.
Nov 29, 2021


How to set a password that never expires?

Navigate to Create -> Permission Sets -> System Permission -> Password Never Expires and make sure the option is enabled. Show activity on this post. Additionally, with Winter ’15 release you would be able to set different password expiration interval on a per profile basis.

Can the profile password expiration date be more restrictive?

The Profile Password Expiration date is updated only if the new expiration date is earlier than the old expiration date or if new expiration date is ‘Never Expires.’ Therefore, the expiration date can only be more restrictive, unless you remove password expiration altogether with ‘Never Expires.’

How long will my passwords last?

In the meantime, if users are changing their passwords, then their passwords will expire in 180 days from the date when the password was updated. For new users, the password expiration will be 180 days.

How often are users forced to change their passwords?

Therefore, users are forced to change their passwords every 90 days. Our integration user accounts have been getting the following error when trying to login using our integration or any other api application, such as the data loader:


How do I make a password never expire in Salesforce?

To do so:Log in to Salesforce as a System Administrator.Go to Setup.From the Setup page, in the left column, go to Manage Users > Profiles.Click on the Profile with which the dedicated User is associated.Change “User passwords expire in” to “Never expires”Click Save.

How do I set a password to never expire?

Right-click the user which you want to configure and select Properties. In General tab, check the checkbox “Password never expires”. Or simply press Alt + P keyboard shortcut.

How do I extend my password expiry date in Salesforce?

By default, Salesforce will expire your password every 90 days….To do this, you can:Clone the profile.Set the ‘Password Never Expires’ option.Assign this profile to API users.

How often do Salesforce passwords expire?

90 daysFor new users, the password expiration will be 180 days. If the Profile A users are not changing the password, the users password will expire on 11/30/18, 90 days from the date when the org wide was set.

What is password expiration policy?

Password expiration is a dying concept. Essentially, it’s when an organization requires their workforce to change their passwords every 60, 90 or XX number of days. And while there are several reasons behind the password expiration policy, most at this point seem obsolete.

What happens when you uncheck password never expires?

if you uncheck “Password Never Expires”on an account, this means that the user password age will be checked on logon (using pwdLastSet attribute) . If the age is older than the amount of days configured in GPO password policy, logon will be refused and the user will be prompted to change the password.

How long is password lockout Salesforce?

15 minutesThe duration of the login lockout. The default is 15 minutes. This setting isn’t available for Self-Service portals. When a user is logged in to an active session but is later locked out, the user remains logged in to the active session.

What is lockout effective period in Salesforce?

Lockout Effective period You are able to set how long a user is locked out of their account, from 15 minutes to forever. If a user is locked out indefinitely, the account must be reset by an admin.

What is password policies in Salesforce?

To ensure that the appropriate level of password security is used for your organization, specify password requirements with Password Policies settings for users assigned to a profile. Profile Password Policies settings override the organization-wide Password Policies for that profile’s users.

What happens when password expires Salesforce?

As an admin, you can expire passwords for all users anytime you want to enforce extra security for your Salesforce org. After expiring passwords, all users are prompted to reset their password the next time they log in.

How do I change the default password in Salesforce?

Navigate to your name and click Developer Console menu. It will open new window, Debug | Open Execute Anonymous Window, copy and paste code below to the Enter Apex Code windows and click Execute button. System. setPassword(‘00550000000rlrX’, ‘hello123’);

What is password lockout Salesforce?

When the maximum number of failed login attempts is reached, the counter resets and the user’s account is locked. If there’s a successful login before the maximum number of failed login attempts is reached, the counter resets and the user’s account remains unlocked. Click Unlock.

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