How to remove duplicate records in salesforce reports


If you want to remove duplicates from both lists, you can make them sets (which will remove duplicates in them), create a new list where you will add all duplicates and then use removeAll method on the original sets. An example: List<Account> yourList1 = //… List<Account> yourList2 = //…


How to handle duplicate records in Salesforce?

Once your data is squeaky clean, the best way to handle duplicate records is to prevent duplicates in Salesforce from being created in the first place. There are many tools that can do this, but there is on available in Salesforce for free and it is very easy to setup and use.

How to remove duplicates in report?

Remove duplicates in report. 1 Open your report in edit mode. 2 Navigate to username field and click the down icon as shown in screenshot. 3 Click ‘Group by this Field’ link which will result into grouping based on username.

Why do you need a duplicate management strategy for Salesforce?

It is essential to implement a duplication management strategy for your Salesforce instance, to avoid future problems. Salesforce natively has tools to help discourage or inhibit users from entering duplicate data across any device.

What happens when your sales reps are working with duplicate data?

When your sales reps are working with duplicate data, they’re never sure that a colleague isn’t working on the same contact… or which record is the most up-to-date. When you flag and remove duplicates, you can ensure your customers and prospects aren’t receiving repetitive — or even contradictory — communications.


Can we remove duplicates in Salesforce reports?

You can’t remove the duplicates in the report; the report builder doesn’t do distinct so I’d recommend Excel.

How do I delete duplicate records in Salesforce?

Note: Deleting Duplicate Record Sets only deletes the Duplicate Record Items and not the actual records….Click + (All Tabs) on the Navigation bar.Search for Duplicate Record Sets.Select the Duplicate Record Sets that needs to be deleted.Click the Delete button.Click OK on the pop up window.

How do I report duplicates in Salesforce?

In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Report Types.Create a report type, selecting Account, Contact, Lead, or Duplicate Record Set as the primary object. … Click Next.Relate Duplicate Record Items to the primary object that you selected.More items…

Can you tell me your steps to remove duplicate data in Salesforce?

Select Show all Salesforce objects and select Duplicate Record Set (DuplicateRecordSet) object. Select Id and any other desired fields and follow the prompts to complete your export. For more information, review Exporting Data. Review the resulting CSV file to verify the DuplicateRecordSet to be deleted.

How Salesforce detect duplicates?

Salesforce finds and handles duplicates using a combination of matching rules and duplicate rules. Duplicate rules and duplicate jobs specify matching rules that determine how duplicates are identified. Duplicate sets and reports list the duplicates found.

What’s true about duplicate records in Salesforce?

What’s true about duplicate records? How can controlling duplicate records help admins? TF: flagging records that are potential duplicates can save his reps time and prevent them from missing important sales opportunities. no guessing about whether a colleague is already qualifying the same prospect.

How do you prevent duplicate records in Salesforce Apex?

Preventing duplicate records in Salesforce based on a single field can be achieved using a Set that can store the values of that specific field from all existing records and compare it with the list of new records that are going to be inserted.

Why is it critical to reduce or eliminate duplicate records?

If duplicate records are not removed, then data processing will fail. The purpose of this control is to remove multiple instances of records in order to prepare the dataset for additional processing.

How do you prevent duplicate cases in Salesforce?

Quickly and Easily Prevent Duplicate RecordsTip #1 — Leverage the native Duplicate Management feature in Salesforce to create matching and duplicate rules. … Tip #2 — Use “conditions” in the duplicate rules to apply the alert or block behavior to different sources of record creation as needed.More items…•

How do I find duplicate contact records in Salesforce?

Find duplicates across your org by running duplicate jobs. Use reports to share job results with others, and use duplicate record sets to merge the duplicates. Use information about completed jobs to track your progress in reducing duplicate records.

How do you find duplicates in Salesforce lightning?

In Setup, use the Quick Find box to find Lightning App Builder. On accounts, contacts, or leads, add the Potential Duplicates component. Select how you want to alert sales reps to duplicates.

How do I merge duplicates in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsFrom the Accounts tab, click Merge Accounts in the Tools section. … To find the duplicate accounts, enter a search string. … Select up to three accounts you want to merge. … Select one account as the master record.Select the fields that you want to retain from each record. … Click Merge.

How to Find Duplicates in Salesforce

Salesforce has the capability to effectively manage duplicates by simply adjusting the standard duplicate settings or by creating custom rules.

How to Remove Duplicates in Salesforce Lightning Experience

Once you have your duplication-catching rules in place, go through and do a quick check of your permissions. To merge duplicate contacts in Lightning Experience, you need permissions to “delete contacts.” If you want to merge Customer Portal enabled contacts, you need permissions to delete contact records and edit Self-Service Users.

How to Remove Duplicates in Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce Classic, you can remove duplicates by merging contacts. Check your permissions before getting started. To merge contacts, ensure you have permission to delete contact records. If you plan to merge Customer Portal enabled contacts, you’ll need to be able to delete contact records and edit Self-Service Users.

What does Maria do with duplicate records?

Maria selects Duplicate Record Items, so that newly created duplicate account records appear on the report. Then, she saves the report type.

How many matching rules can you have in a duplicate rule?

Before an active matching rule can do anything, you pair it with a duplicate rule. You can include up to three matching rules in each duplicate rule, with one matching rule per object.

How do matching rules and duplicate rules work together?

Matching rules and duplicate rules work together to ensure that your sales teams work with data that’s free of duplicates. Before your reps save new and updated records, matching rules and duplicate rules provide warnings of potential duplicates. You manage matching rules and duplicate rules in Setup.

Can Salesforce identify duplicate phone numbers?

So you create a custom matching rule to include fuzzy matching for phone numbers. Salesforce flags contacts with matching phone numbers as duplicates, even though one includes a country code and the other doesn’t.

How to create duplicate rules?

Just like a matching rule you can create a duplicate rule first by defining a name and description (optional) after you choose the object the rule is for. Next you can set the record level security. When it’s enforced it will only consider records the current user has visibility to for potential matches.

Why is data important in Salesforce?

Your data is one of the most important aspects to making your Salesforce implementation successful. When data is structured incorrectly, not complete, or simply not visible to the right people, your adoption and usability of the platform decreases dramatically. One of the common issues every customer experiences is duplicate data.

Can you manually merge duplicate records in Salesforce?

You can manually review and manually merge duplicate records in Salesforce. This is viable if you’re overall data set is pretty small. For most companies , this is simply not feasible.


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