How to lock report filters in salesforce


Lock Filters on the Run Page

  • Click Reports, then find your Cases by Status report and click Edit.
  • To open the Filters pane, click Filters.
  • Click the filter Industry equals Energy and select Locked.
  • Click Apply.
  • Click Save & Run.
  • From the report run page, click . Notice that the Industry equals Energy filter is now locked and can’t be edited from the run page.
Lock Filter in Reports
  1. Open your desired report in Lightning Experience.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. From the options on the left, click Filters.
  4. Click to Edit the Filter Logic.
  5. Click on the locked checkbox.
  6. Click Apply.
Apr 16, 2019

What happens when a filter is locked in Salesforce?

Consider the following screenshot: When filters are locked, they will be shown under the Locked Filters area, and the user who runs the report will be not able to edit or delete it. Consider the following screenshot: Get Salesforce Lightning Reporting and Dashboards now with O’Reilly online learning.

What does it mean to lock the report filter?

If we lock the report filter, then after running the report, we cannot change the filter, based on which new report data can be displayed. When adding filters to a report in the report builder, there is a Locked checkbox.

Why would you Lock Records in Salesforce?

Sometimes you would want to lock records in Salesforce so that they can no longer be edited or deleted. When a record has reached the end of its lifecycle, nobody should be allowed to modify the record any longer.

Why do we use filters in Salesforce?

We use filters to see the data that we want. In salesforce we can lock filters to prevent people from editing a field filter while reading the report in Lightning Experience. In Lightning Experience it is possible to select whether filters are locked or unlocked.


How do I lock filters in list view Salesforce?

ReproOpen a list view in Classic and click “Edit”Add the filter “Date/Time Opened less than TODAY”Click “Save”Open the list view in Lightning.Click the “Filters” icon.All filters will be locked.

How do I remove a filter from a salesforce report?

Edit a report.From the Filters pane, find the cross filter you want to delete. To delete the cross filter, and all its subfilters, click Remove.To delete a subfilter on the cross filter, but not the cross filter, click Edit. Find the subfilter you want to delete, and click Remove. … To save the report, click Save.

How do I filter a report in Salesforce?

Filter a Report in Lightning ExperienceOn the Reports tab, click a report to open it.Click Edit.Select the Filters tab.Click Add Filter and select a Field Filter from the list. … Select an operator for the filter and type the filter value in the next field. … Click Apply.

How do I turn on filters in Salesforce?

On the Reports tab, click a report to open it. Click Edit. Select the Filters tab. Click Add Filter and select a Field Filter from the list.

Can you lock Salesforce reports?

In salesforce we can lock filters to prevent people from editing a field filter while reading the report in Lightning Experience. In Lightning Experience it is possible to select whether filters are locked or unlocked. We can prevent users from customizing the information in the reports.

How do I remove a locked filter in Salesforce?

Open your desired report in Lightning Experience.Click Edit.From the options on the left, click Filters.Click the Edit icon (pencil icon) beside the Filter Logic (Example: 1 AND 2 AND 3)Click Remove Logic.Click Save.

How do you filter a report?

Filter data in a reportRight-click any last name, and click Text Filters > Begins With.Enter “L” in the box that appears, and click OK. Access applies the filter, and now you can print the report with just that data.

How do I edit a filter logic in Salesforce report?

From the Salesforce Classic report builder, click Add | Filter Logic. Enter each filter line number, separated by a filter logic operator. For example, (1 AND 2) OR 3 finds records that match both Filter 1 and Filter 2, or Filter 3. Finds records that match both values.

How many filters can you have in Salesforce report?

20 field filtersYou can edit existing filters from the filters pane, but you can’t add new ones. Each report supports up to 20 field filters. Note In Lightning Experience, these filters are available in the Report Builder, but aren’t shown in the filter panel when viewing a report.

What are cross filters in Salesforce reports?

Salesforce Cross Filters allow you to create a report that identifies records with or without a related record, where you have no need for the related object’s data (so you don’t need those related object’s fields displayed in the report).

What is cross filters in reports?

Use cross filters to include or exclude records in your report results based on related objects and their fields. Filter Across Objects with Cross Filters. Use a cross filter to fine-tune your results by including or excluding records from related objects and their fields, without having to write formulas or code.

Are Salesforce Filters case sensitive?

Filtering isn’t case-sensitive. For example, searching State contains ID returns all matches for “ID”, but also returns any instances of “Florida” and “Idaho” because they contain “id” in their names.

Add a Filter to the Report

As it stands, Ada’s report shows data on all of Ursa Major Solar’s cases. Her new sales reps have been working exclusively with cases in the energy industry, so she wants to filter out cases from other industries.

Lock Filters on the Run Page

Sita asks Ada to share the report with the rest of the company. Ada thinks that’s a good idea, but she doesn’t want other people to edit the report filters while running the report. To prevent viewers from changing the filter settings, she can lock the filter.

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