How to link salesforce to gmail


  • Click and select Setup.
  • In the Quick Find box, enter Gmail , then select Gmail Integration and Sync.
  • Turn on the Gmail integration.
  • To let reps relate emails they are composing to Salesforce records, expand the Gmail integration settings and turn on Use Enhanced Email with Gmail.

From Salesforce Setup, enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, then select Gmail Integration and Sync. Enable and expand Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail. To let reps relate emails to relevant Salesforce records, enable Enhanced Email with Gmail.

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How to integrate your Gmail with Salesforce?

  • Click and select Setup.
  • In the Quick Find box, enter Gmail , then select Gmail Integration and Sync.
  • Turn on the Gmail integration.
  • To let reps relate emails they are composing to Salesforce records, expand the Gmail integration settings and turn on Use Enhanced Email with Gmail.

Does Salesforce integrate with Gmail?

Salesforce‘s Chrome plugin lets SMB’s to quickly and easily integrate with Gmail, reducing the back and forth between their email clients and CRM systems. The Google plugin also allows for Salesforce integration with G-Suite.

How do I add Salesforce inbox to Gmail?

  • Click New, name the calendar, select Active, and save the calendar.
  • Click Sharing. Add the public groups, roles, or people you want to share the calendar with.
  • In Calendar Access, specify the way you want to share the calendar. Hide Details.

Can I Sync my Salesforce contacts with Gmail?

  • To do so, compose a new mail and attach the converted vCard to the email
  • Send this mail to the email account configured with your iPhone
  • Open this mail on your iPhone and click on the attached Card
  • Select Contacts app to open the file

How do I add Salesforce extensions to Gmail?

In the Chrome Web Store, enter Salesforce in the Search box, then select the Salesforce extension. Click Add to Chrome and confirm Add extension to add it to your Gmail account. After adding the extension to Chrome and navigating to Gmail, enter your Salesforce credentials in the new integration pane.

How do I connect my email to Salesforce?

To be able to use Email to Salesforce, start by configuring it….Set Up Email to SalesforceFrom your personal settings, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select My Email to Salesforce.Enter your own email address in My Acceptable Email Addresses . … Under Email Associations, select options as needed.More items…

How does Salesforce integrate with email?

The Salesforce integration with Outlook® and Gmail™ helps your reps manage their sales more efficiently. Your reps can view, edit, and add Salesforce records directly from their email, and relate emails and events to Salesforce records.

How do I integrate with Gmail?

Check Gmail sync settingsOpen the Gmail app .On the left, tap Menu. Settings.Tap your account.Make sure the box next to “Sync Gmail” is checked.

How do I receive emails in Salesforce?

Email to Salesforce lets users assign emails to leads, contacts, opportunities, and other specific records in Salesforce….Enable Email to Salesforce for Your UsersFrom Setup, enter Email to Salesforce in the Quick Find box, then select Email to Salesforce.Click Edit.Select Active.More items…

How do I connect my Salesforce account?

In your Salesforce browser window, enter the phrase in the Two-Word Phrase field. Click Connect. In the Salesforce Authenticator app on your mobile device, you see details about the account you’re connecting. To complete the account connection, tap Connect in the app.

How are emails sent from Salesforce?

Emails from Salesforce It can be sent using Salesforce email servers ‘Send Through Salesforce’, using gmail or office 365 accounts ‘Send through Gmail or Office 365’ or using a company SMTP mail server ‘Send Email Through Email Relay’.

Does Salesforce have an email inbox?

Salesforce Inbox is a fully integrated CRM and email management software that combines your email, calendar, and client management system to create a seamless sales experience.

Can Salesforce automatically log emails?

You can automatically log your emails to Salesforce using the Auto BCC feature in Front to associate emails to any open opportunities, leads, and contacts.

Is Gmail API free?

Gmail API is available for free, but it has certain daily usage limits for API calls. Daily usage: 1 billion API calls per day. Per User Rate Limit: 250 API calls per user per second.

What is Gmail integration?

Whether you’re on your computer or your mobile device, the integrated Gmail experience has email, direct messages with one or more people, spaces, and video or audio meetings—all your online communication streams—in one familiar place: Gmail.

Is there any API for Gmail?

The Gmail API is a RESTful API that can be used to access Gmail mailboxes and send mail. For most web applications the Gmail API is the best choice for authorized access to a user’s Gmail data and is suitable for various applications, such as: Read-only mail extraction, indexing, and backup.

How do I link my Outlook email to Salesforce?

Open your Salesforce Org. Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. Then enable Outlook Integration and Lightning Sync button. Enable Use Enhanced Email with Outlook and Click Active and Notify Reps.

How do I enable email services in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User PermissionsFrom Setup, enter Email Services in the Quick Find box, then select Email Services.Click New Email Service, or click Edit to change an existing email service.Specify the name of the email service.Choose the Apex class you want this email service to use to process messages.More items…

Where is the My email to Salesforce page?

Open Salesforce and at the top of the page click on your name and select “My Settings”. On the left side of the screen, click on “Email”. Then select “My Email to Salesforce”. Your personalized Salesforce email address is the long email address that starts with “emailtosalesforce@”.

How do I add an email account to Salesforce lightning?

From Setup, enter Email Services in the Quick Find box, then select Email Services. Choose the email service for which you want to define an address. Click New Email Address, or click Edit to change the configuration for an existing email service address. To delete an email service address, click View and Delete.

G Suite Integration Guide

Increase productivity by syncing G Suite with Salesforce Essentials. Gone are the days of toggling back and forth between your email and CRM. You can automatically log your email and calendar activity into Salesforce, streamlining your team’s workflow and accelerating productivity.

Native Integrations

Thanks to our strategic partnership with Google, our two product teams have been working hard to build integrations that help you be more productive:

Third-Party Integrations

The following integration services work with Gmail and Salesforce. We haven’t vetted it, so please be careful when deploying it:

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Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a well-known Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that automates Sales and Marketing procedures. It is a Subscription-Based Pay-As-You-Go American company based out of San Francisco, California.

Introduction to Gmail

Gmail is a Google-provided free email service. It works in the same way as other email providers. You can send and receive emails, create an address book, block spam, and do other basic email operations with Gmail. Gmail also has a number of additional unique features that make it an excellent online email service.

Key Benefits of Salesforce Gmail Integration

Gmail and Google Calendar are used by your most Sales personnel. They also use Salesforce. Salespeople, according to McKinsey & Company, spend up to 28% of their time on Email and Calendars. They must deliver Salesforce data to the location where they spend so much of their time.


This detailed guide provided insights on Salesforce Gmail Integration. Due to the restrictions of the Salesforce Gmail Integration, manually syncing data is time-consuming. Users/business teams should have a Salesforce account and authorize appropriate permissions to set up Salesforce Gmail Integration for such procedures.

How to Integrate Gmail with Salesforce (Use Case Example Included)

Ask any sales rep what the biggest time drain is in their workday and the answer will be the same. Surprise, it’s emails! OK, it’s not that surprising, but the actual extent of it might catch you off guard. It’s estimated that 28 percent of their day is spent between emails and Salesforce.

Business Use Case Example

Josh is emailing a group of prospective clients and wants to add everyone in the thread to Salesforce. Below, you can see that the extension picks up the addresses.

Troubleshooting and potential problems that can arise

The most common problem usually arises while logging in. Let’s suppose we have to log in to Salesforce via Sandbox. By default, the extension only allows you to log in to production. To fix this, go to the options page of the Salesforce extension by right-clicking on the Salesforce icon.

How to set up Lightning for Gmail?

Setting up ‘Lightning for Gmail’. Login to your Salesforce Lightning account. Click on the Quick Find box in the upper left corner once you have clicked on the Setup option. Type “Lightning for Gmail” and then proceed to select “Lightning for Gmail and Sync”.

Can Salesforce be integrated with Gmail?

Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM, can be easily integrated with many third-party tools to facilitate sales operations of a success-driven organization. In this blog, I’ll be explaining how to integrate Salesforce (Classic and Lighting) with Gmail.

Can you deactivate Gmail in Salesforce?

It is highly important for you to remember that you cannot deactivate Gmail to Salesforce once you have activated it.

Does Salesforce automatically log into Gmail?

Salesforce automatically logs you into your Gmail account after you have selected a Gmail link or Compose Gmail. You can then automatically populate the To field. Salesforce would also populate the BCC field with your email to the Salesforce address if Gmail to Salesforce is activated.

Create your own Integration

Connect Gmail and Salesforce the way you want. Start by selecting the trigger and action events listed here.

Run Workflows

Connect Gmail and Salesforce with your other apps and run workflows across them. Trigger workflows automatically when things happen in any of the apps.


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