How to get list of objects in salesforce


With Salesforce you need to use Metadata APIs and write a few lines of code to get the details. You can try Schema Lister developed by one of the developers at Tquila. Navigate to URL , select your environment and API version, authorise the Apps through OAuth and it will generate a list of all the objects and fields.


What are the standard business objects in Salesforce?

Standard & Custom Objects in Salesforce Simplified 101

  • Table of Contents
  • Prerequisites. An active Salesforce account.
  • Introduction to Salesforce. …
  • Introduction to Salesforce Objects. …
  • Types of Objects in Salesforce. …
  • Steps to Set up Custom Objects in Salesforce. …
  • Conclusion. …

How to get all related objects for an object in Salesforce?

You can always get to the related object’s data from the account. If however you need to access the related object’s fields, you will need to query/fetch it explicitly.The trigger will bring in all things that have changed.

How do I create a custom object in Salesforce?

Upload Your Spreadsheet

  • Open this spreadsheet and save it. …
  • Click the setup cog and select Setup.
  • Click the Object Manager tab.
  • Click Create.
  • Select Custom Object from Spreadsheet .
  • Click Log in with Salesforce.
  • Enter your Trailhead Playground username (listed in the email you just received) and password that you reset in the previous section.
  • Click Log In.
  • Click Allow.

More items…

How to create big objects in Salesforce?

Defining a Custom Big Object’s Index

  • An index must include at least one custom field and can have up to five custom fields total.
  • Custom fields included in the index must be marked as required.
  • Long Text Area fields can’t be included in the index.
  • The total number of characters across all text fields in an index can’t exceed 100.
  • Once you’ve created an index, you can’t edit or delete it. …

How do I get a list of all custom objects in Salesforce?

The closest you can get is the Tooling API query “SELECT DeveloperName FROM CustomObject”, which does (mostly) what you want, except that (a) you can’t get the label, and (b) you need View All Data in order to use this API.

How do I see all objects in Salesforce?

We can use Schema. getGlobalDescribe() to get all properties of sObject .

How do I find fields and objects in Salesforce?

Fields in the Account Standard Fields list that display with a person account icon….From the object management settings for the object whose fields you want to view, go to Fields.Click the field label.To modify a custom field, add custom help text, or change the data type, click Edit.More items…

How do I get a list of sObjects in Apex?

Alternatively, you can use the array notation (square brackets) to declare and reference lists of sObjects. This example declares a list of accounts using the array notation. Account[] accts = new Account[1]; This example adds an element to the list using square brackets.

How do I query an object in Salesforce?

Use SOQL when you know which objects the data resides in, and you want to:Retrieve data from a single object or from multiple objects that are related to one another.Count the number of records that meet specified criteria.Sort results as part of the query.Retrieve data from number, date, or checkbox fields.

How do I get all the fields of an object in Salesforce Excel?

install extension called salesforce inspector and from there export the field information using below query. Add object api name for which you want this details and click export. It will give you the all the details about the fields in the specific object.

What are objects and records in Salesforce?

Object holds the entire schema (structure) of the data. Record: Its nothing but one row in that table. Records are the rows(entries) in object which are uniquely identified by there ids.

How do I see how many custom objects I have in Salesforce?

Open Items You’ve Recently Viewed In the Recent Items section of the Salesforce sidebar, you’ll find a list of up to 10 items (records, documents, custom objects, and the like) you’ve most recently added, edited, or viewed.

What is object fields and records in Salesforce?

A field is one data point within an object (e.g. “First Name” on the lead object). A record is row of field data within an object (e.g. the lead “John Smith”). An object is comprised of its field definitions and records. A tab is used to expose an object and its data to the end user through the web interface.

What are the methods of list in Salesforce?

List Methodsadd(listElement) Adds an element to the end of the list.add(index, listElement) Inserts an element into the list at the specified index position.addAll(fromList) … addAll(fromSet) … clear() … clone() … contains(listElement) … deepClone(preserveId, preserveReadonlyTimestamps, preserveAutonumber)More items…

How do I get fields from SObject?

If you use the generic SObject type instead of a specific object, such as Account, you can retrieve only the Id field using dot notation. You can set the Id field for Apex code saved using Salesforce API version 27.0 and later). Alternatively, you can use the generic SObject put and get methods. See SObject Class.

What are SObjects in Salesforce?

The Account sObject is an abstraction of the account record and holds the account field information in memory as an object. Each Salesforce record is represented as an sObject before it is inserted into Salesforce. Likewise, when persisted records are retrieved from Salesforce, they’re stored in an sObject variable.

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