How to enable cpq in salesforce


  • In the Quick Find box, type packages.
  • Click Installed Packages.
  • For the Salesforce CPQ package, click Configure.
  • Click the Additional Settings tab.
  • Check Enable Product Option Drawer.
  • Click Save.
Configure Salesforce CPQ Package Settings
  1. From Setup, enter Installed Packages , and then select Installed Packages.
  2. Find the Salesforce CPQ package and click Configure.
  3. Navigate between the setting area tabs to change your settings.
  4. Click Save when you’re done.


How to solve sales challenges by implementing Salesforce CPQ?

  • Train new team members
  • Retrain existing staff as needed
  • Keep up with Salesforce upgrades and new releases
  • Update sales goals monthly, quarterly, and annually
  • Ensure system data is accurate and complete
  • Check in with clients for quote satisfaction
  • Run reports from the system
  • Do benchmark and strategic planning
  • Provide updates to senior management

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Which Salesforce CPQ is right for You?

Salesforce CPQ is (obviously) completely native to Salesforce and offers excellent speed and fantastic flexibility. It can handle large deals with ease and offers the ability to add on to existing contracts, upsell for the following year, offer multiple discount thresholds, and a lot more.

What are product bundles in Salesforce CPQ?

  • Make sure that before proceeding you have CPQ installed. …
  • Go to the Products tab
  • Click the New button. …
  • Click the Save & Add Price button. …
  • Create some additional products that will be the products that make up your bundle. …

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How does CPQ transform the sales process?

  • Slow reaction times
  • Erroneous pricing
  • Overlooked discount opportunities
  • Overlooked bundle, add-on sales opportunities
  • Unprofessional quotes

Does CPQ come with Salesforce?

Because Salesforce CPQ is integrated with Salesforce CRM, the information sales teams need is available on their mobile devices. The process of delivering quotes becomes a lean, efficient activity.

How do I create a CPQ account in Salesforce?

Sign up for a free Developer Edition org with Salesforce CPQ. Fill out the form. For Email, enter an active email address. For Username, enter a username that looks like an email address and is unique, but it doesn’t need to be a valid email account (for example, [email protected]).

How do I know if I have Salesforce CPQ?

Go to Setup | Installed Packages.Scroll to the Salesforce CPQ Link.Next to the link, there is a link titled “Manage Licenses”Click on that link and you should see what you’re looking for.

Can I install Salesforce CPQ in developer org?

Install Salesforce CPQ Package If you are doing an installation in your Production or Developer org, please select Production otherwise select Sandbox as the Installation Link. Once you select the Installation Link you will be navigated to the Salesforce Login screen.

How do I install CPQ in Salesforce?

Install or upgrade Salesforce CPQ from your package installation link….Install or Upgrade Salesforce CPQFrom Setup, enter Installed Packages , and then click Installed Packages.Find Salesforce CPQ and click Configure.Click the Pricing and Calculation tab.Click Authorize New Calculation Service.

How do I get a CPQ?

Sign Up for a Developer Edition Org with Salesforce CPQSign up for a free Developer Edition org with Salesforce CPQ.Fill out the form. … After you fill out the form, click Sign me up. … When you receive the activation email (this might take a few minutes), open it and click Verify Account.More items…

How do I assign a CPQ license in Salesforce?

Follow these steps to use the PSL auto assignment tool:Setup.Installed Packages.Configure > Salesforce CPQ.Additional Settings tab.Check Upgrade Readiness Tool.”Users Who Need a Permission Set License” links to CSV file.Acknowledge “I have downloaded and reviewed the permission set license assignments”Assign Licenses.

Who needs CPQ license Salesforce?

Any user who needs access to CPQ functionality — quotes, product configuration, subscriptions, etc. — will need both a Salesforce license and a CPQ license.

Do you need Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is typically a good fit when: Product pricing is too complex and AEs need Sales Support/SEs. Product pricing relies on complicated Excel worksheet formulas. Extremely dynamic terms & conditions.

What is Salesforce CPQ package?

Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing are managed packages that can be installed into the Salesforce platform using installation links. A similar process is used to upgrade Salesforce CPQ and Salesforce Billing. Resolution.

What does CPQ stand for?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote, a business software application designed for sales teams to provide product options and prices with accuracy.

Sign Up for a Developer Edition Org with Salesforce CPQ

To complete this project, you need a special Developer Edition org that contains Salesforce CPQ and our sample data. Get the free Developer Edition and connect it to Trailhead now so you can complete the challenges in this project.

Enable Global Attributes in a New CPQ Org

As it stands, you can’t yet create global attributes in your new org. You must do a few easy, one-time steps to enable support for global attributes. So let’s take care of them now.

Verify Step

You’ll be completing this project in your own hands-on org. Click Launch to get started, or click the name of your org to choose a different one.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

To ensure a smooth deployment of Salesforce CPQ, IT and SMEs should oversee the customization of the rules and options for configuring. Once deployed, CPQ should be implemented with plenty of training and support for the sales staff, who will learn to use CPQ for upselling and cross-selling. Implemented correctly, CPQ will help sales save time, increase quote accuracy, and land bigger deals.

How does CPQ help sales?

CPQ reduces wasted time. In order for sales organizations to be profitable, they need to work smarter and more efficiently. A way to do so would be to take a look at lean manufacturing principles, such as eliminating waste in the production process and applying it to sales tactics.

Why is spending time going back and forth on configurations and quotes unnecessary?

Spending time going back and forth on configurations and quotes because information is missing wastes both the sales person’s and the buyer’s time, indirectly decreasing confidence in the company. As Pryor maintains, unnecessary waiting time is a barrier to the lean sales process. process.

Is waiting time a barrier to lean sales?

As Pryor maintains, unnecessary waiting time is a barrier to the lean sales process. process. If your sales force has to manually research and write each quote, they are spending their time needlessly. Don’t risk a deal becoming weaker because your sales reps can’t configure the right prices for the customers’ needs.


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