How to deploy community pages in salesforce using ant


Using the following steps below:
  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Communities > All Communities.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Go to Administration > Settings.
  4. Click Change Template.
  5. Click Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce.
  6. Click Get Started.
  7. Enter the Name and URL then click Create.
  8. Click Manage & Moderate.
Oct 23, 2018

How to deploy Salesforce communities in GitHub?

Deploy Salesforce Communities via ANT Migration Tool If you recently worked with Salesforce Communities it is not easy to deploy or move to different environments. Here we will demonstrate how to use ANT script and Metadata API to deploy Communities and manage source in GitHub.

Where is the ant lib directory in Salesforce?

The lib directory is located in the root folder of your Ant installation. You don’t need to copy the new jar file to the Ant lib directory. Open the sample subdirectory in the unzipped file. Enter your Salesforce production organization username and password for the sf.user and sf.password fields, respectively.

How do I deploy Salesforce apex to a production Org?

In addition to the Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code, you can also use a script to deploy Apex. Download the Ant Migration Tool if you want to perform a file-based deployment of metadata changes and Apex classes from a Developer Edition or sandbox org to a production org using Apache’s Ant build tool.

How to deploy community to target Org using Ant?

Now that we have our metadata files we can use ant to deploy Community to our target org. Once we run ant command ‘ant deployQA’ as an example and if it is a success we can see all our community elements in target org. Site, Community are in new org, we can also see Admin side has our configs.


How do I deploy a community page in Salesforce?

Complete and configure your changes in the sandbox (full, partial, or dev).Test all changes.Create an outbound changeset.Add network as one of the items.View and add all dependencies.Select Upload and select the target organization. … Insure you have a communicated time for the a system update.More items…

How do I deploy using ant tool in Salesforce?

Navigate/Click on Setup.Go to -> Develop -> Tools.Click Migration Tool.It will download a zip folder named unzip this folder and store it on your computer. C:\Softwares\salesforce-ant.The unzip folder contains the following: A Readme.html file that explains how to use the tools.

How do I deploy a community page using Salesforce copado?

Copado DeploymentAdd all the components identified previously to your User Story.Validate the deployment by doing a check-only deploy. It’s possible that you may need to fix a couple of dependencies (i.e. missing users in the target org, fix some profile bits, etc…) Network component.

How do I run Ant deploy?

2:203:46How To Do an Ant Deployment | Salesforce Platform – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipCode this command deploys the code in the code package directory which includes the following sampleMoreCode this command deploys the code in the code package directory which includes the following sample deploy class sample failing test class and sample account trigger open a command window in the

How do I deploy path settings in Salesforce using Ant?

How to deploy a Salesforce Sales PathSet source organization.Set target organization.Customize your comparison.Kick off the comparison.Select changes to deploy. Now we have a list of all the differences, it is easy to pick the new Sales Path to deploy.Validate or deploy.

How do I deploy field dependency in Salesforce using ant?

Go to Setup – Deploy – Outbound Change Sets. Create new Change Set, type a Name and Description, always add description on what will be add into this change set. In the Change Set Components, look for Custom Field. Find and add Dependent Field (not Controlling field, unless it is needed)

How do I deploy a library in Salesforce?

On the Libraries tab, do one of the following:To upload a file, click Contribute and choose a file from your local drive.To publish files from your private library, click the My Private Files tab, select one or multiple files, and click Publish Selected.

How do I deploy an application in Salesforce?

Release Your App to ProductionIn your deployment run list, complete any pre-deployment tasks.Authorize your production org.Set up the quick deploy. … After the tests are run, verify that all the Apex tests have passed. … Run the quick deploy:More items…

What are the deployment tools in Salesforce?

7 options for deploying Salesforce changes(1) Salesforce Setup (Free)(2) ANT Migration Tool (Free)(3) First Generation Packaging (Free)(4) Change Sets (Free)(5) Third-Party release management tools (Paid)(6) Salesforce DX (Free with limits)(7) DevOps Center (Developer preview)

How do I deploy a workbench in Salesforce?

Visit the Workbench site and login with username and password, if not already logged in. 4. Click the Migration tab….To perform a Deploy operation (Upload changes from the configuration data to Salesforce):Auto Update Package.Check Only.Ignore Warnings.Perform Retrieve.Purge On Delete.Rollback On Error.Single Package.

What is ant migration tool in Salesforce?

The Ant Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command-line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org. The Ant Migration Tool is especially useful in the following scenarios.

How do I migrate metadata from one Salesforce to another?

It’s necessary to setup and configure required metadata and users in your new or target org before beginning. You can migrate data by importing or inserting records from another Salesforce legacy source organization or other external source into a new target organization.

Where is the lib directory in Ant?

The lib directory is located in the root folder of your Ant installation. You don’t need to copy the new jar file to the Ant lib directory. Open the sample subdirectory in the unzipped file. Edit the file:

What version of TLS is used in Salesforce?

If you’re using Java 8 (1.8), TLS 1.2 is used. For Java version 6, TL S 1.0 is used, which is no longer supported by Salesforce. Alternatively, if you’re using Java 7, instead of upgrading your Ant Migration Tool to version 36.0 or later, you can add the following to your ANT_OPTS environment variable:

What is a community manager in Salesforce?

As a community manager, you need to be able to create and test changes to your community in a non-production environment. Salesforce offers a couple of different options and types of sandboxes (see Sandbox Types and Templates) that allow you to copy your production to a test environment (sandbox) for development and testing.

What happens when you refresh a sandbox?

When you refresh the sandbox, only a full sandbox will show all the images. There is additional licensing required for a full sandbox. If you have a partial or dev sandbox this means not all images will show in the partial/dev sandbox after a refresh.


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