How to deactivate trigger in salesforce


How to deactivate a trigger in Salesforce using metadata
  1. Open up the metadata file for the trigger.
  2. Now set the status property to Inactive.
  3. Once you deploy the file the trigger will be deactivated.
Aug 5, 2021

How do I disable a trigger for a particular user in Salesforce?

Disable Trigger Handlers for All UsersClick the Trigger Handler tab. If you don’t see it, find it in the App Launcher ( ). … Click in the row for the Trigger Handler you want to disable, and select Edit.Deselect the Active checkbox.For all NPSP-packaged Trigger Handlers, select the User Managed checkbox. … Click Save.

How do I disable custom triggers?

To disable a trigger, you use the ALTER TRIGGER DISABLE statement:ALTER TRIGGER trigger_name DISABLE;ALTER TRIGGER customers_audit_trg DISABLE;ALTER TABLE table_name DISABLE ALL TRIGGERS;ALTER TABLE customers DISABLE ALL TRIGGERS;More items…

How do I delete a trigger in Salesforce production?

Remove Apex Class or TriggerInstall Ant Migration Tool.Connect to the Production Instance and find the class or trigger that you want to delete.Retrieve the matching class or trigger, and change the Status XML tag from Active to Deleted.Or to disable the trigger change it to Inactive. … Save the file.More items…

How do I disable a trigger in Test class in Salesforce?

If you want to default the trigger to off, have your handler set bypassTrigger = Test. isRunningTest() . That way, you can still toggle it on/off when you run certain tests in your suite.

Can we disable a trigger on table?

DML triggers defined on tables can be also be disabled or enabled by using ALTER TABLE. Changing the trigger by using the ALTER TRIGGER statement enables the trigger.

Which command is used to disable a trigger object?


How do you deactivate an Apex trigger in Salesforce?

You can Inactive the trigger using following steps:Login to the sandbox.Go to the Trigger and Click on Edit and Uncheck the IsActive box (see the screenshot), and Click on Save.Create a Change Set and include the Trigger in the changeset and deploy the same into the Production.

Can we disable managed package trigger?

We can’t deactivate managed package triggers. Check hierarchical custom setting in a managed package if there is a way to enable/disable any functionality.

How do you delete a trigger in workbench?

However, within the Developer Workbench (Info–>Metadata Types & Components), I can select my class or trigger, hover over its Id, and delete the object.

Can we deactivate a class in Salesforce?

1. Probably the simplest way to delete / disable is to connect to your Salesforce production org from VS Code download the apex class / trigger, change the status of the Apex class / trigger to “Deleted” or “Inactive” in the class/trigger XML file and save.

How do I activate a trigger in Salesforce?

Summary of steps to activate or deactivate a triggerGo to Setup by clicking the gear icon.Search for apex triggers.In the dropdown select Apex Triggers.A list of apex triggers will be displayed click edit on the trigger you need to activate or deactivate.More items…•

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