How to create multi dependent picklist in salesforce


Creating a Picklist and Multiselect Picklist in Salesforce Object

  • Introduction. Salesforce CRM can give many data type fields to get a difference of information from users and store it…
  • Creating A Picklist Data Type Field. Click the “Gear” icon and then click the “Setup” option. On the setup page, click…
  • Creating Picklist (Multi-select) Data Type Field. We are…

Create a custom picklist field called Close Reason, editable by Sales Users only.
  1. From Setup, click Object Manager and select Opportunity.
  2. Select Fields & Relationships, and click New.
  3. Select Picklist (Multi-Select) as the Data Type, then click Next.
  4. Enter Close Reason as the Field Label.


What are picklists and field dependencies in Salesforce?

To accomplish what they want, you set up picklists and field dependencies. Picklists offer a selection of options available for specific fields in a Salesforce object, such as a list of regions.

How to create country picklist in Salesforce?

Picklist is a field type in which it allows to contain values and pick one value. Steps to create Picklist. Setup => Build => Create => Objects => Custom field ans Relationships => New => Picklist Now we are creating picklist for Country and Continent. Enter the details as given below for Country Picklist. Enter the country names.

How do I create a dependency between two picklists?

Create a dependency between these two picklists, so that when a Region is selected, only respective zones are available in the Zone field. While still viewing the Account object in the Object Manager, select Fields & Relationships. Click Field Dependencies.

Does picklist have controlling and dependent picklist?

Picklist have Controlling and Dependent picklist. Picklist vales does no have any other associated data. Values are captured in Web-to-lead submissions where Web-to-lead do not support custom relationship fields.


How do I create a multiple picklist in Salesforce?

Go to the fields area of the object you want to create a picklist field for. In the custom fields related list, click New. Select Picklist or Picklist (Multi-Select), and then click Next. Enter a label for the picklist field.

Can multi select picklist be dependent?

A dependent picklist is a custom or multi-select picklist for which the valid values depend on the value of another field, called the controlling field . Controlling fields can be any picklist (with at least one and fewer than 300 values) or checkbox field on the same record.

Can multi select picklist be a dependent field Salesforce?

Multi-select picklists can be dependent picklists but not controlling fields. Custom picklist fields can be either controlling or dependent fields. Standard picklist fields can be controlling fields but not dependent fields. A controlling field can have up to 300 values.

How many dependent Picklists are there in Salesforce?

If a field is both a controlling field and dependent picklist, it can’t contain more than 300 values.

Why are multi select Picklists bad?

Dealing With Muli-Select Picklists in Formulas In formulas, the muliselect has to use contain instead of includes or equal. They are only supported in certain functions and basically it feels almost like a hack to use them in the formula if even possible due to the character limits in formulas.

What is a multi select picklist in Salesforce?

Multi-Picklist fields allow you to select multiple values on your records for various use cases. You have the ability to define values on creation of the field and after creation you can continue to add and remove other values.

How do I deploy a field dependency in Salesforce?

Salesforce Field Dependencies deploymentGo to Setup – Deploy – Outbound Change Sets.Create new Change Set, type a Name and Description, always add description on what will be add into this change set.In the Change Set Components, look for Custom Field.More items…•

Can a text field be a dependent field in Salesforce?

So far from everything I’ve read (been searching around for quite awhile now) you can’t make a field dependency for text fields. The controlling field would still be a picklist (“Products”) but the dependent field would be a text field called “Other”.

Which statement is true as it relates to multi-select picklist fields and field dependency?

The Master-Detail relationship is for closely-linked objects and deleting a Master object record will also delete related detail records. Which statement is true as it relates to Multi-select picklists and field dependency? -Multi-select picklists can be neither dependent picklists or controlling fields.

How many dependent fields can you have in Salesforce?

For example, there are two fields called Country & State….More point about dependent fields.Data TypeCan we define as Controlling fieldCan we define as Dependent fieldCustom PicklistYesYesMulti-Select pick listNoYes2 more rows

How do I create a dynamic picklist in Salesforce?

Set Up a New Dynamic PicklistAdd a Drop-Down Menu field to your form.Click on the field and choose Choices.Click Salesforce Dynamic Picklist.Select your existing authorization or connect to a new account. … Click Next.Select your Choices source by clicking on the Get choices from the dropdown box.

Can standard fields be dependent?

Currently you can setup a field dependency relationship on two picklists in an object. The controlling field can be a standard field, but the dependent field must be a custom field. Please allow the dependent field to be a standard field as well.

What is a picklist in salesforce?

In salesforce also the description is same Picklist allows to contain multiple values and pick One among them or Multiple among them. Picklist Characteristics. Picklist values are Static and can not defined dynamically. Picklist values are maintained by Administrator. Picklist values are displayed as drop down …

How many characters can be in a custom picklist?

Custom Picklist can have 1,000 entries and 255 characters per entry .

Does Picklist Vales have any other data?

Picklist vales does no have any other associated data.

What is a control field?

Controlling Field: The value in dependency controls the value of the dependent field.

Is a picklist dynamic?

Picklist values are Static and can not defined dynamically.

Can you query dependencies and build maps from them?

However, if this needs to be easily configurable, then you’re looking at a custom object with a lookup relationship to itself. You can then query the dependencies and build the maps from them instead of hardcoding them. Just throwing some ideas out there, let’s say this custom object uses a Name field for its value, a FieldDep__c field as a lookup to it’s controlling value, and a WhichPicklist__c field to control which picklist it belongs to (for this I’ll just say it’s an integer with possible values of 1, 2, and 3).

What is the meaning of “back up”?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

What does dependent mean in a picklist?

For the sake of clarity, when I say dependent I mean that the values in the child fields will be filtered depending on the value (s) selected in the parent multi-select picklist.

Can you select multiple picklists in Salesforce?

This is not currently possible with standard Salesforce configuration, as multi-select picklists cannot be selected as the Controlling Field in a Field Dependency. So, you’re definitely looking at a VisualForce solution; your approach here really depends on your requirements. Does it need to be easily configurable, or is it feasible to hardcode the dependencies in your controller?


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