How to create community portal in salesforce


To create communities go to setup -> Build -> Customize -> Communities -> Manage Communities -> and click on New communities button . And enter name, description and url and click on create button.

How do I enable community portal in Salesforce?

0:008:29Setup Salesforce Community (Part 1) – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipGood morning everyone my name is Amit swathi and today we are going to talk about how to set up theMoreGood morning everyone my name is Amit swathi and today we are going to talk about how to set up the safest community and before setup the commnity let’s set up the community profile fast so we already

How do you create a community portal?

Create a community portal site collectionIn the SharePoint Admin Center on the Site Collections ribbon tab, Contribute section, click New > Private Site Collection.In the New Site Collection dialog box, enter the following information: In the Title box, type a title for the site collection. … Click OK.

What is community portal in Salesforce?

Community Portal is the newest version of the existing portals offered by Salesforce. It is similar to the older version. However, It looks much better in terms of design and interfaces perspective. Salesforce Community Portal helps the organization to build brand community spaces.

How do I create a community in Salesforce lightning?

Enable and Create Community in Salesforce Lightning | Getting start with CommunitiesClick Settings icon and select Setup.Type Communities in the Quick Find box, then select Communities Settings.Select Enable communities.Enter a unique name to be used as your domain name and click Check Availability.More items…•

How do you use communities in Salesforce?

1:188:19Salesforce Community Cloud Overview – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipRemember the following points the first step in creating a community is checking to see if yourMoreRemember the following points the first step in creating a community is checking to see if your organization has communities licenses go to company profile. And click on company information.

How do I deploy a community page in Salesforce?

Complete and configure your changes in the sandbox (full, partial, or dev).Test all changes.Create an outbound changeset.Add network as one of the items.View and add all dependencies.Select Upload and select the target organization. … Insure you have a communicated time for the a system update.More items…

What is difference between community and portal in Salesforce?

Portals essentially gave external users (partners, customers, etc.) the ability to access Salesforce whereas Communities is aimed at connecting the right people (whether internal users, partners, or customers) together within Salesforce.

How many types of Communities are there in Salesforce?

An organization can build a community to meet any number of needs, but there are three main community types in Salesforce: Customer communities. Employee communities. Partner communities.

How many types of portals are available in Salesforce?

Portals overview in Salesforce :- There are 3 types of Portals.Self-Service portal.Partner Portal.Customer Portal.

How do I create a community builder in Salesforce?

Open a standard page by selecting it, or open an object page by clicking | Edit in the Page Variations section. Add and configure page components. If you’re using the Customer Service template, setthe page’s visibility. Preview and publish your community when you’re done.

How do I create a community cloud?

Step 1. Enable Community Cloud SalesforceEnable Community Cloud Salesforce.Create a community.Add new members.Add the engaging content.Brand your community.Customize your login page.Configure the email.Put in the finishing touches. How to Avoid Mistakes When Integrating Salesforce Community Cloud.

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