How to create a macro in salesforce


Create a macro.
  1. In the Salesforce for Service Console, click the Macros widget.
  2. Click + Create Macros.
  3. For Macro Name, enter a name that makes it easy to understand what this macro does. For example, Replace email subject with “Steps for Resetting Your Password” .
  4. For Description, explain the purpose for this macro.

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How do I create a macro in Salesforce lightning?

In Lightning Experience, macros are supported on all standard objects except Campaign, and on custom objects that allow quick actions and have a customizable page layout.In your Lightning app, open a record.In the utility bar, click Macros. … Click + or Create Macro.More items…

What is a macro in Salesforce?

A macro is a set of instructions that tells the system how to complete a task. When a user runs a macro, the system performs each instruction. Macros help your team save time and add consistency.

How do I run a macro in Salesforce?

Open the record you want to perform the macro on. Open the Macros widget or utility. Search or navigate to a macro, and select it from the list. Optionally, review the macro’s description and instructions to make sure that this macro does what you expect.

Does salesforce have macros?

0:005:04Intro to Salesforce Macros – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipHi I’m Xander Mittman I’m a product manager at Salesforce working on lightning console. We know yourMoreHi I’m Xander Mittman I’m a product manager at Salesforce working on lightning console. We know your agents and reps often do the same thing over and over again which is tedious and takes time macros

How do I create a bulk macro in Salesforce?

Create a Bulk MacroSelect a context for the macro. The context specifies the object that the macro interacts with. … Click Done. … Select the publisher that the macro interacts with. … Select the action that you want the macro to perform. … Finally, select Submit Action to tell the macro to perform these instructions.

Why are macros used?

Macros are used to make a sequence of computing instructions available to the programmer as a single program statement, making the programming task less tedious and less error-prone. (Thus, they are called “macros” because a “big” block of code can be expanded from a “small” sequence of characters.)

How do I run a macro in a case?

You can run a bulk macro on more than 10 cases, but the system processes the macro in groups of 10 at a time.In the Case list view, select the cases that you want to run the macro on. … Open the Macros widget.In the Macro widget, select a macro with the green lightning bolt icon (More items…

How do I add quick text to Macros in Salesforce?

Create Macros and Quick Text to Reduce ClicksFrom the Service Console app, open a case. … Give the macro a name and description, then select the object the macro applies to. … Click Save. … Click Edit Instructions to start telling the macro what to do.If prompted, click Open in the pop-up window to launch the Macro Builder.More items…

Can Macros update fields in Salesforce?

Macros are a very powerful and interesting component of the salesforce. Macros are like a set of computer instructions that executes to automate some task that task can be to assign value in a field, to automatically send an email, to update any field, selecting an email template and more.

How do I view Macros in Salesforce?

Open the Macro Widget.From the Service Console, click Macros in the lower right corner of the screen or press M.From the Salesforce Console or the All Tabs page, click the Macros Tab.

How do I edit a macro in Salesforce?

Edit a MacroClick the macro in the list.Click. to edit the macro name or description.Click Add Attributes to add or change attributes in the macro.Click Save.

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