How to clone a salesforce report


Few Simple Steps to Clone Reports in Salesforce

  1. Open the BOFC Home > Click “Clone Reports”
  2. It will open below screen for BOFC Clone Reports
    User can clone the Reports from different type of source org:
  3. Select the “Source Org” from where you want to clone the Report
  4. Select the “Source Folder” (from where report needs to cloned)

Open the report that you want to clone. From the dropdown options (as shown in the screenshot), select “Clone report” This will create a copy of the report. In the copy, make any changes needed in the name of the report, filter conditions or any other properties.Mar 2, 2021


How do I clone an object in Salesforce?

In salesforce the sObject class has a clone method that can be used. When using the clone method, there are two types of cloning: a shallow clone or a deep clone. The clone method also takes optional parameters which we will go over.

What is Super clone pro in Salesforce now?

Now Salesforce stores fines in a much more complex set of objects. Benefits of the new structure include versioning and the ability for one copy of a document to be referenced by multiple objects. Super Clone Pro has the ability to clone the file’s reference to the document.

How to plan your Salesforce rollout?

Plan Your Salesforce Rollout Get Personalized Guidance While Setting Up and Enhancing Salesforce Set Up Your Company in Salesforce Manage Information About Your Company Allow the Required Domains

How are documents and files stored in Salesforce?

Documents and files are stored two different ways in Salesforce. Traditionally, files were saved in an object called “Attachments”. They were a direct child of the object they related to. Now Salesforce stores fines in a much more complex set of objects.


How do I clone a report folder in Salesforce?

Few Simple Steps to Clone Reports in SalesforceOpen the BOFC Home > Click “Clone Reports”It will open below screen for BOFC Clone Reports. … Select the “Source Org” from where you want to clone the Report.Select the “Source Folder” (from where report needs to cloned)More items…•

What is Clone report?

Creates a copy of a custom, standard, or public report by sending a POST request to the Report List resource.

How do I clone a dashboard in Salesforce?

Clone a DashboardOpen the dashboard you want to clone.Click Clone. Salesforce creates a copy of the dashboard.Click Save.Enter a descriptive name for the new dashboard.Click Save or Save & Run.

How does clone work in Salesforce?

Clone Opportunities with ProductsWhen viewing an Opportunity, click on the “Clone” button at the top of the record. If the opportunity has products associated to it, the clone button will be a drop-down menu to choose to clone it with or without products. … Click “Save”.Repeat this process as needed.

How do you duplicate a report in snow?

On the existing report, click on the dropdown icon next to the save button. Please hit Insert and stay which creates a new report. Then you can change the name, filter conditions etc. as per your new requirement.

How do you clone a Einstein analytics dashboard?

If the new page similar to an existing page, you can simply clone the page. Click the arrow next to the page name (the default page name is “Untitled”) and select Clone. This will create a new page located at the last with the page name “Clone of xyz”, xyz is the original page name.

How do I clone a dashboard in Jira?

Choose the Jira icon ( or ) > Dashboards. Click ••• and: Create dashboard to create a blank dashboard. Copy Dashboard to create a copy of the dashboard you’re currently viewing.

How do I find dynamic dashboard limits in Salesforce?

Steps to use Workbench to query:Go to Workbench.Tick I agree to the terms of service.Click Login with Salesforce.Choose “SOQL Query” on Jump to.Choose “Dashboard” for the Object.Hit Select.Choose the columns you want to show on under Fields.Filter results by Type = LoggedInUser.

How do I clone data in Salesforce?

Open a record, and select the Clone or Clone with Related action. Clone with Related isn’t available in the Salesforce mobile app. … If you selected Clone with Related, select the related records that you want to carry over to the new record. … Enter or change other information in the new record. … Save the new record.

How do I clone multiple records in Salesforce?

6:239:40Clone Accounts and Related Records Using Salesforce Flow – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd we want to make sure that they equal the account id of the account that was originally cloned.MoreAnd we want to make sure that they equal the account id of the account that was originally cloned. Off. And then we loop through and we do those same things with the loop.

What is difference between clone and deep clone in Salesforce?

vishnu. Hi tanu, If a list is cloned, it duplicates it and has reference. If a list is DeepCloned, it duplicates and doesn’t have any reference.

What are limitations of Free version? How does it differs from Full Paid Version?

Free-version is a limited version and valid for 15 days. After 15 days, application will automatically get locked. In Free Version – user can bulk…

How many salesforce users can use BOFC within an org?

BOFC is an org based app. We have no limit on users within an org.

What does Licence Portability mean?

In case user want to use same licence key for multiple clients, then he can use the key in first client org, after work is finished, this key can d…

Which payment methods do you accept?

BOFC accepts online payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and Paypal. To pay by check, wire transfer or ACH, please call +91 9953170767.

How can I reach out for support and service?

We have a dedicated team of customer support & service available 24 * 7. You can simply contact us via Email, Phone Support and Quick Response.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

You can upgrade at any time. For this, you can write to our sales department at [email protected] or call at +91 9953170767 to see how it works f…


Create the Apex class and test class below that will clone a document/file.

1. Apex Class & Test Class

The Apex class can be run from Process Builder. It expects parameters of a source record Id that has related documents and a record Id that will receive copies of the documents.

2. New Object Field

Add a field to the object to store the original record’s Id value. This can be a lookup or an 18 position text field. This example uses a text field, so it doesn’t add the overhead of an index that comes with lookup fields.

3. Super Clone Pro Configuration

We do not need to clone the “Content Document Link” relationship because the file cloning will occur in our custom class. Remove this relationship if it is currently in the configuration.

4. Process Builder

Create a new Process Builder flow for your object. This flow should only run on Insert. The flow condition should make sure the new source record Id field has a value, and then the Action should call Apex class action to “Clone Documents” that we created in the first step.

What does auto number field do in clone?

Determines whether auto number fields of the original object are cleared or preserved in the duplicate. If set to true, auto number fields are copied to the cloned object. The default is false, values are not copied over.

What does false mean in sobject?

If set to false, the method will create a shallow copy of the sObject fields. This means that all copied relationship fields reference the original sOjbects. Consequently, if you make any changes to a relationship field on the cloned sObject, the corresponding field on the original sObject record is also affected and vice versa.

Can you insert a duplicate ID in a cloned record?

If the Id is copied to the duplicate, you cannot insert the cloned record as it would have a duplicate Id.


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