How to clone a community salesforce


While it’s not obvious, I was able to ‘clone’ a page in a Salesforce Community using the following steps:

  • Open your Community in the Builder
  • Click the “Settings” gear
  • Click “Developer”
  • Select the “Export a Page” tab
  • Select the Page you want to Clone/Duplicate and click the “Export” button. This “Exported” page will now be available as a template when creating a new page.
  • Click on the current Page Name at the top of your screen to see the list of all Pages, then click “+ New Page” at the bottom.
  • Click “Standard Page”
  • You should now see your new Template as a Page that you can create. Select it.
  • Click “Next” and give your new page a name. The New page will be a Clone of the old page.
While it’s not obvious, I was able to ‘clone’ a page in a Salesforce Community using the following steps:
  1. Open your Community in the Builder.
  2. Click the “Settings” gear.
  3. Click “Developer”
  4. Select the “Export a Page” tab.
  5. Select the Page you want to Clone/Duplicate and click the “Export” button.
Jul 28, 2016


How do I clone an account in Salesforce?

Below is text from salesforce help and training for cloning Accounts. How do I create a clone button for Accounts? Within the Accounts object there is no standard clone button like there is on Leads or Cases. However you can create one. To do this first go to Setup | Customize | Accounts | Buttons and Links | New.

How to clone a Salesforce Org in BofC?

Open the BOFC Home > Click “Clone Object” 2. It will open below screen for BOFC Clone Object Can clone from “External Salesforce org” (Salesforce org which are linked / non-linked to current org in which BOFC is installed)

What happens when you clone an object in Salesforce?

It creates a new copy of the record with same values, since it keeps the reference, new record ID is generated for cloned record. Generally clone the list of object and keep the reference.

How to create new object in Salesforce?

1 New Object Created Successfully. 2 Click “View Object” to view newly created object. 3 Click on create in the second row of the table one by one to create fields in the new object.


How do I clone a Salesforce site?

To create a copy of a site:On the tab in the app, select the site and click. | Duplicate. Alternatively, on the Overview tab in Studio, click. | Duplicate This Site.Enter a name for the site.Click Create.

How does clone work in Salesforce?

Clone Opportunities with ProductsWhen viewing an Opportunity, click on the “Clone” button at the top of the record. If the opportunity has products associated to it, the clone button will be a drop-down menu to choose to clone it with or without products. … Click “Save”.Repeat this process as needed.

How do I clone data in Salesforce?

Open a record, and select the Clone or Clone with Related action. Clone with Related isn’t available in the Salesforce mobile app. … If you selected Clone with Related, select the related records that you want to carry over to the new record. … Enter or change other information in the new record. … Save the new record.

What is difference between clone and deep clone in Salesforce?

vishnu. Hi tanu, If a list is cloned, it duplicates it and has reference. If a list is DeepCloned, it duplicates and doesn’t have any reference.

What is Clone button in Salesforce?

Cloning an Account will transfer Account fields to the new record. However, it will not clone any of the related records. There is an idea for Clone Accounts on the IdeaExchange site to add a standard clone button to the Account object.

How do I clone multiple records in Salesforce?

6:239:40Clone Accounts and Related Records Using Salesforce Flow – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd we want to make sure that they equal the account id of the account that was originally cloned.MoreAnd we want to make sure that they equal the account id of the account that was originally cloned. Off. And then we loop through and we do those same things with the loop.

How do I clone a page layout in Salesforce?

From the management settings for the object that you want to edit, go to Page Layouts. Click New. Optionally, choose an existing page layout to clone. Type a name for the new layout.

How to send to another server?

The simplest way (that will probably not work) is to bring everything in to your IDE, then right click on it and select “deploy to server” to send it to another org.

Can you deploy to a Dev Org?

Keep in mind, if you have features in your org enabled, you will need to have those features enabled in your Dev Org before you can deploy to it. Multi-Currency for example. So create your dev org, then call salesforce suypport (dev orgs cannot open cases from the interface – you must call) and get those features enabled.

What does auto number field do in clone?

Determines whether auto number fields of the original object are cleared or preserved in the duplicate. If set to true, auto number fields are copied to the cloned object. The default is false, values are not copied over.

What does false mean in sobject?

If set to false, the method will create a shallow copy of the sObject fields. This means that all copied relationship fields reference the original sOjbects. Consequently, if you make any changes to a relationship field on the cloned sObject, the corresponding field on the original sObject record is also affected and vice versa.

Can you insert a duplicate ID in a cloned record?

If the Id is copied to the duplicate, you cannot insert the cloned record as it would have a duplicate Id.

How to clone a field in Salesforce?

Few Simple Steps to Clone Object & its all Fields in Salesforce. 1. Open the BOFC Home > Click “Clone Object”. 2. It will open below screen for BOFC Clone Object. User can clone the object from different type of source orgs: Can clone from same org in which BOFC installed. Can clone from external org which are linked / non-linked …

How to upgrade Salesforce package?

You can upgrade your package using either of two ways: In Salesforce, go to “BOFC Home > Settings > App Version > Click to Upgrade” — or —. Refer the below button to quickly upgrade your package to the latest version and explore its complete benefits: Click here to install the latest version of BOFC.

What does clone all relationships mean?

Clone All Relationship Fields – This means fields are of relationship types only like Master Detail, Lookup.

Can you clone a BOFC?

User can clone any type of object (Custom or Standard or Managed object) using BOFC

Can you migrate Salesforce to another org?

In case of migrating from one Salesforce org to another, it is required for an admin or developer to Clone Standard or Custom Object (with Object details, Custom fields, Validation rules, Record types) from same org or from any external non-linked Salesforce org.

Can you clone multiple objects in Salesforce?

These type of work requests would take much more effort and time, but with our Salesforce Appexchange Bulk Object Field Creator (BOFC) App user can clone multiple objects within “Current Salesforce org” or from any “External Salesforce org” in few clicks.


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