How to add order products cpq salesforce lightning


In Lightning, the Create Order quick action will not create an Order with Order Products from an Opportunity with a Primary Quote. Repro Switch to Lightning Experience in your org (if needed) Add the CreateOrderLightning quick action to the Opportunity Layout Create Account > Opportunity > Primary Quote > Edit Lines and add some products.

Required Editions and User Permissions

Open the order that you want to add products to. In the Order Products related list, click the button for adding products. If a price book isn’t selected for this order, select the price book that you want to use, and then save your changes.


How to activate an order in Salesforce CPQ?

This field is set to Drafted when you create an order product. Change it to Activated by selecting the Activated field on the order product or on the parent order. The asset that Salesforce CPQ created when you contracted this order product.

What is the contracting method field in Salesforce CPQ?

The contracting method field controls how Salesforce CPQ sets the start dates and end dates of contracts you create from order products. If this field has a value of Inherit, the order product inherits the order’s contracting method.

What are the fields in the CPQ Order Product object?

The CPQ Order Product object contains fields for both the CPQ and Billing packages. With certain page layout and field-level security settings, some fields aren’t visible or editable. CPQ fields available in Salesforce CPQ Summer ’16 and later.

What are sbqq__ and BLNG__ fields in Salesforce?

Note “SBQQ__” fields come with the Salesforce CPQ package, and “blng__” fields come with the Salesforce Billing package. Activate this order product. By default, this field inherits the value of the order’s Activated field. You can contract and invoice only activated orders and order products.


How do I add a product to CPQ Salesforce?

Step by Step Guide to Create Product Bundle in Salesforce CPQ Navigate to the Products Tab and click New, Enter all the necessary information. … Go to the related List of products, then go to the price book and add list price and Set Active checkbox to True. Create Optional Products and add Pricing.More items…•

How do I create an order from quote in Salesforce CPQ?

Click Create Order on your opportunity or quote. You can also select Ordered on your opportunity or quote and then click Save. Complete the detail fields, and then save your changes. Salesforce CPQ creates an order with order products that cover the entire quantity of all quote lines on your account.

How do I activate my order on Salesforce CPQ?

Set Up Salesforce CPQ OrdersFrom Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Order Settings , select Order Settings, and then select Enable Orders.If you want to allow sales reps to perform product swaps or decrease order product quantities in amendment orders, select Enable Negative Quantities.More items…

What are orders in Salesforce CPQ?

Orders contain order products for each of your quote lines. You can contract the order record to track its subscription products. You can also create invoices from your order.

How are CPQ orders created?

Salesforce CPQ can only create an order from a quote if the quote’s Primary checkbox is checked. There is only one quote related to an opportunity that can be flagged as Primary. Making a second quote Primary automatically unchecks the Primary checkbox of the first quote.

How do I convert a quote to an order in Salesforce?

Salesforce provides a feature for this functionality. All you need to do is, simply click on the button “Generate Order” that appear on the Quote page (refer to the screen shot below) and the “Quote” is automatically converted to the corresponding “Sales Order”.

How do I enable orders?

Required Editions and User Permissions From Setup, enter Order Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Order Settings. Make sure that Enable Orders is selected. Save your changes. Select which page layouts have an Orders related list, and then save your changes.

How do I enable order management in Salesforce?

How to enable Orders?Click Name | Setup | App Setup | Customize | Orders | Settings.Select Enable Orders check-box.

Can you enter orders in Salesforce?

3:096:09Salesforce Orders – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou can customize order products likewise. Now that you have orders enabled you may want to add aMoreYou can customize order products likewise. Now that you have orders enabled you may want to add a tab for orders.

How do I create a purchase order in Salesforce?

See Queues for details on purchase order queues. See Managing Purchase Orders in the Administration Module for detailed steps on the purchase order operations. To create a purchase order, select PO Entry from the Inventory accordion menu in the left navigation panel. The Purchase Order Entry dashboard page appears.

How do I create a Salesforce order?

Create an OrderUnder Tasks, tap the create order item.Do one of the following: Tap Add All Products to Cart. … Enter the quantity to order, and add it to the cart. … Review the cart and verify the quantity, product value, and total order value.Tap Confirm Order.

What is order object in Salesforce?

Salesforce Order object is used to automate an organization’s post deal process. You can create an Order using either Account or Contract in Salesforce, and then track order information using Orders tab. Salesforce offers a Standard object for Order in the Spring’14 release.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ has a lot to offer to anyone who is looking to complete the lead to cash flow from within Salesforce. The ability to set up Subscription products with a series of toggles is a great reason to look into CPQ if the standard products and pricebooks are not cutting it.

What are the benefits of using subscriptions in CPQ?

Another benefit of using Subscription Products in CPQ, is the expanded options for discounting. In addition to allowing users to apply the usual manual additional discounts, with Subscriptions, you have the ability to layer on Discount Schedules. There are two different types of Discount Schedules, Term and Volume. These Schedules usually apply to the list price (see more about the pricing waterfall to learn more). When applied to Term, it means that a discount based on the length of time the product is sold for will be applied, and similarly, for Volume, it is based on the quantity purchased that a discount will be applied. These two things can be applied together as well giving you a lot of power over the pricing model of the Subscription products.

Why is subscription important in Salesforce?

There are numerous benefits of using subscription products in Salesforce, the most important of all is that when Subscription products are used, they will be automatically created and related during the creation of the Renewal Opportunity and Renewal Quote. When used correctly, this allows companies to easily predict or forecast how much and of what products they will be selling in the future.

What is subscription product?

A subscription product is a product that has some recurring payment element to it, whether it be a monthly payment (think your Netflix subscription), or an annual subscription (think an Amazon Prime subscription). Tracking which customers have subscription-based products is one of the major highlights of Salesforce CPQ, …


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