How do i change the salesforce server location


On the Log In page, tap either Menu Icon (three gray dots) or the menu button on your device. Tap Change Server. Tap Add Connection, or select one of the predefined instances: Production or Sandbox.


Will SFDC change the location of my instance?

Also note that SFDC might change the location of your instance in the future. New data centers are opening in France and Germany, so you might move there in the coming years.

Where are Salesforce nodes hosted in the EU?

There is no site where it is explicitly stated where Salesforce nodes are hosted as the EU nodes are primarily hosted in the UK data centre but failover and backup is not necessarily going to another EU data centre.

How do I change the default time zone for my company?

These steps can also be helpful if there is an anomaly with times that are seen within the same system time stamp field of a record when viewed by different Users within an organization. 1. Navigate to Setup | Company Profile | Company information | Default Time Zone 2. Select the required time zone. 1.


How do I change my location in Salesforce?

To edit a location, complete these steps.From the Navigation bar, open the Locations list view page.Click. on the row that contains the location you want to edit, and then select Edit.Edit the fields on the Edit Location page.Save your changes.Commit your changes.

How do I change my Salesforce server?

On the Log In page, tap either Menu Icon (three gray dots) or the menu button on your device. Tap Change Server. Tap Add Connection, or select one of the predefined instances: Production or Sandbox. Enter the host name of the new instance and enter the URL you use to log in to that instance, then tap Apply.

Where are the Salesforce data centers located?

Below are all of the current instances and the data center location(s) from which each instance is served….Salesforce-Managed Instances.InstanceData CentersGS0Chicago, USA / Phoenix, USAUM1London, UK (North) / London, UK (West)UM2London, UK (North) / London, UK (West)UM3London, UK (North) / London, UK (West)222 more rows

What are the different server regions in Salesforce?

Salesforce has eleven internally-managed Data Centers in the following metropolitan areas:Chicago, Illinois, United States (USA)Dallas, Texas, United States (USA)Frankfurt, Germany (DE)Kobe, Japan (JPN)London, United Kingdom (UK) … Paris, France (FRA)Phoenix, Arizona, United States (USA)Tokyo, Japan (JPN)More items…•

What is site switching in Salesforce?

A site switch means the locations of an instance’s active and ready sites are swapped, making the ready site the new active site and vice versa — the instance name does not change. This infrastructure model allows us to switch the location of the active site for maintenance, compliance, and disaster recovery purposes.

How do I log into Salesforce1?

Log In for the First TimeCheck your email for your login information.Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

What server does Salesforce use?

Salesforce also utilized PostgreSQL and a few other languages, but the majority of its platform runs on Oracle Databases.

How many servers does Salesforce have?

Salesforce talked about its own back-end infrastructure and revealed that all of runs on only about 1,000 servers.

How is Salesforce hosted?

Salesforce currently depends on Amazon’s cloud to help run its online services, and in 2017 it said it would also use Alphabet’s Google Cloud Platform to deliver services. Salesforce to date has run Marketing Cloud on its own internal infrastructure, a spokesperson told CNBC.

Can Salesforce be hosted on premise?

You can get all your Salesforce data on premise. Salesforce offers a resource center where their compliance and data security measures are outlined for clients.

Does Salesforce run their own data centers?

Salesforce has its own data centres across the world that service some customers running on the core platform (Sales, Service, Experience Cloud, etc).

What is the difference between an instance and an environment?

The differences between a Dynamics instance and a Common Data Service environment is that the Dynamics instance will contain solutions with Dynamics functionality, and the CDS environment won’t have these (and they can’t be added at a later date).

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