How can i see my donations on salesforce


Navigate to Profile. Then select Giving. Navigate to My Giving to view a list of your donations. The information displayed for each donation includes the donation date, status, payment method, and donation amount. Select a donation to view its full details.


What can Salesforce do for your donations?

For example, Salesforce can track how your donors engage with those thank-you emails, determining how effectively you might use them to promote surveys, matching gift requests, and more post-donation actions.

What data should I include in my donor profiles in Salesforce?

There are a few key data points that should be accounted for within your donor profiles in Salesforce. Think of them as the essentials or cornerstones for your data strategy: Previous donations, including dates, amounts, and any other details

Should your nonprofit invest in Salesforce?

Investing in and developing a strong Salesforce instance can fuel serious growth because it allows nonprofits to start truly leveraging their data in ways that many have simply never been able to before. However, many nonprofits aren’t particularly tech-savvy, so the learning curve can be fairly steep for some.

How do I send an email immediately after a donation?

Use the Salesforce Process Builder to send a preconfigured email (pulling from a variety of templates for each campaign, donation tier, etc.) immediately after a donation. Here’s how it might look: Check out these examples of easy process automations from to see more.


How do I track donations in Salesforce?

The most straightforward way to track in-kind gifts is using the opportunity object in Salesforce, just as you would track any other donation. You’ll need a way to distinguish the value of the gift from cash donations. To do this, you can either create a new Type or a new Record Type to be used for in-kind gifts.

How do I manage donations in Salesforce?

How to Get Donations Into SalesforceEnter Single Donations or a Collection of Donations. Use the NPSP Gift Entry tool to enter one-off single donations, or a collection of donations in a batch. … Enter Pledges. … Enter Recurring Donations. … Enter Other Kinds of Gifts. … Collect Donations Online. … Import Your Data.

How do I add donations to Salesforce?

Enter Donations from a Company or Other OrganizationFind and select the donor’s account. … Click the Related tab if it isn’t already open on the page.Click New on the Opportunities related list.Select the Donation record type and click Next. … Fill in at least the required fields. … Click Save.More items…

How do you see who donated on give lively?

Go directly to the User Portal. Follow the link at the bottom of any email receipt from Give Lively confirming a donation. If the donor is also a nonprofit admin, access to the User Portal is possible directly from the Nonprofit Admin Portal.

What is donor management?

Donor management software allows non-profits to maximise their data and their relationships with their donors by collecting information, identifying trends and making automated recommendations as to how to maximise future donations.

Is Salesforce a donor database?

You can use Salesforce to manage donations as well as marketing and programs. What’s different about Salesforce is that it’s not just a point solution; it’s a true platform that helps you track and understand your organization’s interactions with donors, volunteers, and constituents.

How do I create a donation page?

How to Set Up a Donation Page for Fundraising Success in 8 StepsCreate an interesting fundraiser title.Write a meaningful fundraiser story.Choose the best types of photos and videos for your fundraiser.Pick the right fundraising goal.Share your fundraiser to get more donations.Thank your supporters.More items…•

What is recurring donations Salesforce?

Fixed-length recurring donations are a single donation amount given at regular intervals for a defined period. For example, if the company Cloud Kicks decides to give $10,000 split into four quarterly payments, the recurring donation would end after those payments.

What is a recurring donation?

Recurring giving is when a donor elects to make a regular, ongoing donation to your organization instead of a one-time gift. Donors who give on a recurring basis are known as recurring donors. Donations that are given on a recurring basis are known as recurring donations or recurring gifts.

Does give lively integrate with Salesforce?

Give Lively offers a Salesforce integration specifically designed to complement the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). Once installed, it will automatically sync Give Lively data to Salesforce on an hourly basis.

How can I receive donations anonymously?

Silent Donor™ is the largest anonymous donation platform in the US, allowing for people and companies to easily send anonymous donations to organizations they are passionate about, while enjoying the full protection of their privacy.

What is a donation portal?

The online donation portal makes it easy for anyone to make a donation to the campaigns they support. With built-in e-commerce features, donors can store their credit card information so that future donations become a simple, one-click process.

Learning Objectives

  • After completing this unit, you’ll be able to: 1. Use Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Gift Entry to enter a single gift. 2. Batch one-time transactions in Gift Entry. 3. Manage recurring donations using Salesforce and Elevate.

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Your Salesforce Org: A Gift Processing Machine

  • Once you get rolling with Elevate, most of your gifts might come from a Giving Page. The data is then imported to Salesforce and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to automatically create new opportunities, payments, and recurring donation records. But when your donor calls, sends a check through the mail, or provides their credit card number, you can enter and process their gif…

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Process Single Payments

  • If you need to enter a single, one-time donation by credit card or Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank transfer you can use Gift Entry in NPSP. Here’s how. 1. In Salesforce, click the App Launcher () and find and select Gift Entry. 2. Click New Single Gift. 3. Enter your donation details. 4. Select the appropriate Payment Method, either ACH or Credit Card. We’ll select Credit Cardin this exam…

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Batch One-Time Transactions

  • If you have a bunch of gifts to process all at once — like when you process direct mail responses — you can process credit card transactions in batches using Gift Entry. Here’s how: 1. Click the App Launcher () then find and select Gift Entry. 2. Click New Batch. 3. Select a template, and click Next. 4. Enter a Batch Name along with any other batch details, and click Next. 5. Set any field d…

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Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to: 1. View real-time impact metrics. 2. View your donation history and access tax receipts. 3. View your volunteer history and time logged. Lincoln Ulrich, an Account Executive at Ursa Major Solar, Inc., recently made several donations to and volunteered his time at the local No More …

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View Impact at A Glance

  • Philanthropy Cloud provides instant visibility into Lincoln’s personal impact and his company’s impact in both dollars donated and time volunteered through the Impact Dashboard displayed on the Home page. When Lincoln makes a donation or logs volunteer time, the numbers change immediately, giving him a snapshot of his real-time impact.

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View Your Donation History and Access Tax Receipts

  • Philanthropy Cloud provides visibility into your donations, resulting in your being better informed about the causes you support. Lincoln can view his giving history, donate to causes again, and manage his recurring donations in his profile. To view his donation history, Lincoln follows these steps: 1. Navigate to Profile. Then select Giving. 2. Na…

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View Your Volunteering History and Time Logged

  • Lincoln can also view information about his volunteer history. This includes his upcoming and past volunteer opportunities, as well as his logged time. He can view and edit his logged time, and volunteer again with the same organizations when they have volunteer opportunities available. The Upcoming Opportunities section of his profile includes the dates, times, and types of opport…

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  3. Website:The Global Goals for Sustainable Development
  4. Trailhead:Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Blueprint for a Better  Future

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