How can i access last modified in salesforce


Yes it is poosible to get last modified opportunity from each account. Loop through your accounts and use following query list<opportunity> getlastmodifiedopp = [select id from opportunity where order by lastmodifieddate desc limit 1];


How do I find the last modified name in Salesforce?

To get Last Modified User and not current user.Get the LastModifiedId’s of all records and query on User object to get the user’s information.Query on the same record with LastModifiedBy.Username field as related field won’t be available in the context variables. Select Id, Name, Lastmodifiedby.Username from ObjectName.

What is last modified in Salesforce?

The date and timestamp for changes made to an individual record, including the User who made the change.

How do I change the last modified by in Salesforce?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to change the “last modified by” field, as this is a system field that is read only. You’ll need to apply an update to the records in question as the system administrator, which will overwrite the “last modified by” field through standard behaviour.

What is last activity Salesforce?

Last Activity Date The last activity date for a record is. The due date of the most recently logged event against the record. OR. The most recently closed task associated with the record.

What is date last modified?

The “Last Time Modified” date refers to the last time a document or media file was modified. This information is gathered from metadata within the document or from the website’s servers.

What is SystemModstamp in Salesforce?

SystemModstamp is the date and time when a record was last modified by a user or by an automated process (such as a trigger). In this context, “trigger” refers to Salesforce code that runs to implement standard functionality, rather than an “Apex trigger”.

Can we update CreatedDate in Salesforce?

You cannot change the CreatedDate of a record, it is not an editable field.

How do I audit a field in Salesforce?

Enable ‘Create Audit Fields’From Setup, enter User in Quick Find box and select User Interface.Select the checkbox for Enable “Set Audit Fields upon Record Creation” and “Update Records with Inactive Owners” User Permissions.Click Save.

Can we update audit fields in Salesforce?

Since these fields are intended to be audit fields, they can only be set on create, not update. If the records already exist in Salesforce, they will need to be exported to a .

Where is last activity field in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic From Setup, enter Object into the Quick Find box and click Objects. 2. Choose the object where you want to see the Last Activity Date field.

How do I track activity in Salesforce?

Create the automation in Process Builderselect Update Records under Action Type.give your action a name.under Record Type , choose the option for Select the Task record that started your process.under Criteria for Updating Records, select No criteria – just update the records!More items…•

What is activity history in Salesforce? (SFDC) activity history is a list of associated tasks or the history of activities that have been carried out on an object.

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