Does yesware link to salesforce cses

Click the “Yesware” menu at the very top of Gmail and select “Preferences” Navigate to the “Integrations” section Under “Salesforce,” make sure you’ve switched the toggle to the “On” position Authenticate to Salesforce if you have not already done so, which will link your account

Adding Salesforce Leads or Contacts directly to Yesware Campaigns takes just the click of a button. You can add recipients to Campaigns one at a time or bulk import from Lead or Contact lists views.


Does Yesware integrate with Salesforce?

Yesware’s Enterprise edition syncs directly with Salesforce, making it easy to keep your Salesforce account in sync with your most up-to-date customer information.

What is Yesware Salesforce?

Yesware is a complete sales toolkit that helps you manage your sales funnel right form your Gmail and Outlook inbox. With Yesware’s automated Salesforce Sidebar, users can sync all sales email interaction, email opens, email replies, email link clicks, calls, and presentation from your inbox.

Is Yesware a CRM?

Want to keep track of the messages that you send to your prospects? Our Enterprise plan integrates directly with, the world’s leading CRM provider. We also offer a variety of CRM solutions for our Pro and Team users using our BCC email feature to automatically send a copy of your emails into your CRM.

What is Yesware used for?

Yesware provides email tracking, customizable templates, an email scheduler, meeting booker, and CRM integration to Gmail and Outlook users. The product plugs into email inboxes, allowing users to use its capabilities where they already work.

What is Yesware for Gmail?

Yesware’s Chrome extension for Gmail tracks your emails and gives you insight to level up your email outreach. See who’s reading your emails in real-time, measure engagement, and find insight into the messaging that wins. It installs in just 1 minute.

Is Salesforce inbox free?

Salesforce Inbox is a productivity tool to integrate Salesforce with emails, such as Outlook and Gmail. It is available with additional cost, except your company already purchased additional products that include Inbox.

How does Yesware tracking work?

When you send an email with Yesware, we embed an invisible pixel at the end of your outgoing message. This way, when your message is opened, the tracking pixel loads and you’ll receive a notification letting you know. The best part? Your recipient won’t see a thing.

Is Yesware a software?

Yesware is an email tracking & sales toolkit software solution, designed for all types of organizations. It has an all-in-one solution with powerful tools such as email tracking, templates, campaigns, reporting and Salesforce integration.

Can you CC in Yesware campaign?

Yesware users can add recipients to their Campaigns by Uploading a CSV file of recipient information, manually typing information into the recipient table (you can add columns and rows to include more data), or clicking the “Add to Campaigns” button in the email icon menu in an email thread (Gmail users only).

Can I trust Yesware?

Yesware has been awarded the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ rating of Enterprise-Ready. Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Is Yesware reliable?

Excellent for our Sales Team Yesware is incredibly easy to install and use, Our entire sales team uses to track emails and it has enhanced communications with potential clients. Allows for better strategic planning and the email templates are awesome! There is nothing I dislike about yesware.

Is Yesware free?

As far as pricing is concerned, YesWare is far from free. Their basic plan costs $12 per user per month and gets you real time email tracking, analytics, templates, scheduling, reminders, and the calendar features.

How does Yesware sync with Salesforce?

Yesware syncs your newly-created Outlook events and event updates to Salesforce within a matter of minutes. While creating a new calendar event, click the Yesware icon in your Outlook ribbon. As long as you’re connected to Salesforce and toggled on Salesforce Sync, the Calendar Event will sync to your Salesforce.

How to connect to Salesforce?

First, click on the “Salesforce” tab of your Yesware Sidebar. Then, click the Authenticate with Salesforce button. You can also integrate Salesforce via this link. If you aren’t already logged in to Salesforce, you’ll need to do so now.

Can you switch between Salesforce and Outlook?

No more switching back-and-forth between Salesforce and Outlook. The Salesforce section of your Yesware Sidebar in the Inbox displays your history with your contact while you’re viewing an email. You can click into each one of the tasks to view your activity history.

Getting the Most Out of Our Integration

Our philosophy is that we take care of the paperwork, creating an easier workflow so salespeople can spend their valuable time creating valuable, lasting relationships with their prospects and clients.

Create a New Contact or Lead

It’s never been easier to create a new contact or lead, right from your inbox. Simply click on any email. The ‘Salesforce’ tab should be on the right-hand side, ready for use. If that’s not the case, please make sure it’s enabled. Click on the tab to expand it. From here, you’ll be able to select the person you want to focus on.

Viewing Activities

Seeing your contact’s activities is easy with our integration. Simply open an email from the contact or lead you’re interested in and within the ‘Salesforce’ sidebar, you’ll be able to see their Open Activities as well as their Activity History.

What is Yesware and what makes it different?

Yesware is a sales productivity platform. The company was founded by Matthew Bellows, Rajat Bhargava, and Cashman Andrus. The company has over 800,000 users, including companies like Acquia, Groupon, Zendesk and Square.

Yesware Salesforce Integration

Yesware is a complete sales toolkit that helps you manage your sales funnel right from your Gmail and Outlook inbox. With Yesware’s automated Salesforce Sidebar, users can sync all sales email interaction, email opens, email replies, email link clicks, calls, and presentation from your inbox.

Yesware Pricing

Yesware offers three tiers of pricing: pro, premium, and enterprise. Yesware is billed annually starting at $12 per user per month. In order to use the Salesforce integration you’ll need to purchase the Enterprise plan starting at $65 per user per month.

Popular Yesware Alternatives and Competitors

A decade ago when Yesware first started there were few options for boosting sales team productivity and engagement. A lot has changed since then. Today, Salesforce has created an entire app ecosystem of tools and technologies for building world-class sales teams at scale. Here are a few of the most popular alternatives to Yesware.

Frequently Asked Yesware Support Questions

How to sync Yesware and Salesforce? ‍
To enable Yesware with Salesforce you’ll need to sign up for the enterprise version of Yesware. Once you’ve signed up you can enable the Salesforce integration from an email client like Gmail or Outlook.

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