Does salesforce scan uploaded files


There is no native file scanning completed when a user uploads a file to Salesforce.Dec 10, 2020


How do I upload a scanned document to Salesforce?

Each resulting document can be uploaded as a Salesforce Attachment, to a specific Library in Salesforce Content, or a specific folder in Salesforce Documents. With ccScan Advanced Edition, automatically populate input fields such as description and keywords using text extracted from selected portions of the scanned or imported images.

How do I enable the ‘files uploaded as Salesforce Files’ feature?

Enabling the ‘Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments’ feature will add any newly uploaded documents from the Notes and Attachments related list in Classic as Salesforce Files. Go to Setup | Customize | Salesforce Files | Settings | General Settings

What can you do with a scanner in Salesforce?

Nearly hands-free scanning to automatically separate documents, identify and classify, and export them to Salesforce. You still need to feed the scanner by hand. Completely unattended automatic importing, indexing and exporting documents to the Cloud

How do I attach documents to a Salesforce record?

Lookup Salesforce records to attach documents using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) queries. Create Attachments from scanned paper or imported PDF documents. Scan or import documents as Salesforce Attachments or upload files to Salesforce Content Libraries or Chatter


Does Salesforce scan for malware?

As of now, Salesforce does not do any anti-virus scanning.

What is Sfdc virus?

“Salesforce” is the name of a spam email campaign designed to proliferate the Gozi Trojan. The term “spam campaign” refers to a large-scale operation, during which deceptive emails are sent by the thousand.

How does a file scan work?

When anti-virus scans a file, it will take a snippet of that code and compare it with the codes in their virus dictionary, if the files match then the virus attack on a computer is confirmed. In simple words, the entire scan and detection process relies on the repository (virus dictionary/signature) of known viruses.

What is F Secure Salesforce?

F‑Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce is a cloud-based security solution that is designed to complement and extend the native security capabilities of the Salesforce platforms. The service protects organizations against threats posed by files and web links (URLs) uploaded to or shared via the Salesforce cloud.

Has Salesforce been hacked?

Salesforce data breach In the autumn of 2019, Salesforce and one of its clients, Hanna Andersson, a clothing brand, experienced a data breach. For several months, hackers had access to a database with all customer information, from credit card numbers to addresses, and neither Hanna nor Salesforce were aware.

How do I protect Salesforce?

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-factor authentication (or MFA) adds an extra layer of protection against common threats like phishing attacks, credential stuffing, and account takeovers. Implementing MFA is one of the most effective ways your company can increase the security of your Salesforce data.

How do I scan a document and upload it?

0:222:10How To Scan A Document To Your Computer – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSuch as resolution. And the destination folder neatly position your document inside your scannerMoreSuch as resolution. And the destination folder neatly position your document inside your scanner when you’re ready to begin scanning click the scan button on the windows scan.

What’s the difference between scan and copy?

While scanners and copiers operate in much the same manner, their output is different. A copier transfers documents directly onto the paper. It can copy large volumes at once without having to go through a computer, whereas a scanner creates digital versions of the documents that live on your computer.

How do you email scanned documents?

Use the Google Drive (for Android) or Notes (for iOS) app to scan the documents….How to scan with your phone (+ sign and email it)Click on the share icon on the top right corner.Choose the email or drive that you would want to share the file.Enter the email addresses of the recipients.Hit the send button.

What is ccscan in Salesforce?

ccScan enables you to easily search Salesforce records in order to attach documents using SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) queries. ccScan Advanced offers several search and creation methods, including automatic capabilities based on detected barcode values or found from patterns in text extracted with OCR (optical character recognition). You are able to even drag & drop URL addresses of Salesforce detail pages open in your browser directly to ccScan, instead of using its lookup functions.

What format is used for ccscan?

ccScan utilizes the widely recognized and compatible PDF (Portable Document Format) parameters. Everyday documents are stored for quick and easy retrieval using the standard PDF format. In order to guarantee future integrity and accessibility, it uses the archive quality PDF/A-1b format for long-term storage.

What is setup mode in Salesforce?

A password-protected setup mode is provided to allow administrators to manage creation and setup of all jobs within the network. For smaller operations, the administrator and user are typically the same person. A daily audit trail is maintained in friendly XML or JSON to keep track of all scanning and import activity. Administrators can easily switch between multiple Salesforce Orgs, and edit a variety of parameters, such as allowing an automatic login to Salesforce or requiring an explicit login at each session. Total control is in your hands.

What is database lookup?

Database Lookup – Automatically connect to any ODBC compliant database to query and return one or more fields for population of Cloud provider document and folder names and fields or custom objects.

What is ccscan ready to use?

When the Startup Wizard is complete, ccScan is ready-to-use with a set of default jobs. Jobs can easily be customized to process recurring scanning or import tasks with minimal clicks to save time and reduce the potential of input errors. On a per-job basis, decide which scanner and import fields the user should enter, set those defaults, and provide details for fields not shown.

Does CC scan store Salesforce passwords?

Security is paramount in the digital world, and ccScan takes the security of you and your business very seriously. ccScan does not locally store any Salesforce usernames or passwords by default. Your documents and settings are transferred directly from your PC to Salesforce without first uploading them to any intermediate web servers. Documents are safeguarded with Secure Hypertext Transfer over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) while transferring to and from the Cloud provider. All jobs are fully protected by password and powerful built-in .Net encryption.

Can you scan a Salesforce document?

With ccScan, you can scan or import documents as Salesforce Attachments directly into the Notes & Attachments section of any Standard or Custom record. It permits you to search, access, and apply settings such as document name, description, and privacy.

How to scan to Salesforce?

1. Open the app in the Salesforce dashboard. Click Scan to Salesforce in the Salesforce App Launcher. 2. Find your uploaded cards. In the Scan to Salesforce tab, you can confirm and edit your uploaded card data. * You can sort cards by upload date and time.

How to scan business cards to Salesforce?

1. Download and install the Scan to Salesforce mobile app. Go to App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). 2. Log into Salesforce. You’ll need to log into your Salesforce account when you use the app for the first time. * To log in with a custom domain, use “ (domain name).”. 3. Scan business cards.

How many cards can you scan in one shot?

Standard Scan: Standard Scan mode lets you digitize up to 4 cards in one shot. Place the cards on a flat surface with a solid background. Then tap the shutter button when you see a blue circle at the center of each card.


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