Do not contact salesforce options


Select Do Not Contact. Click Save. When you save the record, Salesforce automatically selects the Do Not Call and Email Opt Out standard fields. In the Nonprofit Success Pack, navigate to the Contact record of the person you want to mark as deceased.

Mark a Contact as Do Not Contact
  • In the Nonprofit Success Pack, navigate to the Contact record of the person you want to mark as Do Not Contact.
  • Click Edit.
  • Select Do Not Contact.
  • Click Save.
Feb 6, 2015


How do I contact Salesforce customer support?

You can contact Salesforce Customer Support via the methods available to you through your Success Plan using the channels and availability noted below. For full steps and details to create and manage Support Cases online through Salesforce Help, see our “ Submit or update a Case with Salesforce Support ” article.

Can I open a support case in Salesforce at any time?

However, you can log in to Salesforce Help to open or update Support Cases at any time. When you call Support, please let us know which Salesforce cloud or product we can assist you with by saying or selecting options like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Pardot, or any other Salesforce cloud or product.

Is there a contact sharing rule in Salesforce?

There is a Contact sharing rule but it is not giving Users access to Contact records as expected. Check the Organization-Wide Sharing Defaults for Contacts from the Sharing Settings. If Contact sharing is set to ‘Controlled by Parent,’ then sharing access to Contacts is controlled by access to the related Account record.

How do I set up email opt out in Salesforce?

Locate the Email Opt Out field and using your mouse drag and drop the filed into the required section area. Save the Page Layout. Click on: Setup | App Setup | Customize | Leads | Page Layouts.


Step 1: Create the Lightning Component

To start off, I created a Lightning Component to display a simple banner at the top of a record page. The code that follows below after shows each part of the component in case you’d like to build anything similar. The main points of the component are:

Step 2: Add Component to Record Pages

Once the component is created, it’s time to add it to the record pages.


It’s all well and good capturing communication preferences, but if a salesperson cannot quickly see if they can or cannot contact someone, it defies the point of having communication preferences in the first place.

Cirrus Insight users can access the email opt-out field in the inbox

Using Cirrus Insight, salespeople can see the email opt-out field for Leads and Contacts in their inbox.

Cirrus Insight Email Campaigns respect the Salesforce opt-out field

Cirrus Insight Email Campaigns enable you to send personalized mass email to prospects and customers from Outlook or Gmail. You can create a template from Outlook or Gmail, or choose a template from Salesforce, and then use Cirrus Insight Email Campaigns to mail merge the templates along with Salesforce merge tags into Outlook.

Salesforce email opt-out link

Install the Unsubscribe opt-out application by Salesforce Labs from the Salesforce AppExchange into your Salesforce org. Follow the unsubscribe set-up guide to create an unsubscribe link and add it to any Salesforce email template of your choice.


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