How to add people in report salesforce

To add others or remove yourself, click Edit Recipients. Select from the available entity types and start typing to see all the matching names. Only the users, groups, or roles with permission to access the report are shown in the list of matches. Select from the matching options and click Add. How do I add … Read more

How to add pdfs in salesforce

Required Editions. Add the Additional Documents related list and the Notes & Attachments related list to your template section’s page layout. Go to the quote template where you want to include a PDF. Choose a template section and then click Include Document. Choose the PDF that you want to include. To include publicly accessible documents, … Read more

How to add pdf form to salesforce formstack

Merge data from a form submission into a Formstack Documents template to generate a PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint document. Save the generated document to any of the Salesforce submission records automatically. Generate multiple document merges concurrently from the same submission. Full Answer Can you upload a PDF to Formstack? By default, file upload fields … Read more

How to add parent organization salesforce

If you’re using Salesforce Classic: On the Account Detail page, click Edit. On the Account Edit page, for the Parent Account field, click the Parent Account Lookup icon. In the Lookup dialog box, enter the name of the parent account and click Go!. From the search results, select the parent account. On the Accounts tab … Read more

How to add parent account in salesforce

While logged into Salesforce Essentials, click on the accounts tab While utilizing your list views, find one of your Account Child records and click on this Click on the edit button found closer to the top of your screen and find the field called ‘Parent Account’ Click on the ‘Parent Account’ field and then type … Read more