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Why can’t I login to my Salesforce account?

Reset your Salesforce password. Confirm your browser bookmark directs you to the correct login page. Confirm your browser does not block Salesforce cookies. Review your Salesforce profile permissions. Many login issues are caused when an extra space is added before or after a username or password.

What do I do if I don’t have a Salesforce password?

If this is the first time you are logging in to Salesforce and you do not have a password, make sure to follow the verification steps noted in your automated welcome email (Subject: ‘Welcome to Salesforce: Verify Your Account’). If you did not receive a welcome email, contact your system administrator.

How can I improve the accuracy of my location in Salesforce?

See Troubleshoot Login Issues for more help with Salesforce Logins. Ensure ‘Location Services’ is set to “Always” and ‘Background App Refresh’ is enabled in iOS, or Enable Improve Location Accuracy in Location Services in Android.

Why doesn’t the user license allow the sales console?

The error states, “The user license doesn’t allow the permission: Sales Console.” You will need to move forward with the permission set license agreement. This is an item that needs to be enabled for the User to access the Sales Console. Go to the User page. Locate ‘Permission Set License Assignments ‘ (This is located near the bottom of the page).


1. Go Back to Basics

Change is hard – especially when it comes to new technology. One of the best ways to ensure your team uses a new tool is to teach them how to use it. We get it. Salesforce is complicated. That’s why training is so important.

3. Re-evaluate Your Salesforce Implementation

Implementing Salesforce is more than just installing the software. You can’t just turn it on, sit back, and reap the rewards. You’ve got to lay out your business processes, develop a plan, set-up dashboards for the different roles in your company, and then train everyone on how to use the tool.

Take Action

If implementation and training are creating problems for you, we can help! Maybe you didn’t properly plan. Maybe you need to take a closer look at your business processes. Perhaps you need a custom-coded Salesforce solution over the out-of-the-box solution you’ve chosen. Want to know more? Download our Salesforce customization whitepaper below!


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