Can’t see second opportunity type salesforce


Can you see the opportunity related list on the account screen?

Can you see the Opportunity related list on the Account screen? Normally, if you can see the Opportunity related list, you will be able to see the records, even if you don’t have access to Opportunity data.

Why can’t I select a record type in Salesforce?

Go to ‘Record Type Settings’ related list Click Edit on the object which you can’t select a record type. Check if there’s other record type added in your profile, if none please add an existing record type or create a record type as needed. In Lightning Experience

What is the default value for Salesforce classic and lightning override?

For Salesforce Classic Override, the value should be “No override (use default)” For Lightning Experience Override, the value should be “Use the Salesforce Classic override”

Why can’t I see my opportunities on my profile?

You probably don’t have any access to Opportunities at your profile Assuming you are an end user, I would encourage you to check with you SFDC Administrator to check for a few things: 1. You Role and Profile 2. Opportunity Owner’s role and profile 3. Sharing rules 4. OWD Hope this helps! Thanks for the quick reply. 1.


Why my record type is not visible in Salesforce?

Note: To view the Record Type Settings, your Enhanced Profile User Interface must be disabled. Otherwise, find it via Object Settings, click on the affected object name, then click Edit to add the record types needed.

How do I see all my opportunities in Salesforce?

How to: View Your Opportunities in Salesforce.comClick on the Opportunities tab (If not already visible in your existing tab bar, click the plus sign to view all tabs)Click the “View” drop down list below.Click “New This Week,” “Won,” etc.More items…

How do I enable opportunities in Salesforce?

Enable and Configure Similar OpportunitiesFrom Setup, enter Similar Opportunities in the Quick Find box, then select Similar Opportunities.Click Edit.Select Enable Similar Opportunities .Select the fields or related lists that you want Similar Opportunities searches to match against, and then click Add.More items…

How do I change the opportunity record type in Salesforce?

Open the record.Click Change next to the Record Type field on a record detail page. Note: For campaign members, click Change next to the Campaign Member Type field on a campaign detail page. … Select a record type. The available record types are listed at the bottom of the page.Click Continue.

How do I use opportunities in Salesforce console?

Tip To learn more about using opportunities and leads, complete the Leads & Opportunities Trailhead module.Set Up Opportunities and Opportunity Products. … Manage Your Opportunities. … Manage the Products on Your Opportunities. … Track Your Competitors. … Opportunity Fields and Opportunity Product Fields.

How do I see what accounts are assigned to me in Salesforce?

From the Show Me (Lightning Experience) or Show (Salesforce Classic) field, to filter by account ownership, select My accounts , My team’s accounts , or My territory teams’ accounts . To filter by user territory assignment, select My territories’ accounts .

What is the difference between leads and opportunities in Salesforce?

Quick Takeaways. A Salesforce lead is an unqualified contact, while a Salesforce opportunity is a likely sale. In Salesforce, a lead can be converted into a contact, an account, or an opportunity. To identify an opportunity, look for the lead’s product interest, budget, and timeframe.

What are the opportunity stages in Salesforce?

Out-of-the-box Salesforce Opportunity Stages represent key milestones of a generic sales process, which consists of the following milestones:Prospecting.Qualification.Needs Analysis.Value Proposition.Id. Decision Makers.Perception Analysis.Proposal/Price Quote.Negotiation/Review.More items…•

How do you use Opportunity objects in Salesforce?

The Opportunity object connects Accounts to Products. Products are organized in Pricebooks and selected as Opportunity Line Items to create a list of items the customer wants to buy. The Opportunity is also related to Forecasts through the Stage and Percentage fields.

Can you change a record type?

you cant edit the record type of the object in edit mode. If you go to the detail view of the page, you should see a field called record type with the link [change] next to it. “Opportunity Record Type” is the name of the field to add to the page layout.

How do I change a contact’s record type?

To start, open any Company Contact record. Next, click the drop down arrow in the actions menu and select ‘Change Record Type’. Next you will be given the option to delete the Company record associated with the selected Company Contact.

How do I change the default record type?

From your personal settings, enter Record Type in the Quick Find box, then select Set Default Record Types or Record Type Selection—whichever one appears. … Select the data type to specify that you want to use the default record type whenever you create that type of record. … Click Save.

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