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Change the Show filter to Tasks to see only open tasks. Save your changes. Give your report a name and choose whether to make it public or private. If you select Private Reports, only you can see the report. If you select Public Reports, then everyone with access to reports in Salesforce can see the report.


How do I view tasks and events in Salesforce classic?

By default, Salesforce Classic does not offer a Tasks, Events, or Activities tab. You can access the list views by clicking the Activity List View button below your calendar on the Home tab, or by going directly to the following URLs: Note: On the URL above, “orgdomain” would have to be replaced by the organization’s instance or domain.

Why can’t users see tasks which are not assigned to them?

If your OWD sharing model is private, users can’t see tasks which are not assigned to them. And yet, you can change that by setting the OWD on the Activity to ‘Controlled-By-Parent’ and then set the parent object (Account/Case/Lead) setting to ‘Public Read/Write’.

How do I view tasks and events in the app?

As a best practice, Tasks and Events are available through several locations: View the Activities related lists on the associated records. View the Activity Timeline on the associated records. Click the Calendar tab from the app menu. View the Today’s Tasks and Today’s Events components on the Home tab.

How do I associate a task or event to an active user?

Navigate to the record you want to associate the Task to. Click New Task or New Event from the ‘Open Activities’ related list. Enter an active User in the ‘Assigned To’ field. Click Edit on the Task or Event. Enter an active User in the ‘Assigned To’ field.


How do I see other tasks in Salesforce?

How do I view other users’ tasks? Try for the report titled “Tasks & Events” in the Reports Tab, New Report button. Depending on your sharing settings, you can view All Tasks & Events to show all of them and then group / sort at your leisure.

Can tasks be private in Salesforce?

In order to make activities completely private then you will need to change your sharing model for the Activity object to Private and make sure Grant Access Using Hierarchies is unchecked. This will ensure users cannot see tasks that aren’t assigned to them.

How do I share tasks in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, you can assign calendar Events and Tasks to yourself and to other Users….Assign an existing activity to another UserClick Edit on the Task or Event.Enter an active User in the ‘Assigned To’ field.After saving, the User to which the activity is assigned will see the new activity on his or her calendar.

How do I enable tasks in Salesforce?

On the Open Activities related list, click New Task. *. On the Activity History related list, click Log a Call to add a task record with a status of Completed. Salesforce automatically relates the task to the record.

How do I give access to events in Salesforce?

Required EditionsFrom Salesforce Setup, access the Object Manager.Access Tasks or Events, depending on which objects you must give access to.Click Fields & Relationships | Public | Set Field-Level Security. … Click Page Layout and add the Public field to your Task or Event object’s page layout.Click Save.

What is controlled by parent in Salesforce?

Setting the object to ‘Controlled by Parent’ means that a user can perform a certain action (view, edit, delete, etc.) if they have permission to perform the same actions on the record associated with it.

How do I enable shared activities?

How Do I Enable Shared Activities?Go to Salesforce.From Setup click Customize | Activities | Activity Settings.Activate the checkbox Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events.Click Save.

Can you assign more than one person to a task in Salesforce?

You can assign new Tasks to multiple people, public groups, and queues in Lightning Experience from Task tab, Activity History, or Open Activities related lists.

How do I assign tasks to groups?

Assign tasksUnder Assigned to, select the People icon. The first time you assign a task to someone, you’ll be prompted to connect the project to a group.To create a new group, select Create group and then select Create and assign. A pane will appear on the right where you can name your project.

How do I see tasks in Salesforce lightning?

Click the App Launcher menu, and enter Tasks in the search box that appears in the popup modal.Click on Tasks.You will be taken to a list of Tasks. On the right of the currently selected list view, you will see a link Create New View.Now your new view displays in Lightning Experience UI.

What is the difference between tasks and activities in Salesforce?

Activities is the term for both Tasks and Events. There is no “Activities” object, there is a “Task” and “Event” object in the API. You can think of Tasks and Events as “Types of Activities”. In the UI these records for both objects show up in the “Open Activities” and “Activity History” related lists.

How do I manage tasks in Salesforce?

0:094:27Use Tasks to Boost Sales Productivity (Lightning Experience) | SalesforceYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with tableMoreIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with table view each task is a row. In Kanban view each task is an item in a status column.

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