Can’t see documents tab in salesforce


Its just under “Show All Tabs” which is the “+” sign on your Home Tab when you login. Also as mentioned above Type https:// in address bar once you logged in will directly redirect to “Documents Tab”. Share

Clicking on the Documents tab displays the documents home page.

Note If the Documents tab is not visible, you can customize your display to show it.
  1. Under Find a Document, enter keywords to search for a document.
  2. In the Document Folders section, select a folder to view all the documents contained in that folder.


How do I use documents in Salesforce?

After you create documents in Salesforce, you can use them in various ways in the course of your selling. You can search for documents from the Documents home page or browse through your document folders. You can leverage an image that was uploaded from the Documents tab, in Email Templates.

Why are there no tabs in the Salesforce CRM content app?

If Salesforce CRM Content is enabled for your organization but an administrator has not selected theSalesforce CRM Content User checkbox on the user detail page, the Salesforce CRM Content app has no tabs. The tabs display when the Salesforce CRM Content User checkbox is selected.

How do I enable tab visibility in Salesforce?

Alternatively, select Apply a different tab visibility for each profile and choose Default On, Default Off, or Tab Hidden from the drop-down list for each profile. For Professional Edition users and Salesforce Platform One license users, tab visibility is automatically set to Default On.

How to fix home page tab visibility issues in Salesforce?

a) Click on the affected user’s Profile. b) On Tabs Permission | Home tab is already set as Default On for the affected users. To resolve issues with Home Page Tab visibility please make sure to disable ‘Enable Enhanced Profile’ on User Inference in both Lightning & Classic Experience. a) Disable Enhanced Profile User Interface. b) Click on Save.


How do I get to the Documents tab in Salesforce lightning?

To configure the Documents tabNavigate to the Agreement Detail page.Click the Setup icon and select the Edit Object option. … Click Lightning Record Pages > Agreement Record Page. … Click Edit. … In the layout, click the Details tab. … Click the Add Tab button. … In the tabs component, select the newly added Details tab.More items…

How do I add a document tab in Salesforce?

To upload new document in salesforce go to all Tabs | Documents | New.Enter Details like document name.Unique name will be auto generated based on document name.Select the folder to which the document is to be stored.Enter description.Now browse for the file to upload.Click on Save button.

Where can I find Documents in Salesforce?

To find specific documents, use the Find Document button on the documents home page.Click the Documents tab.Enter your search terms. Salesforce searches the following fields: … Click Find Document. … To go to the detail page for a document, select the document or click View.

How do I view files in Salesforce lightning?

How the component works?Navigate to the App Launcher in Salesforce Lightning.Search for the Document object and click on it.Select the document that you wish to view the details.Click on “view file” to see the file attached to it.User can delete the document from the detail page or from the list view directly.

How do I add a document to Salesforce lightning?

In Lightning Experience Click Add Files in the Files related list menu, or drag files directly onto the Files related list. (You can drag multiple files, but not a folder. You can’t drag files onto read-only related lists.) Note In Lightning Experience, your org may use a custom page layout for the file detail page.

How do I access my personal documents in Salesforce?

If you’re in Classic, from your Home page, click on the + sign all the way to the right of the Menu at the top of the page where your Objects and Apps are are listed to get a list of all Apps. Then click on Documents if it’s not already displayed. That will open up a dialogue to give you access to it.

Does Salesforce have a document library?

Each document that is stored in the document library resides in a folder. The folder’s attributes determine the accessibility of the folder and the documents within it.

How do I create a new document library in Salesforce?

Step 1: Create a New Library. From the My Libraries section of the Libraries tab home page, click New. … Step 2: Add Library Members. On the Libraries tab, click the library name if the library isn’t already open. … Step 3: Assign Library Permissions to Members.

Where are PDF stored in Salesforce?

The PDF’s are being stored in Salesforces’ Documents section in a folder.

Where is the files section in Salesforce?

On the Files tab, organize and access your files. Use Salesforce Files to share and collaborate on files, store files privately, manage version updates, and follow files that are important to you.

How do I view files in Salesforce?

If Files Connect is enabled in your org, browse, search, and share files that are stored in an external data source right from Salesforce. To view the file detail page, click a file name. To see a file owner’s profile, click the owner’s name.

How do I open a file in Salesforce?

To open one or more file records in Lightning Experience and the Salesforce app, use the navigation service, lightning/navigation . The navigation service opens the preview of one or more files in a modal dialog in Lightning Experience, or triggers a file download in the Salesforce app on mobile devices.

What tab do you use to upload documents in Salesforce?

Users need to use the ‘Files’ tab or action to upload documents to be available in Salesforce for Android and iOS. There are some basic requirements that you’ll want to keep in mind while uploading content.

How big is the image formula in Salesforce?

The visible area for an Image Formula in the Salesforce for Android and iOS list view is 16 X 16 pixels. Using images larger than 16 X 16 will result in the image being cut off.

Does Salesforce support notes?

Support for notes, documents, files and attachments in Salesforce for Android and iOS

Can you access notes and attachments in Salesforce?

Documents and any attachments uploaded through the ‘Notes & Attachments’ related list on a record aren’t guaranteed to be accessible in Salesforce for Android and iOS.

Does Salesforce have a preview?

Salesforce does not guarantee all file types and their contained features will properly generate previews in Content. You can read more about this limitation in our “Content file preview issues” article.

Can you upload multiple files in Salesforce?

When using the Salesforce App Chatter feed, only one file at a time is supported and the app also does not support multiple file uploads via third party apps.

Can you delete Salesforce files?

Files cannot be deleted from within Salesforce for Android and iOS


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