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You can find the “Manage Salesforce Knowledge” one of two ways:
  1. If you do not have the “Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface” enabled. Click Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. Click on the Profile. …
  2. If you have the “Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface” enabled. Click Setup | Manage Users | Profiles. Click on the Profile.
Apr 27, 2017

How to manage documents in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, permissions can only be set at the level of each individual record. Salesforce already has a number of different areas in which documents can be managed. These include: Files Home: In the Files Home area, (personal) documents can be uploaded by a user and then shared with team members for communal use.

How do I enable Salesforce knowledge?

To enable Salesforce Knowledge, from Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Settings. Confirm that you want to enable Salesforce Knowledge and click Enable Knowledge.

What are the features of Salesforce CRM content?

The uploaded files can be viewed and customized from all end devices. Salesforce CRM Content: This tool allows users to create a number of documents of different types, share them with other team members, edit them collaboratively, or share them with external users.

What are the disadvantages of Salesforce ECM?

Disadvantages: Access via Salesforce is provided using an iFrame element and not as native integration with the familiar Salesforce look and feel. The underlying ECM system is also focused on enterprise customers – as a result, it is relatively expensive compared to other options.


How do I access article management in Salesforce?

Article Management Tab Configuration ProcessGo to Setup.Locate the Quick Find Box and enter User Interface.Select User Interface.Choose the option Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface.Hit Save.

How do I enable articles in Salesforce?

Enable Lightning KnowledgeFrom Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.Select Enable Lightning Knowledge. Note To enable Lightning Knowledge, you must have one article type. … Enable any other Knowledge settings that you want.Click Save.

How do I manage knowledge articles in Salesforce?

Select Manage Salesforce Knowledge. 3. Click on App Permissions….You also need to make sure that the Tabs are visible as necessary:From Setup, enter Profiles in the Quick Find box, then select Profiles.Select a User profile.Click Edit.Set the visibility of the necessary tabs to Default On.Click Save.

Where are article types in Salesforce?

Create Article TypesFrom Setup, enter Article Types in the Quick Find box, then select Knowledge Article Types.Click New Article Type or edit an existing article type.Enter the information for the following fields: … Click Save.In the Fields section of the Article Type definition, click New.More items…

How do I access knowledge articles in Salesforce?

To switch to the Knowledge One and the Knowledge tab, have your administrator add the Knowledge One permission to your profile or permission set. If the search bar is in the left-side panel of the page you are using the Articles tab. The Articles tab presents a list of your Salesforce Knowledge published articles.

Where can I find knowledge articles in Salesforce?

Required EditionsSelect Knowledge in the dropdown list next to the global search box. You can also type knowledge at the top of the dropdown list, then select Knowledge.Optionally, click Advanced Search at the bottom of the results list. … Enter your search terms, up to 100 characters. … To run the search, press Enter .

How do I add a knowledge article to a Salesforce community?

Add Knowledge to the Site Using TopicsClick the setup gear. … Enter All Sites in Quick Find, then select All Sites.Next to Category 1 Biking, click Workspaces.Select the Content Management tile.Click Topics.Select Navigational Topics.In Enter a navigational topic, enter Customer Support and click + Add.More items…

How do I assign a knowledge article in Salesforce?

To set up or edit your knowledge base, from Setup, enter Knowledge Settings in the Quick Find box, select Knowledge Settings, then click Edit. Enables agents to edit articles without going to the Article Management tab. Agents can click Edit to open the article edit page.

What is knowledgebase in Salesforce?

Salesforce Knowledge base is an effective knowledge management system that helps solve issues or answer questions of external customers as well as internal employees, by using articles. In the same way, public knowledge base helps the guest users to find the related articles through the community sites.

Where does the article summary appear in Salesforce?

Where does the article summary appear? settings, ten in the Quick Find box, enter Knowledge Settings and select Knowledge Settings. to automatically enable Knowledge, assign licenses to article authors, and set up data groups and categories. In the Knowledge tab, click the article.

How do I change the article type in Salesforce?

To assign various layouts to the article type based on a user profile, click Page Layout Assignments. Click Edit Assignment. Select the profile, or profiles (using SHIFT), you want to change and select the layout from the Page Layout To Use dropdown.

How do you assign an article to a data category?

Assigning Data Categories Go to “Setup” and look for the “Quick Find” box. Search for “Data Category Assignments” under the Articles zone. Click “Edit” then choose the categories you want to assign. Click “Save.”

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