How to create a knowledge article in salesforce lightning

Set Up Lightning Knowledge. From Setup , choose Service Setup. Select the Knowledge Setup tile. Click Start. Select a Lightning Knowledge author and click Next. Maria selects Maria Jimenez and Ada Balewa. Maria skips entering the data category information. She’ll set that up later. Click Next. Click Finish. Lightning Knowledge Author From Service Setup, click … Read more

How to create a flow in salesforce

Go To setup-> Build-> Create-> Workflow& Approvals-> Flows. Click on the New Flow button. The following screen will be shown. How do I create a flow in Salesforce? Open Flow Builder. … Select the Flow Type, then click Create. Drag the elements you want to use onto the canvas. … Connect the elements to determine … Read more

How to create a contact in salesforce

Create a Contact Open the account where you want to add the contact. Click New Contact in the Contacts list. An empty Contact form appears with information from the account already entered. Enter the contact information. Click Save . Create a Contact In the Related Contact tile of the Household tab, click + Add Contact. … Read more