What are tabs in salesforce

Standard object tabs. Salesforce offers limited yet efficient standard objects that better help to manage and organize your data. Custom object tabs. In addition to the standard objects, Salesforce gives you the ability to create custom objects to make things more convenient. Web tabs. There exist web-based applications that you can open in Salesforce. Web … Read more

What are static resources in salesforce

Salesforce – Static Resources Images Javascript Files Flash files CSS files More … Static resources allow you to upload content that you can reference in a Visualforce page, including archives (such as . zip and . jar files), images, style sheets, JavaScript, and other files. Static resources can be used only within your Salesforce org, … Read more

What are standard profiles in salesforce

Standard Profiles which mostly used are: System Administrator. Standard User. Read Only. Solution Manager. Marketing User. Contract Manager. More … Standard Profiles which mostly used are: System Administrator. Standard User. Read Only. Solution Manager. Marketing User. Contract Manager. Sep 10, 2013 Full Answer What are the standard profiles available in Salesforce? Standard profiles: By default, … Read more

What are sobject in salesforce

Sobjects are standard or custom objects that stores record data in the force.com database. There is also SObject datatype in apex that is the programmatic representation of these SObjects. Developers referes to SObject and their fields by their API names. EXAMPLE: Account a = new Account(); Full Answer How to create big objects in Salesforce? … Read more

What are scratch orgs in salesforce

What is salesforce DX? Source Driven Development. Salesforce DX makes it far easier to use git and other version control tools by making the structure of projects far more readable and flexible. Scratch orgs. Scratch orgs are source-driven disposable orgs. … Salesforce CLI. The Salesforce CLI is a single command-line interface that is used in … Read more

What are salesforce trailblazers

Trailblazers are truly the heart and soul of Salesforce. And we’ve made it our mission to pave pathways for anyone to unlock career opportunities and provide them with the tools needed to succeed. Trailblazer /treyl-bley-zer/noun A pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker. This growth is powered by Trailblazers — the learners … Read more

What are salesforce objects

Important Standard Objects Object Name Meaning Usage Account Represents an individual account, which … Use this object to query and manage acco … Account History Represents the history of changes to the … Use this object to identify changes to a … Case Represents a case, which is a customer i … Use the case … Read more

What are roll up summary fields in salesforce

What is Rollup Summary field? Roll-Up Summary field means working on the child object. Rolling up the child records and computing the value on the Parent record. Rollup Summary Field can not be created in lookup relationship. Using Apex Trigger we can create Rollup Summary field in Lookup relationship. A roll-up summary field calculates values … Read more

What are macros in salesforce

Salesforce Macros can be of following three types: Irreversible Macros Here irreversible means that there will be “Submit” instructions defined with the Macros and the… Regular Macros Regular Macros are just simple Macros defined to perform a set of tasks, which require a number of the… Bulk Macros More … A macro is a set … Read more