What is report in salesforce

There are different types of reports grouped into several categories: Category Salesforce standard report types Accounts & Contacts – Accounts – Contacts & Accounts – Accou … Activities – Tasks and Events – Events with Invitee … Administrative Reports – Users – Reports – Documents Other Sale … Campaigns – Campaigns – Campaigns with Contacts … Read more

What is process builder salesforce

Process builder in Salesforce allows user to : Create your processes using a convenient layout with point-and-click efficiency. Create your whole process in one place rather than using multiple workflow rules. Create processes by collaborating with different teams in your business. Stop using Apex code to automate simple tasks. Process Builder is an automated Salesforce … Read more

What is process automation in salesforce

Salesforce is the most popular CRM Customer relationship management Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. The CRM approach tries to analyze data about customers’ history with a company, in order to better improve business relationships with customers, specifically focusing on retaining customers, in order … Read more

What is pricebook in salesforce

Salesforce Price Books Defined. Think of a Price Book as a catalogue of products and services that your company sells. … Standard Price Book. The Standard Price Book is the full list (i.e. … Custom Price Books. … A price book is a list of products and their prices. The standard price book is the … Read more

What is parent account in salesforce

While logged into Salesforce Essentials, click on the accounts tab While utilizing your list views, find one of your Account Child records and click on this Click on the edit button found closer to the top of your screen and find the field called ‘Parent Account’ More items… Parent Account is a way to set … Read more

What is owd in salesforce

OWD stands for Organization Wide Default (OWD). Organization Wide Default settings are baseline settings in Salesforce specify which records can be accessed by which user and in which mode. Organization Wide Default settings can be overridden using Sharing rules. One user can exist in one profile. What is the use of external ID in Salesforce? … Read more

What is opportunity contact role in salesforce

In this way, what is opportunity Contact role in Salesforce? Opportunity Contact Role represents the role of Contact/Person account on an Opportunity. There is many-to-many relationship between Opportunity and Contact, through a junction object called OpportunityContactRole. Opportunity contact roles specify the part that each contact plays in a deal. When you use and customize opportunity … Read more

What is omni channel salesforce

Omni-Channel is a tool that sits inside of either the Sales or Service Console that, once enabled and configured, automatically pushes work to your users in real time. For example, one can configure routing rules to assign cases to agents through Omni-Channel or configure routing rules to assign leads to sales people.Jul 8, 2016 Full … Read more

What is metadata in salesforce

What is metadata? Metadata is data that describes other data. For example, in a Salesforce org, there is a standard object called Account. When you add a record with a customer’s contact information to an Account, you are adding metadata and data. Field names, such as first name and last name are metadata. How do … Read more

What is mass email in salesforce

Mass Emailing essentially allows you to send an email template (Complete with images, merge fields and attachments), to a list of contacts, person accounts or leads. To separate these two features, Salesforce has renamed “Mass Emails” to “List Emails”. Sending a List Email Mass Emailing essentially allows you to send an email template (Complete with … Read more