Why would you customize the help menu in salesforce


Customising the Salesforce Help Menu is an easy way of providing support resources to users. It can also help with reducing confusion for users, by turning off Help features which may not be relevant. Work with your team to understand whether this feature will help your business.

Salesforce redesigned the Help Menu to make room for your own resources. Guide users as they work in your org with links to your own URLs to websites, PDF files, videos, or Trailhead mixes.Apr 9, 2019


How to create a custom help menu section in Salesforce?

Give a name to your custom help menu section. Add up to 15 resources to your help section. You can add at most 15 resources in your custom help section. In order to do it, You need to provide the label and the URL of the resource. The URL can be of internal or external in terms of Salesforce.

How can you bring custom help and guidance to Salesforce users?

Salesforce offers a bunch of ways to bring custom help and guidance inside the app. Let’s focus on two ways of offering onboarding for users just starting out and troubleshooting for more experienced users. Salesforce Learning Paths bring the power of learning directly into the app, enabling companies to skill up teams as they work in Salesforce.

How do I add custom help to the help menu?

The Help Menu is perfect for this purpose because it uses a common pattern found in most apps. When you click the question mark in the header, a dropdown menu appears with contextual help chosen by Salesforce and, potentially, your own custom help.

How to add more resources in Salesforce?

You can upload it in Salesforce and use the file record URL or use some external source. After adding a resource, Click on New Resource button to add more. You can reorder them by clicking the arrow sign. Once you have done adding and sorting the resources, Click on save button.


Why would you customize the Help menu in Salesforce answer?

The Help Menu provides a few key resources that your users can access from anywhere. When users click the question mark in the header, a dropdown menu appears with contextual help chosen by Salesforce. You can add a global custom section with links to up to 30 resources of your own.

How do I customize the Help menu in Salesforce?

You can add resources to the custom section of the Help Menu. To further customize the in-app help experience, add Learning Paths to get more robust features, such as due dates. From Setup in Lightning Experience, in the Quick Find box, enter Help Menu , and then select Help Menu. Enter a title for the custom section.

What can you customize when creating a learning item?

When you customize Learning Paths, you can choose whom to assign a learning item to—individuals, public groups, or all users. You can choose whether to associate the learning item with a particular app or page in Salesforce. And you can choose whether to apply a due date to each learning item.

What happens to the help topic you’re viewing when you click the Dock icon in the Lightning experience help menu?

The topic is “docked” at the bottom of your screen, where it stays put as you navigate to other pages. You can minimize the docked window to get it out of the way, expand it for easier reading, and close it when you’re finished with the help topic.

Who sees what Salesforce help?

Salesforce data sharing lets you expose specific data sets to individuals and groups of users. Permission sets, permission set groups, and profiles provide object-level and field-level security by controlling access.

What are the benefits of a docked prompt?

Docked prompts are great when users need to refer to content while exploring a feature on their own. Unlike the floating and targeted prompts, the docked prompt stays in place while the user navigates through the app.

Why should you take the time to customize the Salesforce Mobile App?

Why should you take the time to customize the Salesforce mobile app? It can significantly improve the experience of mobile users.

What’s the aha moment in Salesforce?

The “aha moment” is when a user first realizes value in your product or solution. It usually happens first during onboarding, but can and should reoccur as the user grows and becomes increasingly proficient.

What is a good way to optimize an app for your users in Salesforce?

Rename tabs to match your industry’s standard terminology. Naming your tabs to be in line with your industry’s terminology is important. … Utilize home page layouts for different profiles. … Use the Salesforce console to give your users access to multiple records at once. … Use groups in Chatter to minimize irrelevant posts.

What is difference between classic and lightning in Salesforce?

What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning? Salesforce Lightning has a new and improved interface whereas Classic sticks to the tried-and-trusted Salesforce formula. Lightning also comes with improved features such as an activity timeline and workplace page layouts.

What are the benefits of adopting LDS?

Adopting LDS means you no longer have to write your own controller code. All your data access code is contained within the LDS component, significantly reducing the complexity of your apps and pages. This reduced complexity means that you don’t have to spend as much time on performance and quality testing.

What is path settings in Salesforce?

Salesforce Path is a visualization tool, used on objects, to help guide users along a Path to a final destination. Path is only available in Salesforce Lightning. It provides 5 key fields and a Guidance for Success for each section under the Path stages to provide the guidance users will use to succeed.

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Why is there a help menu in Salesforce?

The Help Menu is perfect for this purpose because it uses a common pattern found in most apps. When you click the question mark in the header, a dropdown menu appears with contextual help chosen by Salesforce and, potentially, your own custom help. Users with specific questions or issues are often motivated to seek out help, …

What is help menu?

The Help Menu is one of the more versatile in-app guidance mechanisms. Use it to help users during onboarding by providing a spot for getting started resources. Or, use it to point users to in-depth reference topics for a deeper understanding of a feature.

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