Why upgrade to salesforce lightning


Here are five reasons to upgrade to Salesforce Lightning

  • 1 Customers demand positive, personalized experiences. According to the PwC Global Consumer Insights Survey, nearly 80%…
  • 2 Keep up with the competition. If customers are demanding fast, personalized experiences and your business can’t meet…
  • 3 Inability to get data and customer insights to make timely decisions.

Salesforce is better in Lightning!

Your company will see a 25% increase in productivity, 50% faster application development and a 549% return on investment in 3 years!


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What are the best business benefits of Salesforce Lightning?

10 Business Benefits of Salesforce Lightning. 1 1. The latest innovation. For 16-plus years, Salesforce has defined the cloud computing space. Lightning is the CRM we would have built in 1999 if all … 2 2. New selling features. 3 3. Lightning Voice. 4 4. Steelbrick Quote-to-Cash. 5 5. Lightning for Outlook. More items

Can I access Salesforce lightning from Outlook?

Now you can access Lightning from your Outlook, without jumping between programs. The 100% cloud-based Lightning Sync also keeps your contacts and calendar up-to-date across Salesforce and your Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange accounts. 6. Lightning is mobile first In fact, the Salesforce1 Mobile App is built on top of the Lightning Platform.

What’s new in Lightning voice for Salesforce?

Speaking of new features, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a game-changer for salespeople. It connects them to customers and prospects faster than ever by enabling voice calls directly within Sales Cloud.

How do I create a Salesforce Lightning app?

If your users make regular use of standard Classic apps, such as the Service or Marketing apps, consider recreating them as Lightning apps. It’s easy to do with the New Lightning App wizard in the App Manager, but check out Create Lightning Apps in Salesforce Help if you want more details. Kick off the upgrade of a custom app from the App Manager.


Why should I move to Salesforce lightning?

If your company requires custom objects, custom apps then Salesforce Lightning is a good idea. First, Salesforce improved customization options that can be done without a Salesforce developer. E.g., Lightning App Builder lets you easily customize the look and feel of your pages (even a Home page) with drag and drop.

Why do we need Salesforce lightning?

Lightning Voice It connects them to customers and prospects faster than ever by enabling voice calls directly within Sales Cloud. This means wherever you are using Salesforce, including on your mobile device, you can make and receive calls in context, while taking notes and logging these calls at the same time.

What are two advantages of using Salesforce lightning?

4 Salesforce Lightning Benefits to Take Advantage of TodayImproved Functionality & Productivity. One common misconception is that Salesforce Lightning is merely a change in look and feel. … A Better UI to Increase Adoption. … Enhanced Reports and Dashboards. … A Proven Increase in ROI.

Is Salesforce lightning better than classic?

Salesforce Lightning offers more functionality than Salesforce Classic, making it better overall. Lighting’s biggest benefits include a components library and app builder to support more customizability, as well as support for third-party apps.

What is the difference between Salesforce and Salesforce lightning?

Another distinction between Salesforce Classic and Lightning is that Lightning has a greater integration with Einstein AI and the ability to use Einstein AI features like forecasting, opportunity insights, and automated contacts.

Who uses Salesforce lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is most often used by companies with >10000 employees and >1000M dollars in revenue….Who uses Salesforce Field Service Lightning?CompanyHoughton Mifflin Harcourt CoRevenue>1000MCompany Size1000-50003 more rows

What is Salesforce lightning migration?

The actual migration is a straightforward task. The Lightning Migration Assistant guides the user through the process of installing Lightning components. The Lightning Experience Transition Change Management Hub provides step-by-step instructions and best practices to manage the transition of the org.

When did Salesforce lightning start?

While Launched in 2014, the Lightning Experience has been slowly inching its way in to the Salesforce spotlight. At first launch, the Lightning Experience seemed to be slow and inefficient.

Does Salesforce lightning cost more?

The costs for Service Cloud are the same as for the Sales Cloud. Essentials is $25 per user, per month, Lightning Professional starts at $75 per user, per month, Lightning Enterprise costs $150 per user, per month, and Lightning Unlimited starts at $300 per user, per month.

What is one benefit that end users get that’s unique to work in lightning experience?

The power of Lightning means you can create a user experience that improves workflow and productivity, makes jobs easier and more intuitive, even transforms your business.

Why is Salesforce lightning so slow?

Slow load times can result from devices that don’t meet Salesforce minimum technical requirements. Also, plug-ins, extensions, and excessive tabs can consume processing power and memory, degrading performance. The way your Salesforce org is configured can lead to slow performance.

Better visual reporting

Are your dashboards and reports not visually grabbing your leadership team’s attention?

Better adoption with Salesforce Lightning

If you are intentional about gathering specific user requirements and including them in your roll out, you can use a Lightning upgrade as an excuse to reintroduce Salesforce to your executives and users in a format that is conducive for their day to day activities.

Better data entry

Let’s face it, data entry is a slog. Particularly for sales users who would prefer to spend time on the phone with their prospects than log transactional data about them. Using Quick Actions from Salesforce Lightning, you can speed up data entry for specific functions for specific users.

The full list of reasons for a Salesforce Lightning upgrade

Need more selling points to bring to your boss? Take a scroll through this full feature comparison list and pick out which features will make them give the go-ahead on Salesforce Lightning.

What Is Salesforce Lightning?

Defined literally, Lightning is the collection of tools and technologies behind a significant upgrade to the Salesforce platform. In practice, Lightning is a brand new user interface (UI) that organizes information in a way that is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing for your end users.

Why On Earth Would Anyone Want To Use Classic Instead of Lightning?

Salesforce has been migrating functionality into Lightning Experience gradually, over the course of several releases. When Lightning was first released in the Winter ’16 version, there was a non-trivial gap in terms of functionality available in Classic compared to what was available in Lightning.

Why is Salesforce Lightning important?

Since most Salesforce users travel, it was critical to offer mobile functionality , whether you are working on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. It was also important to empower users to easily build custom interfaces for each of these devices. With the use of compact layouts, mobile cards and actions, you can really optimize your user’s mobile experience.

What is the Lightning UI in Salesforce?

The Lightning UI introduced several key user interface features that completely change the way you work in Salesforce: Lightning Record Pages – These pages provide user-friendly and powerful design screens to customize the layout of your Salesforce records. The custom configuration components offer tabs, related lists, and side panels as a new way for users to navigate and access the most important data in a single, consolidated screen. You can greatly reduce the number of clicks needed to pull information, or perform recurring actions.

What is Lightning Dashboard Editor?

Lightning has introduced a Dashboard Editor, meaning that you can build a custom experience by designing dashboards that are relevant to different users. Compared to Classic, they are more interactive, easier to build, and more seamless to navigate.

What is search functionality in Salesforce?

Search Functionality – Your Salesforce org may contain high volumes of information, so it’s important to quickly cut through to the data you need. Lightning’s global search functionality introduces machine learning that offers predictive searching, which tracks your most frequently accessed objects (data) and returns those popular results across your entire Salesforce org based on your search history. By conducting a thorough search with results tailored to each user, you are able to more efficiently find the information you need.

Why is it important to visualize data?

Visualizing your data—based on the stage of an Opportunity, for example—and being able to drag and drop items between stages is intuitive and not only makes your team more efficient, but also allows users to be more effective.

Can you update the Lightning app?

You can update the app’s branding, navigation, options, and the Lightning pages assigned to a respective app all within the Lightning App Builder, making it quick and easy to make key changes all in a single console.

Is JavaScript supported in Lightning?

Some of the key items to be aware of include: JavaScript buttons are no longer supported with Lightning.

New UI

This new modern user interface not only looks new, but it is more flexible and dynamic than the original classic layout. Increase user productivity by decreasing toggle time between screens, allowing your team members to work more efficiently and speed up time to revenue with fewer clicks.

Lightning App Builder

With Lightning App Builder you can easily customize your Lightning pages with easy drag and drop configuration. You can even customize your Home Page! Choose from a list of reusable Lightning components that can be placed throughout your org.

Sales path

Sales Path allows you to define the key stages that a Lead or Opportunity needs to go through, and highlight the important fields per stage that a sales rep needs to complete. Sales reps can now easily enter important information and move the deal through its stages to quickly close deals faster.

Kanban view

Easily manage opportunities in the new Kanban view. This view shows up to four key fields on an opportunity and allows you to drag a record to the next stage. Quickly create tasks and events directly related to the opportunity without leaving the view.

Enhanced reports, charts, and dashboards

Reports have a new design that look modern with enhanced functionality. You can even add reports to List Views! Dashboards also got a huge upgrade and are no longer restricted to three columns and will instantly refresh.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce has launched its newest feature called Einstein, an artificial intelligence (AI) tool to help determine companies be more predictive about their customers. Leverage Einstein to predict the quality of a lead, recommend best next steps, and even automate tasks.


Although there are many benefits with switching to Lightning, not all functionality is supported and there are some things you will want to consider before making the switch. The below list is not an extensive list of unsupported features, but rather some items that you will want to consider before migrating to Lightning.

Why did Salesforce launch Lightning?

Salesforce had launched the Lightning platform for a particular reason and that reason was to enable its users to match up the pace with which the world is innovating. Every business has got different needs and these needs also keep on changing within no time.

What is Lightning Voice for Salesforce?

Discussing new highlights, Lightning Voice for Salesforce is a distinct advantage for sales representatives. It provides them with an interface to clients and prospects quicker than at any other time by empowering voice calls specifically inside the purview of the Sales Cloud itself. This implies wherever you are utilizing Salesforce, including your tablet, cell phone anything, you can make and receive the calls in context, while at the same time you can be taking notes and logging these calls at the very same time. You can even pick a number that is nearby to your territory.

Is Salesforce Classic still in place?

Salesforce Classic is still in place and is not going anywhere. It still provides you with all the support and functionality of a good CRM software. The major difference between the underlying architecture of Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lighting is the factor of speed.

Is Salesforce the same as Lightning?

Conceptually, Salesforce apps are the same as they ever were. But now they come in two flavors: Classic apps and Lightning apps. Apps created in Salesforce Classic are Classic apps. If you’re just getting started with Lightning Experience, it’s likely that all your org’s existing apps are of the classic variety.

Does Lightning Experience work with Classic Apps?

Most Classic apps just work in Lightning Experience. There are a few exceptions but we’ll talk about that in a bit. Apps created in Lightning Experience are Lightning apps. These apps provide access to all the same standard and custom objects and tabs that you expect in a Salesforce app.

Can you upgrade a custom app to a classic version?

Remember we mentioned that upgrading a custom Classic app results in two versions of the app: the Lightning app version and the original Classic app version? Having separate versions of the same app means you can maintain them independently, applying Lightning Experience options without impacting your Classic users, and making changes for your Classic users that aren’t needed in Lightning Experience . For simplicity, you can use the Lightning Experience App Manager as the central hub for managing both versions.

Sales Automation

Two words, Sales Path, and Kanban View. Salesforce Lightning redefines the sales process with these two features that make selling a walk in the park. If you’re a former sales rep or familiar with the art (read: misery) of selling, you know that’s saying something.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a mainstay in Salesforce Lightning, artificial intelligence powered by deep machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing. Sounds complicated but is actually very simple. Salesforce Einstein works in the background like a diligent observer and learns everything from data and actions to behaviors.

Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder is that one door in Salesforce to a completely customized experience. It comes with a drag-and-drop feature that makes it very simple to create pages by picking Lightning components from the library.

Mobile Ready UI

Mobile is the future. Flexibility when it comes to work will drive product adoption and success for industries. This is because people need the ability to take action on the go. Salesforce Lightning does just that with its cross-platform UI and design that allows a seamless shift between desktop and mobile.

Increased Productivity

Lightning comes with numerous other features that massively increase productivity. These components that sit under the radar add substantially to Lightning’s importance. You can use the following components in Salesforce Lightning:


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