Why do we need salesforce


10 Reasons Why your Business needs Salesforce

  1. Salesforce keeps navigation simple
    Without user adoption, no software or application can ever bring results to the…
  2. Multi-tenancy is not optional
    By using Salesforce you do not have to worry about upgrades to the platform. Why?
  3. Salesforce functionalities will mind-blow you
    There are a lot of functionalities and…

Salesforce lets you efficiently unify different principal functions of your business so you can achieve customer success. You can sell, provide service, market, collaborate, know your customers, and build apps on a single platform.


What are the advantages of using Salesforce?

What Are the Benefits of Salesforce?

  1. Customer information. One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity.
  2. Account planning. With all of the customer information you need right at your fingertips, you — and all of the reps at your company — can make plans for …
  3. Time management. …
  4. Team collaboration. …
  5. Accessibility. …

Why Salesforce is important for your business?

Salesforce Community Cloud: Why It Is Important For Your Business?

  • Facilitate Better Rapport with Partners. …
  • Smarter Way Of Addressing Customer Queries. …
  • LowersCosts, Boosts Productivity. …
  • Helpful For Sales, Development, and Customers. …
  • Brings All Stakeholders On the Same Page, Helps In Better Decision Making. …
  • Makes Everyone Feel Independent. …
  • Boosts Business Reach. …

Will Salesforce be worth more than Microsoft by 2030?

Still, as much as tech as getting hit with the recent talent shortage, it’s not the only industry facing a lack of job applicants. It’s estimated that by 2030, more than 85 million jobs will go unfilled, leading to more than US$8 trillion in unrealized revenue—$2 trillion for the United States alone.

What is Salesforce and what does it do?

What does Salesforce do?

  • Leverage Customer Information to Increase Sales. …
  • Gives You a Bird’s Eye View of Sales Pipeline. …
  • Gauge and Determine Sales Opportunities. …
  • Improves Your Marketing Pipeline. …
  • Develop More Effective Sales Cycles. …
  • Makes Teams More Efficient. …
  • Reduce Conflicts on Sales Channels. …
  • Boosts Lead Nurturing. …
  • Provides Tools for Field Personnel. …

More items…


Why do we need to use Salesforce?

Salesforce creates and supports customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps break down the technology silos between departments to give companies a complete view of their customer everywhere they interact with your brand.

What is Salesforce and why IT is used?

Salesforce is a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

Why should a company use Salesforce?

Salesforce lets you efficiently unify different principal functions of your business so you can achieve customer success. You can sell, provide service, market, collaborate, know your customers, and build apps on a single platform.

What is an advantage of the Salesforce platform?

The Salesforce Platform lets companies have all customer data together in one place. This means companies can take full advantage of wherever the next generation of technology takes your customers and business.

Why is Salesforce adoption so good?

1. Ease of use : This is one of the primary reasons that drive the Salesforce adoption rate. Sales Reps have better visibility into their accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, all from a single place. They have a complete 360-degree view of the customer, which in turn helps them to make better business decisions and close deals faster.

What is Salesforce platform?

The default Salesforce platform comes with a wide array of features and functionalities which caters to most organizational needs. During the implementation process, the Admin can make point-and-click alterations via the Force.com builder to configure the solution as per your business process.

Is Salesforce a PaaS?

Salesforce launched the first cloud-based CRM and also established the Platform as a Service ( PaaS) market with Force.com to support the complex real-world business models. With no capital expense involved for the setup, Salesforce charges are based on user licenses.

Is Salesforce a cloud platform?

Being a Cloud Platform, the implementation time for Salesforce is much lesser than standard solutions, thereby lessening the Go-Live timeframe. The feature-rich solution can be configured easily and even if any customization is required, it can be incorporated in a systematic order easily.

Is Salesforce a scalable solution?

When you are opting for a CRM, you are not simply making a decision for today, but the solution should also be scalable enough to meet your business needs 3 years hence. Salesforce is highly scalable and the customizability factor helps to modify and adapt to all future specifications. 5. Cloud-based PaaS model :

1. Customer information

One of the top benefits of integrating the Salesforce cloud in your business is that it provides you with a pool of relevant customer information. With the help of Salesforce, you can know about individual lead accounts, their contact, tasks, and events before you even approach them.

2. Flexibility & adaptability

The most important aspect of the salesforce cloud is its flexibility and adaptability. It can be considered one of the unique selling points of Salesforce. You can access it anywhere at any time.

3. Simple to manage

Apart from being flexible and adaptable, Salesforce is also very easy to handle platform. If you are a small company you don’t have to worry about your less sophisticated IT know-how and skills, Salesforce will still allow you to make alterations in the admin panel.

4. Team collaboration

Team cohesion is one of the basics of management skills. Salesforce cloud lets you collaborate with your team efficiently. As a manager, Salesforce consulting services gives you the ability to coordinate with your team and makes collaboration easy with the “Chatter” feature.

5. Systematic reporting

The Salesforce platform provides you with a robust set of reporting tools that helps you save money, time and puts you on track to focus on your core business activities for growth. One of the best features of the Salesforce systematic reporting tool is that it allows you to modify reporting facilities depending on your business requirements.

6. Account planning

All the relevant information about clients provided by Salesforce helps you and your team to better understand each account and make independent plans for individual accounts. The individual account planning feature makes you understand which client requires more focus.

7. AppExchange environment

The Salesforce cloud gives you an AppExchange feature that no other service provider offers. Through the AppExchange environment, you can access any verified and secured applications developed by other users.

1. Easy to Use

Salesforce is just as easy to use as the websites you visit every day. You can log in from anywhere, collaborate with your colleagues, and view and update customer data whenever you want.

2. Easy to Customize

Whether you want to add modules, fields, create sales processes or change workflows, it’s all just a click away with Salesforce Customization.

3. Cloud-Based

Salesforce takes flexibility to the next level. You can use it anywhere and at any time. It has pioneered a secure and sophisticated cloud infrastructure and offers cloud solutions for Sales, Marketing, Support, and Analytics.

4. Efficient Reporting

Salesforce offers a powerful suite of reporting tools. These will help save your time, money and allow you to give your business the attention it deserves. The reporting facility in Salesforce is customizable, enables contract management and real-time reports and analytics.

5. Multitenant Platform

All Salesforce users share the same infrastructure and instance of the software. This allows for automatic and simultaneous updates for all users on the platform while keeping their data secure. This means that you’re getting the latest and greatest features with automatic, seamless upgrades three times a year.

6. Integration Options

The Salesforce platform has a robust and well-documented open API which makes virtually any Salesforce integration possible. This lets you map your business processes onto Salesforce more effectively and boosts productivity.

7. AppExchange Ecosystem

AppExchange in Salesforce allows you to develop and market your own app or get access to thousands of useful, secured and verified applications and integrations built by other users. You can also leverage our Salesforce Glossary to learn more about it.

Why is Salesforce important?

Salesforce is needed to generate quality leads for your business that can be quickly converted and expands your customer base. By analyzing the past or present trends, this cloud-based platform helps you to identify new market trends and you can reach heights as expected.

What is Salesforce community?

Salesforce communities are the place where you can interact with developers and business owners working on similar projects. Also, you will get replies to most complicated queries while giving you deep insights to understand the behavior of customers.

Why is personalized customer experience important?

For this purpose, you need to analyze your customer data deeply and keep a close eye on your customer interests and likes.

Can Salesforce spoil your business?

One wrong decision can spoil your business completely. With Salesforce, you not only make informed decisions but you can increase the overall benefits for your business too. It anticipates technological and marketing patterns or trends that can be followed in future to create a strong foundation of a successful business.

1. Measured Customer Management

The future clients for one’s business convert to customers along with the already existing customers, which in turn gives your business a continual or steady flow. The potential customers come in the form of connections.

2. Easy to Use

Salesforce is just like a daily use website. It is so easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or programming expertise.

3. Grow as the business thrive

Growth, expanding, and going big are the fundamental principles for all businesses.

4. Higher Employees productivity

A good Salesforce CRM makes sure you get maximum progress. According to Harvard Business Review, approximately 52% of performing agents identified themselves as power users who benefit from the company’s CRM technology.

5. Provide Comprehensive Customer View

One can easily connect their Salesforce CRM with other cloud-based services for a complete view of clients, their needs, and their importance in numerous sections. It helps indicate the needs of customers and make sure we get a better understanding of customer’s demands with the help of all linked software.

6. Cloud-Based

Salesforce is so flexible and available at any place and any moment. It takes flexibility to just another level. You can reach and get a hold of it anywhere and at any time.

7. Efficient Reporting

Salesforce is such a powerful tool. It makes sure that it covers all the needed tools for reporting. What makes it so effective and efficient is time-saving, money-saving, and less manual solutions and allow you to provide your company with the scrutiny it deserves.

Why do companies use Salesforce CRM?

Answered April 14, 2021. Companies use Salesforce CRM because it is highly customizable, scalable, and easy to use. It offers a high-quality product. These are the qualities that have made Salesforce CRM the CRM of choice over 150,000 years. QR Solutions uses an high-quality product like Salesforce CRM.

What is Salesforce 2021?

Answered June 15, 2021. Salesforce is a CRM that has been used by companies for many years. Salesforce was originally created as a way to track sales leads and automate the process of lead management. However, it has grown into much more than just a simple tracking system.

What do you look for when buying a product?

When you buy a product from companies like IBM (company) or Salesforce, you look for reliability and good support. They’ll excel in those departments besides building useful products. Buying a license and using it one day is not the only thing, you constantly need support for your on going business.

Is Salesforce a cloud service?

Now it’s also venturing out to other cloud services, namely platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service. Salesforce is a web CRM. Salesforce is customer success platform making use of all the available technology to help companies streamline business processes and satisfy customers.

Can you integrate Salesforce with other programs?

If you can get a developer on it, you can do things out of reason too. You can integrate it with loads of other programs – Since it’s such a dynamo in it’s market, it already has tons of companies who already have salesforce integrations to make things easy, or you can integrate it with your own software if you like.

Is salesforce robust?

It’s robust. If you’re going to rely on a system, and hold people accountable to putting information in there, that system better be robust – salesforce is. It’s meant to be tweaked. This may appear less “user friendly” to start because there is simply more there to play with.


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