Which of these is not a salesforce feature


Do you know these unusual features of Salesforce?

Meeting user requirements with standard Salesforce features is always better than building a custom solution that is at risk of breaking with each Salesforce release. How many of these uncommon features do you know? 1. Auto-Response Rules Auto-response rules automatically send emails to Leads or Cases that meet certain criteria.

What is Salesforce and how does it work?

What is Salesforce, you may ask? Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based CRM platform that provides customer relationship management & automation solutions to the enterprises of all levels – enterprises to a sole proprietorship.

Is Salesforce a good company to work for?

The company seems to do great and so is its software due to its impeccable features & functionality for enterprises, developers, and business customers. Salesforce CRM has become a groundbreaking software for small scale to big scale businesses that are looking for every means to bring customer success.

How many 3rd party applications are available in the Salesforce store?

The Salesforce store has 157 Lightning-ready 3rd party applications available. All the applications hosted on this store are carefully reviewed & integrated to help businesses work finely over the Salesforce platform.


What is Salesforce dashboard?

Salesforce.com can be referred to as a massive database compiled with the company’s crucial to everyday information. The Salesforce feature/tool “Dashboards” aggregates that business information into real-time key business metrics in interesting formats like — charts, bar diagrams, pie-charts, tables, funnel-charts, leaderboards, graphs, and more.

What is Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce can do a lot of things: Salesforce CRM is leveraged by businesses for managing healthy & ongoing relationships with their key clients or customers and get helped with making customers pass through the sales funnel and reach final sales.

What is snaps in Salesforce?

Snaps-ins is one of the most useful Salesforce features by cloud lightning service. The features let businesses to add service functionality to the apps or webpages. No matter where businesses are, they can snap in service channels into their native business app to develop a more connected and close-knit customer experience.

Can Salesforce automate internal processes?

Though it is not possible to completely automate the marketing efforts, with if/then rules of the Salesforce Workflow feature, it is quite possible to automate certain internal processes or procedures.

Does Salesforce Lightning work with Outlook?

Salesforce lightning platforms offer a great alliance with Mircosoft’s Outlook, which enfolds business management to a whole new level. Users can sign in to the lightning platform using their outlook account. The enterprises, the teams, and all salesforce users can easily manage tasks without having to run fingers through different programs.

Does Salesforce sync emails?

To ensure that every email exchange or thread stays inside the CRM, the Salesforce email syncing feature (one of the much-needed Salesforce inbox features) came into play. The feature allows the users to “sync” emails with the CRM, without letting the users manually cut and paste the information or conversation thread.

1. Auto-Response Rules

Auto-response rules automatically send emails to Leads or Cases that meet certain criteria.

2. Enterprise Territory Management

Territory management controls Account, Opportunity and Contact access based on account criteria. This enables you to structure a sharing system that suits your sales territories. It’s common for territories to align geographically, but they can be based on other characteristics, like industry or product.

3. Multiple Currencies & Advanced Currency Management

For any organizations dealing with customers in different currencies, Salesforce’s Multiple Currencies feature is a must. Advanced Currency Management takes it a step further.

4. Related Contacts

Related Contacts are the name of the Account related list that displays ‘Account Contact Relationships’. These are how you can define ‘relationships’ between contacts (individual people) to accounts (a business).

5. Account Teams

Salesforce Account Teams received a major upgrade in the Winter ‘20 release, which resolved the multiple limitations it had since the feature transitioned to Lightning. An Account Team is simply a group of users who work on an account together, identifying who is working on an account, by Team Roles.

6. Reporting Snapshots

Salesforce Snapshots allow you to take a picture of a set of records and freeze the data on them for future reference. Bonus: they’re included out-of-the-box in all Salesforce orgs, and are easy to set up.

7. Content Delivery

Content Delivery allows you to deliver documents (PowerPoint, Word, PDF files, and others) to a recipient by providing a custom link to an optimized web-based version for easy online viewing, or download.


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