Which approach takes advantage of salesforce capabilities


Integrating the Al application directly into the Salesforce framework approach takes advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities.


What makes Salesforce so successful?

2) Excellent Functionality – Salesforce delivers with an outstanding system of integration and functionality.

What are the capabilities of Salesforce al?

Salesforce’s capabilities? 1. Asing Salesforce to develop a custom Al application as part of its standard offering. 2. Contracting with the Al application’s developer to build a standalone solution 3. Integrating the Al application directly into the Salesforce framework 4.

How does Salesforce integrate well with different business models?

Salesforce integrates well with a host of different business models because it is able to provide report and analytics that are tailored to the specific needs of its users. Salesforce further allows companies to measure and monitor the success of their marketing campaigns and to customize these outreach efforts on an on-going, as needed basis.

What are the top 5 advantages of using Salesforce CRM?

Top 5 Advantages of Using Salesforce CRM 1) Ease of Use – It stands to reason that one of the single most important elements of any service is its ease of use, this is particularly true considering that Salesforce CRM is targeted to a broad range of companies and business, many of whom may not have a background in tech and software.

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Which approach takes advantage of Salesforce capability?

Explanation: Integrating the Al application directly into the Salesforce framework approach takes advantage of Salesforce’s capabilities.

What is Salesforce competitive advantage?

It’s a huge competitive advantage that allows Salesforce managers to make significant new investments in artificial intelligence and other connective tissue that embeds the platform deeper into the corporate world. For example, at the end of 2018, Salesforce had business relationships with 83% of the Fortune 500.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

The 5 Benefits of Salesforce#1 Flexibility. One of the most significant USP’s (Unique Selling Points) of the Salesforce platform is its high degree of adaptability. … #2 Easy to manage. … #3 Countless options with various apps. … #4 Standard API links. … #5 The world’s largest web-based platform. … Video. … Want to find out more?

What is one advantage of Salesforce CRM Mcq?

Collection of customer data: CRM systems allow companies to interact effectively with customers, streamline marketing processes, and improve profitability.

What is an advantage of the Salesforce platform quizlet?

You can view and manage your data model, create apps, modify the user interface, and deploy new features to your users.

Who does Salesforce compete with?

NetSuite CRM As a property of the software giant Oracle, it’s easy to see why NetSuite is one of Salesforce’s main competitors.

What’s one advantage of building on the Salesforce platform?

We build the applications that make up the Customer 360 on the Salesforce Platform. With the platform, you can scale quickly and build customizations at unprecedented speed, taking advantage of services that are built into Salesforce, such as AI, mobile, and integration.

What is the advantage of CRM?

A CRM system coordinates customer data and ensures such conflicts do not arise. A CRM system helps in closing faster deals by facilitating quicker and more efficient responses to customer leads and information. Customers get more convinced to turn their inquiries into purchases once they are responded to promptly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce?

Salesforce Pros and ConsCustomization. Advantages. … Cloud-Based Functionality. Advantages. … Salesforce Technical and Training Support. Advantages. … Overall Cost and Pricing. Advantages. … Many Products for Many Organizational Needs. Advantages.

What are the capabilities of a customer relationship management CRM platform?

The main CRM functions are:Contact management.Interaction tracking.Workflow automation.Lead management.Communication and marketing automation.Sales team management.Reporting and analytics.

Which of the following techniques is used to know more about current and potential customers?

Efficient customer feedbackEfficient customer feedback is used to know more about current and potential customers. Customer feedback aids in the improvement of the customer experience and can empower positive changes in the business.

What are the 3 types of CRM?

To start, there are three main types of CRMs: collaborative, operational, and analytical. To help you get your bearings, we’ll cover what a CRM is to begin with, how the three types of CRMs differ, and how to select the right product for your company.


Salesforce already has AI application offered, admins and devs only need to integrate it with the system.


The correct answer is option (3.) Integrating the Al application directly into the Salesforce framework

How many members does Salesforce Trailblazer have?

At Salesforce, we see our customers as our greatest strength, and our Trailblazer Community brings them together. Over 2.3 million members strong, the Salesforce Trailblazer Community of CRM users drives innovation and change in members’ businesses and within the Salesforce ecosystem itself. Get advice and expertise from people, partners, and developers driven to blaze a trail for their customers.

What is Salesforce solution?

Salesforce solutions span sales, service, marketing, and more, so Salesforce customers are often able to reduce their stack overall, and save money in the process. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur starting out or at a large enterprise in a highly regulated industry, you’ll find a Salesforce solution to fit your needs.

What industries does Salesforce work with?

Salesforce works with a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, life sciences, communications, retail, media, government, manufacturing, automotive, higher education, and nonprofit. Several major CRM competitors target some of the same industries.

Why is Salesforce a unified platform?

It’s especially hard if companies have disparate systems where customer data is siloed. Some Salesforce competitors that offer point solutions or don’t have a comprehensive platform are unable to provide access to trusted, shared data across teams. That means teams can’t work together in real time to deliver a top-notch, connected customer experience.

Which is the market leader when it comes to customer satisfaction for growth among potential CRM buyers?

Salesforce is the market leader when it comes to customer satisfaction for growth among potential CRM buyers.

What is Heroku platform?

Heroku provides a fully managed platform that enables you to develop and deliver apps quickly.

Why is customization important in CRM?

When choosing a CRM, it is important to make sure it can fit your unique business case. Some marketing-only and service-focused solutions lack advanced customizations necessary to run and optimize data-driven campaigns and provide a seamless experience for your customers. Many of these solutions also have rigid user interfaces that limit customization to certain areas, like the sidebar.

1. Use Salesforce for more than solely a contact database

CRM systems maintain an updated, organized contact database to provide a complete and accurate view of prospects and customers. However, when users only leverage CRM as a contact database, they miss out on most of the revenue-generating features at their disposal. Salesforce didn’t become a CRM leader for merely housing your front-end data.

2. Use it to collaborate across departments

Employees are busy—often too busy to dig through emails or track down a colleague to ask a question. CRM vendors are taking notice, designing social features to improve collaboration. Salesforce includes Chatter, an interactive feed that facilitates quick and easy communication.

3. Eliminate unnecessary data entry

Unnecessary data entry consumes hours of your sales team’s work week. When organizations install CRM, it’s often to cut down on this tedious activity to give sales reps more time to drive revenue. Salesforce maintains consistent, up-to-date data in one place, eliminating the need for users to input data into several platforms.

Wrap Up

Plenty of CRM users perform basic tasks on the platform, but few take full advantage of the system’s capabilities, resulting in unrealized potential and limiting your software ROI. By tapping into your CRM’s underutilized features, you can take your front-office performance and profits to a new level.

What Are Industry Blueprints?

Many of our customers ask how they can take advantage of everything Salesforce has to offer. Blueprints offer a product-agnostic overview of key business capabilities common to most customers. An industry blueprint diagrams the end-to-end process, from uncovering opportunities to discovering solid industry solutions.

Using Industry Blueprints

Industry blueprints align cross-functional stakeholders on the capabilities that are most important to your organization.


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