Where is this used salesforce


Where it is used in Salesforce?

Salesforce has introduced a new Where Used Button on custom fields in Setup (beta in Sandboxes). On clicking it, a new panel with a record of the center metadata types is opened where a field is used.

How do I find where a field is used in Salesforce?

On a custom field’s detail page, click Where is this used? to see the field reference details. To view the settings for the layout, formula, or other reference, click a reference label. The list can include these references. Note References to reports on objects where there’s a foreign key relationship don’t appear.

Where is this used for standard fields?

Salesforce.com standard fields are used by the Salesforce platform. These fields cannot be deleted or renamed, and their data types cannot be changed. Field labels can be modified, and the fields can be removed from or added to other page layouts.

What is standard field in Salesforce?

Standard fields are default fields built-in to Salesforce. They can not be deleted. On the other hand, several aspects of standard fields can be customized as follows: Edit, delete, or add values in picklist fields and set a default value. Rename the field label.

Where is this field used Salesforce report?

Find out where a custom field is referenced, such as in a formula or Apex class, with a click of the Where is this used? button. You can see where a field is used and where changes to the field appear before you edit it.

What is TableEnumOrId?

TableEnumOrId is the ObjectName/ ObjectId. For standard objects, the TableEnumOrId gives the Name of the object directly like Account, Contact, Opportunity etc. For custom objects, it gives the Object ID.

Which customization option is available for standard fields?

You can customize several aspects of standard fields, such as the values in picklists, the format for auto-number fields, tracking field history, lookup filters on relationship fields, and field-level help.

What are Salesforce fields?

Fields in Salesforce represents what the columns represent in relational databases. It can store data values which are required for a particular object in a record.

How do I remove standard name field from page layout?

Inorder to remove the standard field from view, Go to the fields which you want to hide and select there link and select the Set Field-Level Security button and uncheck the Visible checkbox for the profiles you do not want to see those particular fields.

What are record types in Salesforce?

“Record types let you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each.

What is Sandbox in Salesforce?

A sandbox is simply a copy of your database you can use to test new ideas. Oftentimes, when you work with a consultant on new functionality for your database they will build and demonstrate it for you in a sandbox before it becomes part of your actual database.

What is data type in Salesforce?

Different DataTypes in Salesforce. Apex in Salesforce assigns a data type to all variables and expressions, such as sObject, primitive, or enum. We use these data types as it is required depending on the condition. Integer, Double, Long, Date, Datetime, String, ID, or Boolean are examples of primitives.

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