Where is the salesforce ranch


The 75-acre property known as Trailblazer Ranch is located near Santa Cruz, California, and boasts an outdoor amphitheater, a communal kitchen, fitness and learning centers and conference rooms.Feb 11, 2022


What happens on the Salesforce ranch?

From the moment guests step foot on the Ranch, they’ll become immersed in Salesforce’s culture. They’ll have the opportunity to participate in tactile experiences like guided nature walks, restorative yoga, garden tours, group cooking classes, art journaling, and meditation.

What is Salesforce Trailblazer ranch?

It is a place where we can share and strengthen the Salesforce culture, which is built around our values. While we solidify our long-term Trailblazer Ranch site, our interim Trailblazer Ranch is a partnership with 1440 Multiversity, located in 75 acres in the beautiful Redwoods of Scotts Valley, California.

Why is Salesforce opening a redwood ranch in California?

Photograph: Sundry Photography/Alamy Salesforce employees will soon be able to hold meetings in California’s redwood forests after the company announced plans to open its own luxury ranch to help staff “connect” after two years of remote working.

Where is the new Trailblazer ranch?

The ranch is temporarily located at 1440 Multiversity in the town of Scotts Valley, as the company solidifies its long-term Trailblazer Ranch site. The ranch space will also be open to local non-profits and the surrounding community, the company said.


Connecting Colleagues

An internal Salesforce survey has shown that the ‘spontaneity and joy’ of in-person interactions is an important requirement for employees, and something that has been inevitably absent throughout the pandemic. Across the world, entire teams have been on-boarded without meeting their colleagues or managers face-to-face.

Working on Wellbeing

I’m sure we can all relate to productivity benefits since the pandemic began – no commutes, fewer distractions, and nowhere near as many coffee breaks! However, it’s important to note the changes to our daily routines – the good and the bad! A recent Deloitte study found that a significant number of female employees have “cited working longer hours because of the pandemic and others are juggling extra caregiving responsibilities as a result of pandemic-related consequences”..

The Future is Disneyland

Put simply, the Trailblazer Ranch aims to connect – with people and with nature. It will be a fun, interactive haven for teams, providing immersive opportunities to focus on forging new connections and reviving existing relationships. Following years of digital connectivity, this emphasis on ‘real life’ experiences feels like a welcome move.


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