When is winter 21 release salesforce


The next major release of Salesforce is the Winter 21 edition, due for release in September-October 2020. The release is staggered across the weekends of September 18 th, October 9 th, or October 16 th, depending on where your Salesforce instance is located.

Salesforce has three major releases per year—and for 2021, here are those key dates: November 5, 2020: Winter ’21 Release. March 9, 2021: Spring ’21 Release.


What is the next release for Salesforce?

The three main release weekends for Summer ’22 are: May 21, 2022. June 4, 2022. June 11, 2022.

What is Salesforce release 2021?

The main release weekends are: May 15, 2021: Sandbox Preview. June 4, 2021: Production Release based on your Salesforce Instance. June 11 – 12, 2021: Production Release based on your Salesforce Instance.

When did Salesforce Summer 21 release date?

Getting Access to Salesforce Summer ’21 Release Features As mentioned before, the release dates are scheduled for May 15th, June 4th, and June 11-12th. Always check Trust to find out when your Salesforce org will get access to the new features.

What are the 3 releases of Salesforce?

Salesforce named their releases or versions with below names.Winter (Ex: Winter’18)Spring (Ex: Spring’18)Summer (Ex: Summer’18)

When was Salesforce Spring 21 release date?

Salesforce has three major releases per year—and for 2021, here are those key dates: November 5, 2020: Winter ’21 Release. March 9, 2021: Spring ’21 Release. July 13, 2021: Summer ’21 Release.

What is spring 21 Salesforce?

Salesforce Order Management introduces new flow core actions and expanded support for B2C Commerce custom data. Spring ’21 brings a fresh start for Community Cloud with a brand new name—Experience Cloud.

How many times does Salesforce release?

At Salesforce, we’re proud to deliver hundreds of innovative features to you three times a year during our seasonal releases: Spring, Summer, and Winter. With our multitenant, metadata-driven platform, we provide customers with seamless, automatic upgrades each release, delivered in real time, with no downtime.

What is latest version of Salesforce?

current version is 43.0 summer18.

How do I find my Salesforce release schedule?

If you already know the instance your production Org is located on, you can head over to Salesforce Trust, click on your instance name, and hit “Maintenance”. This will show you the date of the Salesforce Summer ’22 release hitting your Org.

What is Salesforce Spring 22 release date?

Today, Salesforce announced that the Spring ’22 Release preview is live and, for the first time, includes new innovations from Slack. The Spring ’22 Release update will be generally available on February 14 and will include hundreds of new products and features.

Which season is going in Salesforce?

Generally speaking, The Spring release is around February, the Summer release is around June, and the Winter release is around October.

What is release update in Salesforce?

Salesforce periodically releases updates that improve the performance, security, logic, and usability of your Salesforce org, but that can affect your existing customizations. When these updates become available, Salesforce shows them in the Release Updates node in Setup.

New capabilities help unify data and augment personalization

New in the Winter ‘21 Release, Marketing Cloud’s Customer 360 Audiences helps to unify data to enable personalized interactions while Security Center helps to meet security goals and respond proactively to suspicious conditions.

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New in the Winter ‘21 Release, Marketing Cloud’s Customer 360 Audiences helps to unify data to enable personalized interactions while Security Center helps to meet security goals and respond proactively to suspicious conditions.

How to get a new badge in Winter 21?

Earn a new badge by taking the new Winter ’21 Release Highlights Trail or dive deep with the Winter ’21 Release Notes to get more detailed information on each product and feature.

When will the Privacy Center be available?

Hundreds of products and features will be available globally by October 19, 2020 to support your business. Today, you can preview Privacy Center to simplify data governance and privacy compliance and Nonprofit Cloud’s Grant Management to streamline and accelerate grantmaking.

1. Salesforce Anywhere

Salesforce announced this new product at the TrailheaDX conference earlier this year to get better in the “new normal.” As the pandemic hit and the company saw how important collaboration was becoming in a digital context, the idea of an app like this took on a new sense of urgency.

2. Flow Updates

This release is a great one. It is more powerful than the current. This release includes Flows that can now handle deletions, debug flows as a specific user, auto flow layouts, and more.

3. Optimize Lightning Page Performance

Page loading speed is a thing that gets lots of complaints from users. That was a severe issue about Lightning pages that display a lot of information. Now, just hitting the “Analyze” button to get recommendations for improvement at the top of the Lightning App Builder will help you solve the elements that are causing the bad user experience.

4. Einstein Lead Scoring

Einstein features used to be a paid feature and there was a limitation of needing enough data (1,000 new leads and 120 lead conversations in the previous 6 months) to turn on Einstein Lead Scoring. Now, you can turn it on instantly and it is accessible to the whole Salesforce community.

5. Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Einstein Opportunity Scoring is now offering flexibility to users to choose the opportunities which should be taken into consideration for scoring and selectively pick those opportunities. The ability to exclude any custom opportunity fields from the overall score is one aspect of this new feature to make the scoring model more accurate.

6. Einstein Search

It is the perfect time to enable Einstein Search. In each release, this feature gets too powerful to be neglected. Now, you can enable Einstein Search in professional edition and Search Personalization for multiple objects (GA). This personalized search will bring results based on a variety of factors like previous records and geolocation.

7. Dynamic Forms & Actions

When it comes to customization, these two outstanding tools step in. Dynamic forms allow users to create mini-page layouts that can be placed anywhere by the Lightning App Builder. Also, these can be hidden on a per-user basis.

Here are the top five requested features among hundreds and how to use them

The published Release Notes for Winter ’21 brings hundreds of new features and enhancements across a wide variety of products and clouds.

1. Auto-add field to custom report types upon creation (beta)

What is it? Custom fields that you add to a Salesforce object can now be auto-added to all custom report types based on that object. When you enable this feature, all custom fields for a Salesforce object are automatically included in the Fields list, ready to be added to report columns.

2. Access deleted fields from Object Manager in Lightning Experience

What is it? You can now manage deleted fields in Lightning Experience from the object in Object Manager. Actions include Delete (1) and view previously Deleted Fields (2).

3. Analyze the performance of your page in App Builder

What is it? The new Performance Analysis in App Builder evaluates the fields, instances of the Related Lists component, and metadata of a record page, and with the click of a button shares best practices and suggestions for improving page performance and the end-user experience.

4. Flow Auto-Layout

What is it? With Auto-Layout, elements on the canvas are spaced and connected automatically, and no more elements positioned slightly out of alignment!

5. Trigger a flow on Record Deletion

What is it? This autolaunched flow runs anytime an item is deleted. It runs in the background and updates related records when a record is deleted. For example, suppose that your Salesforce org has a custom field on the Account object that tracks the total items related to that account.


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