What version of salesforce am i on


To determine what version of Salesforce you are using:

  • Go to Setup > Company Profile.
  • Here you will see your edition in the grey title bar.
  • You can also just hover over the browser tab Salesforce is open in.


What version of Salesforce do I have installed?

Salesforce will display the version of Salesforce installed. From the Salesforce Administrator Account homepage, click User’s Name and select Setup . On the left hand side of the Setup page, click on Administration Setup . The Salesforce edition is displayed at the top of the Administration Setup landing page. within the middle section.

How do I Find my Salesforce edition?

Your Salesforce Edition is listed in the “Organization Edition” field. Note: Other key org details such as “Salesforce.com Organization ID” and “Instance” will also be listed in the right hand column of the Company Information page. Note: The following steps are only applicable for Salesforce editions with API access.

How to check Salesforce release in Salesforce?

To check Salesforce release Login to Salesforce Instance –> Go to Home Tab –> If you look at top right side of window, you can see “Spring’17 for Developers label ,which means we are using/in Spring’17 release.

Does Salesforce Developer Edition have any knowledge licenses?

Additionally, it does not appear to have any Knowledge licenses, which Developer orgs should have. Salesforce – Developer Edition means we are using Develope Edition.


Figuring Out What Version of Salesforce You Have

To quickly answer the question “What Version of Salesforce Do I Have?” use the following.


Well, there you have it. I hope you can now sleep safe, and sound knowing what version of Salesforce you’re using 🙂 If you found your Salesforce edition using this article be sure to let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know what edition most of you are working on. Until next time; take care!


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