What is vlocity in salesforce


Built natively on the Salesforce platform, Vlocity is a leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software for the world’s top companies in communications, media and entertainment, energy and utilities, insurance, health, and government organizations.


What is VLocity Communications in Salesforce?

Vlocity Communications, Media & Energy (Vlocity Communications is a suite of digital BSS applications built natively on the Salesforce platform. Vlocity Communications includes Sales, Marketing, Service, Retail, EPC, CPQ, Contract and Order Management applications.)

What is VLocity?

What is Vlocity? Vlocity is built natively on the Salesforce Platform and it is a leading provider of industry-specific solutions and mobile software, delivering digital, omnichannel processes for the world’s largest companies in a selection of industries.

What is VLocity clickstream analytics?

Vlocity Clickstream Analytics (Vlocity Clickstream Analytics provides actionable insight into customer-facing business processes, enabling executives and analysts with metrics on the timing, integration, and outcomes of sales and services interactions). Is there any trail head for this vlocity appexchange product ??

Why did I become VLocity certified?

I became Vlocity certified because it has so much to offer with it’s many pre-built solutions. Although the organization I work for targets Telco industries, I began to explore different domains, such as healthcare, as my curiosity grew. Alright, let’s not delay any further, and get straight to the answers. What is Vlocity?


What is the use of Salesforce Vlocity?

Vlocity applications (built on the Salesforce platform) solve the needs of particular industries, such as Communications, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Media, Health, and Public Sector with omnichannel sales, marketing, service, and CPQ solutions.

What is difference between Vlocity and Salesforce?

Vlocity CPQ uses Salesforce standard objects like Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Asset while Salesforce CPQ comes with its own custom Quote object. This is just a design perspective. It does not indicate a rating of one over other as both have quite different use cases.

What is Vlocity Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce Vlocity Developer is responsible for the development and integration of custom solutions like Vlocity, Apex classes, Visualforce, and more on the Salesforce platform.

What is Vlocity CRM?

A three-time Forbes Cloud 100 winner (2017, 2018, 2019), Vlocity is an “industry cloud” pioneer built on the Salesforce platform, the world’s #1 CRM provider. Vlocity increases sales, service and marketing agility, operational efficiency, digital adoption and simplicity at a faster time to value across the enterprise.

Is CPQ and Vlocity same?

Industries CPQ (formerly Vlocity) is a module included in Industry Clouds* (Communications, Media, Utilities). Both products support: Design-Time Product and Pricing Definition. Configuring Products.

Is Vlocity a managed package?

Vlocity offers industry-specific solutions as a managed package that companies can install into Salesforce.

How do I learn Vlocity in Salesforce?

There are no specific requirements to learn Vlocity (Interesting, ideal!). Anyone without a prior understanding of any coding can understand Salesforce Vlocity without many hindrances as there is a no-code/common code platform.

What does CPQ stand for?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote, a business software application designed for sales teams to provide product options and prices with accuracy.

Is CPQ part of Salesforce?

What is CPQ Salesforce? CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario.

What is Sfdc lightning?

Lightning (Salesforce Lightning) is a component-based framework for app development from Salesforce.com that is designed to simplify processes for business users, who typically do not have programming experience.

What is SFI in Salesforce?

Salesforce recently acquired them to help different industries accelerate their digital transformation journeys and calling Vlocity as “Saelsforce Industries” (SFI).

What is EPC Salesforce?

Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) to configure and manage CPQ in one place. Interfaces and implementation framework for triggering rules. Guided selling experience for users to build an order.

So why Vlocity? What does it bring to the ecosystem?

Salesforce provides extensive solutions across a gamut of industries horizontally, nevertheless, it has always concentrated on allowing their partners to build expert solutions for industries vertically. That’s where Vlocity marks an entry.

How the Vlocity acquisition helps customers

Let’s analyse by looking at a use case on how Vlocity has helped Telus, a communications organization.

How the Vlocity acquisition helps Salesforce partners?

While the cloud based software company has built a robust platform that has wide application and usability, in order to implement Salesforces’ solutions that cater to specific organization requisites, the company has equipped its partners to do the job.

What is Vlocity and Salesforce Industries?

There’s been a new buzzword in the Salesforce ecosystem recently about Salesforce Industries (formerly Vlocity). Salesforce recently completed the acquisition of Vlocity.

What is Vlocity?

Salesforce Vlocity is built natively on the Salesforce Platform and it is a provider of industry-specific solutions and mobile software, delivering digital, omnichannel processes for the world’s largest companies in a selection of industries.

What is Salesforce Industries?

Salesforce Industries started shortly after the acquisition of Vlocity. Salesforce Industries is the new name of Vlocity, a tech startup that was officially acquired by Salesforce. Vlocity, being a fairly new industry cloud expert has gathered profound technical know-how in six varied industries, they are:

Salesforce Industries certification

Salesforce Industries have following Salesforce exam currently available on trailhead. They have few more but those are on Vlocity University. Are you preparing for Salesforce Vlocity / Industries exam (formerly Vlocity)? Check out below post for some tips and trick.


I hope this helped you to understand, what Salesforce Vlocity and how Vlocity helps industries with complex business models. Soon We will try to conduct more session on different industries solution provided by Vlocity.


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