What is v2mom salesforce


V2MOM. A management process and acronym standing for vision, values, mission, objectives, and measures. It was implemented in the first few weeks of operation at Salesforce and has continued to ring true today.Jul 12, 2018


What is the v2mom vision at Salesforce?

You might recall from the last unit that the very first V2MOM Vision at Salesforce was to “rapidly create a world-class Internet company/site for Sales Force Automation.”

What is a v2mom?

V2MOM–huh? At Salesforce, we stay aligned as a company because every single employee defines a V2MOM—a charter that states the individual’s vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures. Throughout the year, we all engage in a dynamic process from bottom to top, and top to bottom, of sharing goals, ideas, and opportunities.

What is a corporate v2mom app?

V2MOM App is an alignment framework which is at the forefront of how Salesforce runs its business. A corporate V2MOM is created at the start of a year by the CEO which gets cascaded down to individuals so everyone can create their own V2MOM.

What is v2m0m and why is it important?

The V2MOM has been used to guide every decision at Salesforce — from those we made in 1999 to the decisions we make today as the largest high-tech employer in San Francisco. I’ve also introduced it to other business leaders. The beauty of the V2M0M is that the same structure works for every phase in the life cycle of an organization.


How do you do a V2MOM?

When writing your V2MOM Measures, make sure they follow the SMART format. Specific – Clearly define your focus and what you’re going to do. Measurable – Quantify an indicator of progress, such as percentages, numbers, targets. Achievable – Set the bar high, yet make it achievable.

What are values in V2MOM?

The very first V2MOM at Salesforce included Values like “world class organization,” “time to market,” and “usability.” Now, our business Values includes words like “trust,” “customer success,” and “innovation.” Which Values come to mind when thinking about the principles needed to achieve your Vision?

What does Vpmom stand for?

VPMOM (pronounced “Vee Pea Mom”) is an acronym for vision, priorities, methods, obstacles, and measures and is expressed as a one-page document communicating these five areas of a strategy.

What is Salesforce vision?

Salesforce Vision Statement We believe that the business of business is to improve the state of the world, and we work to make sure Salesforce is a platform for change through serving the interests of all our stakeholders — employees, customers, partners, communities and the environment.

What is V2Mom used for?

However, V2MOM can be expanded beyond company wide alignment and can be used for team alignment and individual objectives. After Marc and the entire company define a new V2MOM it is then passed down to teams and individuals. From here, each employee is responsible for creating their own V2MOM.

What is a V2M?

A V2MOM can help build the base of a strong startup culture. With the company vision being a picture of what you want the world to look like, it can be a strong tool when hiring and recruiting top talent. If a potential candidate feels strongly about your vision, chances are they will fit into the culture and will have a desire to work with you to accomplish your vision.#N#Current employees will also be able to see the direct impact their work is making to the different components of a V2MOM. This will help give them the pride and ownership they want out of their work.

How many employees does V2M have?

What is V2MOM? In 19 years, Salesforce has transformed from a “startup” to a publicly-traded company with over 30,000 employees. They’ve managed to sustain incredible growth while maintaining strong organizational alignment and communication.

Does Salesforce have a V2M?

Salesforce expanded their V2MOM beyond as it is used for individuals and teams. Teams can lay out the vision they want to accomplish by using the company-wide V2MOM to guide them. From here, you can take it a step further and let individuals use the company-wise and team V2MOM to create their own individual plan to advance themselves forward.

Who is the CEO of V2Moms?

Then at the start of the fiscal year, CEO Marc Benioff and his leadership team create their V2MOMs based on all the ideas they’ve heard for how to drive growth and success. Their V2MOMs are published on Chatter and then, like dominoes, all employees write and share theirs.

Why do intrapreneurs use V2MoM?

Use a V2MOM to impress on your executive sponsor that you’ll apply rigor, structure, and professionalism during this process.

What is a V2Mom?

The V2MOM is a living document that’s intended to spark meaningful dialogue and inform decision-making throughout the year. Employees engage in conversations with their managers around their priorities on an ongoing basis.

What is V2MoM process?

V2MOM is an iterative, transparent, and feedback-driven process. Everyone has a chance to provide input and feedback which creates buy-in, alignment, transparency, and unity across the organization.

What is the magic of V2MoM?

While there are many other leadership paradigms and frameworks available to follow, the magic of the V2MOM is its simplicity. It’s easy to digest, understand, and implement. And best of all, every employee in the company has one, making it easy for everyone to know how they contribute to the company’s success. COMPONENT.

Is it easy to get everyone in sync?

Getting everyone in your organization in sync is not easy. Whether you’re a small business or a global company, it’s a challenge to get everyone moving in the right direction.

How much is Salesforce worth?

But if success is any indicator, Salesforce is a pretty good guidepost — after only 15 years, it’s worth $35 billion and has become the largest tech employer in San Francisco. Pretty amazing for an enterprise software company.

When did Salesforce go public?

On June 22, 2004, the night before going public, Salesforce executives had a private dinner at an upscale Asian restaurant called Tao in New York City. The dinner was to celebrate its IPO, one of the biggest moments in any company’s history.

How to Write a V2MOM

Ready to write your own V2MOM? Should you ask your ”MOM” how? Probably not.

Writing SMART Measures

SMART is an acronym that helps you think through all the elements of establishing clear, actionable, and measurable Measures. When writing your V2MOM Measures, make sure they follow the SMART format.

Tips for Writing Your V2MOM

You’ve got all those V2MOM and SMART acronyms down? Great! Given all our experience writing V2MOMs, we’d like to offer some additional best practices for you to consider.

Gain Alignment from the Team

As a manager, think about what role your team members play in the creation of your V2MOM. Should they sit by and wait to see it unveiled? Are you the wizard behind the curtain delivering up courage or a brain? Not at all.

Monitor and Refresh the V2MOM

The V2MOM is a living, breathing document. And it gets very grumpy if you don’t feed it and take care of it regularly. After you’ve written and published your V2MOM, there are lots of ways to use it throughout the year as a powerful and meaningful management tool.


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