What is trigger salesforce


What are triggers in salesforce?

  • Apex Trigger is also a class which contains twelve static context variables.
  • Triggers in Salesforce gets executed when a DML operation occurs on an sObject record.
  • Apex triggers run on Server side, not on client side.
  • Triggers can handle Database manipulation language (DML) operations, can execute SOQl and can call custom Apex methods.

A Trigger is a segment of Apex code which executes before or after inserting or modifying a Salesforce record based on the condition provided. There are different types of triggers based on the action going to be performed. They are Before Triggers and After Triggers.Apr 22, 2021


What are trigger events in Salesforce?

Use platform events in the following cases:

  • To send and receive custom event data with a predefined schema
  • To publish or subscribe to events in Apex
  • For the flexibility of publishing and processing events on and off the Salesforce platform

How to implement trigger switch in Salesforce?

  • Salesforce CRM and its features
  • Salesforce objects, field types, and validation rules
  • Data modeling and management
  • Setup and user management
  • Security and data access
  • Workflow automation
  • Sales and service cloud configuration
  • Lightning components installation
  • Salesforce interface
  • Application deployment and Force.com platform change management

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What is trigger factory in Salesforce?

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  1. One Trigger Per Object A single Apex Trigger is all you need for one particular object. …
  2. Logic-less Triggers If you write methods in your Triggers, those can’t be exposed for test purposes. You also can’t expose logic to be re-used anywhere else in your org.
  3. Context-Specific Handler Methods Create context-specific handler methods in Trigger handlers

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What are the best practices for Salesforce triggers?

Trigger Best Practices:-

  • There should only be one trigger for each object.
  • Avoid complex logic in triggers. …
  • Bulkify any “helper” classes and/or method
  • Triggers should be “bulkified” and be able to process up to 200 records for each call.
  • Execute DML statements using collections instead of individual records per DML statement.

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What is trigger in Salesforce with example?

As a Salesforce Trigger Example, if a trigger fires after an update of contact A, the trigger may modify contacts B, C, and D. Hence, Triggers in Salesforce will cause alternative records to change, and since these changes will, in turn, fire additional triggers.

What is the difference between trigger and workflow?

Trigger works before and after some actions,Coding is required. Workflows work only after some actions, Coding is not required. Workflow is automated process that fired an action based on Evaluation criteria and rule criteria.

What is trigger new in Salesforce?

Triger. new in Salesforce is a command which returns the list of records that have been added recently to the sObjects. To be more precise, those records will be returned which are yet to be saved to the database.

How do I run a trigger in Salesforce?

The following steps show the different types of triggers you can use.From Setup, select Customize and then click the object that you want to add the trigger to.Click Triggers and then click New.To define your trigger, enter Apex code similar to this sample code. … Make sure that Is Active is selected.Click Save.

How many types of triggers are there in Salesforce?

two typesThere are two types of triggers: Before triggers are used to update or validate record values before they’re saved to the database.

What are different types of triggers in Salesforce?

Here is a list of trigger events in salesforce:before insert.before update.before delete.after insert.after update.after delete.after undelete.

What do you mean by trigger?

1a : to release or activate by means of a trigger especially : to fire by pulling a mechanical trigger trigger a rifle. b : to cause the explosion of trigger a missile with a proximity fuse. 2 : to initiate, actuate, or set off by a trigger an indiscreet remark that triggered a fight a stimulus that triggered a reflex.

What is Apex in Salesforce?

Apex enables developers to access the Salesforce platform back-end database and client-server interfaces to create third-party SaaS applications. Apex includes an application programming interface (API) that Salesforce developers can use to access user data on the platform.

What is SOQL in Salesforce?

SOQL stands for Salesforce Object Query Language. You can use SOQL to read information stored in your org’s database. SOQL is syntactically similar to SQL (Structured Query Language). You can write and execute a SOQL query in Apex code or in the Developer Console’s Query Editor.

What is Apex class and trigger in Salesforce?

Classes consist of other classes, user-defined methods, variables, exception types, and static initialization code A trigger is Apex code that executes before or after specific data manipulation language (DML) events occur, such as before object records are inserted into the database, or after records have been deleted …

What is Sandbox in Salesforce?

A sandbox is simply a copy of your database you can use to test new ideas. Oftentimes, when you work with a consultant on new functionality for your database they will build and demonstrate it for you in a sandbox before it becomes part of your actual database.

What is an example of a triggering event?

Triggering events include job loss, retirement, or death, and are typical for many types of contracts. These triggers help to prevent, or ensure, that in the case of a catastrophic change, the terms of an original contract may also change. Life insurance policies may include a triggering event based on the insured age.

What is trigger in Salesforce?

Triggers enable you to perform custom actions before or after changes to Salesforce records. A trigger is Apex code that executes before or after the following types of operations like insert, update, and delete.

What are the two types of triggers?

There Are Two Types Of Triggers: Before triggers: It is used to update or validate record values before saved to the database. After triggers: It is used to access values of the record that are stored in the database and use this value to make changes with other records.After trigger records are read-only.

Can triggers process multiple records at once?

All triggers are bulk triggers by default and can process multiple records at a time. You should always plan on processing more than one record at a time . Bulk triggers can handle both single record updates and bulk operations like:

What is trigger in Salesforce?

Apex triggers enable you to perform custom actions before or after changes to Salesforce records, such as insertions, updates, or deletions. A trigger is Apex code that executes before or after the following types of operations: insert. update. delete.

What is read only trigger?

The records that fire the after trigger are read-only. Triggers can also modify other records of the same type as the records that initially fired the trigger. For example, if a trigger fires after an update of contact A , the trigger can also modify contacts B, C, and D.

Why do callouts have to be asynchronous?

Callouts must be made asynchronously from a trigger so that the trigger process isn’t blocked while waiting for the external service’s response. The asynchronous callout is made in a background process, and the response is received when the external service returns it.

When do upsert triggers fire?

upsert triggers fire both before and after insert or before and after update triggers as appropriate. merge triggers fire both before and after delete for the losing records, and both before and after update triggers for the winning record. See Triggers and Merge Statements.

What happens to triggers after a record is undeleted?

Triggers that execute after a record has been undeleted only work with specific objects. See Triggers and Recovered Records. Field history is not recorded until the end of a trigger. If you query field history in a trigger, you don’t see any history for the current transaction.

Can you undelete a trigger?

For example, you can have a trigger run before an object’s records are inserted into the database, after records have been deleted, or even after a record is restored from the Recycle Bin.

Bulky Triggers

By default, all triggers in Salesforce are bulky triggers, which means they may handle many records simultaneously. Bulky triggers can be used to do large transactions and single-record changes, such as the following:

Workflow in Salesforce

It is a fully automated procedure capable of initiating an action based on assessment and rule criteria.

Trigger in Salesforce

It is a block of code that is run before or following the updating or inserting of a record.

Workflow Constraints That Triggers in Salesforce Transcend

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What is trigger in Salesforce?

What is Triggers in Salesforce? A trigger is an Apex script that executes before or after data manipulation language ( DML) events occur. Apex triggers enable you to perform custom actions before or after events to record in Salesforce, such as insertions, updates, or deletions. Just like database systems support triggers, …

What is trigger in SQL?

A trigger is a set of statement which can be executed on the following events. In above trigger events one or more of below events can be used with comma-separated.


A trigger is a piece of code that runs before and after a record in the force.com database is inserted, updated, or deleted. Triggers can be used to bring Apex to life. A trigger is a functional action that occurs in response to specific events. Triggers will occur both before and after records are entered and exited the database.

Trigger Code

When Value of Course fee (Custom field ) in Fee Custom Object is summed as.

Why are triggers important in Salesforce?

The use of triggers is critically important for Salesforce Developers as they help them manage sensitive customer data within the system, specifically according to the requirements of the client businesses.

Why do developers use trigger events in Salesforce?

As mentioned above, developers use different trigger events in Salesforce to undertake specific operations pertaining to data manipulation language. Here are some of the key actions performed by those trigger events:

What is bulk trigger in Salesforce?

Bulk triggers refer to the triggers that allow the developers to process several records at the same time. By default, all the triggers run by Salesforce Developers are bulk triggers and are able to handle single record updates and bulk operations as follows:

What is Salesforce development?

A Salesforce Development Company would provide services that are specifically tailored to the needs of the client businesses. Multiple developers are employed that take care of every aspect of the platform and provide specific services.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

Salesforce has been dominating the business CRM market since it was introduced more than two decades ago. It has sufficiently helped business enterprises in making their business processes easier by providing automation and efficiency in handling customer database. There are several services offered by Salesforce CRM – be it lead management, …

Is Apex on Salesforce?

Also, Apex functions completely on an on-demand basis on the platform of Salesforce Lightning. Developers can write and save the Apex code on the Lightning Platform, following which the users can trigger the functionality of the code used through the concerned user interface.


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