What is salesforce live agent


Salesforce Chat (formerly “Salesforce Live Agent”) is a native Salesforce tool that enables customer service teams to communicate in real-time with your website users. We have all seen the little ‘chat to an agent’ buttons on company websites, usually when trying to find a way to contact a support team.Oct 4, 2021

How would you like to contact Salesforce?

How would you like to contact Salesforce? Request a call. Give us some info so the right person can get back to you. First name Enter your first name. Last name Enter your last name. Job title Please enter your title. Email Enter a valid email address. Phone Enter a valid phone …

What are the pros and cons of Salesforce?

  • Low risk: Low acquiring cost and low-risk management as an organization tool.
  • Salesforce database helps in organizing and digitizing company sales records.
  • Allows customization of profiles for individual customers, and gives quick access to individual records.

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How to contact Salesforce support?

Support for Additional Products

  • Heroku and Commerce Cloud – Support for other Salesforce Products
  • Salesforce Anywhere – How to Log a Support Case, Salesforce Anywhere (Quip)
  • Slack – Support for Slack App
  • Social Studio – Contact Social Studio customer support

What is the customer service number for Salesforce?

Help and Support

  • Increase the return on your investment in Salesforce with Success Plans. …
  • Collaborate with specialists, consultants and other certified experts. …
  • Get trained and certified at the source. …

What does a LiveAgent do?

Simple yet powerful ticketing software Save time by managing all customer messages in one app. Keep track of all conversations, integrate your favorite tools, automate repetitive tasks, work as a team, and make better business decisions based on real data insights.

What is a Salesforce agent?

What is a Salesforce Live Agent? Salesforce Live Agent is a native tool of Salesforce, enabling businesses for real-time communication with their website users. Each one of us might have come across chat buttons while surfing the websites of different companies.

Does Salesforce have livechat?

Salesforce Live Chat is an embeddable live chat support optimal for businesses with a limited support team. The system can be embedded in your applications or website, which enables your prospects and customers to communicate with your business on the web while currently on your app or site.

What is LiveAgent app?

LiveAgent offers a native Android app for your favorite mobile device so that you can also provide customer service on the go. Download the free Android LiveAgent app that lets you stay connected to your website visitors outside of the office.

How do I create a live agent in Salesforce?

How to Setup Live Agent in SalesforceStep 1: Enable live agent checkbox. Setup→Customize→Live Agent→Live Agent Setting. … Step 2: Enable live agent user. … Step 3: Live Agent Configurations. … Step4: Create New Skill. … Step 5: Setup Chat Button. … Step 6: Live agent deployment. … Step 7: Setup live agent console app.

How do I implement live chat in Salesforce?

Set Up Web Chat in SalesforceLog in to your organization, and if you’re in Salesforce Classic, switch to Lightning Experience.Click the Setup gear icon and select Service Setup.Under Recommended Setup, click View All.Enter Chat in the search box and select Chat with Customers.More items…

Is Salesforce chat the same as live agent?

Salesforce Chat (formerly “Salesforce Live Agent”) is a native Salesforce tool that enables customer service teams to communicate in real-time with your website users. We have all seen the little ‘chat to an agent’ buttons on company websites, usually when trying to find a way to contact a support team.

What is Salesforce chatbot?

Salesforce Chat Automation AI powered Salesforce chat works by combining the world’s #1 service platform with automation that is adaptable and personalizable to give clients the predictions, recommendations and answers they need. Users can interact with virtual chatbots through live messaging on your company’s website.

How many chats can an agent handle at once?

An agent without prior chat experience can take only 1-2 active chats simultaneously, while an experienced agent can easily take 4-6 chats. If all your agents are new to chat you may need to lower the number of simultaneous chats they are expected to take.

Is LiveAgent a CRM?

LiveAgent offers a powerful built-in CRM that allows you to create unique CRM fields.

How do I become a live chat agent?

Qualifications for a career as a chat agent include a high school diploma or GED certificate. You should receive additional training on-the-job. Some opportunities require additional knowledge of specific industries or software, and some employers prefer candidates with vendor-certification for the product.

How do you use a LiveAgent?

You’ll find out how you can setup your mail account, live chat, customer portal and other support channels.Step 1: Discover LiveAgent.Step 2: Add users. … Step 3: Set up your email. … Step 4: Add a live chat button to your website. … Step 5: Connect your Social pages. … Step 6: Set up a Customer portal. … Step 7: Set up a Call center.More items…

What is live agent?

With Live Agent, you can coach agents in real-time with private messages. You can also monitor agent queues to balance workloads and maximise productivity. But beyond that, you can tap into metrics on the full history of an agent’s performance and instant message sessions. Your team will be working faster and smarter.

How does live chat work?

By connecting each live chat with the complete customer profile, answers can be delivered both in context and with an eye toward the overall customer experience . Chats can be quickly routed to the right subject matter experts. And agents can provide answers faster with a sneak peek to customer chat and keyboard shortcuts to pre-written messages.

Why is Salesforce Live Agent important?

Increased productivity. Salesforce Live Agent has a suite of productivity features that empower your agents to maximize their productivity at work.

What are the benefits of Salesforce Live Agent?

The main benefits of Salesforce Live Agent are the real-time, customized assistance it provides to clients or prospects, the increased productivity brought to your agents, and its empowerment of your team of representatives to give better service. Here are more details:

What is the purpose of the agent queue system?

You are also able to monitor agent queues live which makes for a more efficient management of workload. Your agents can also be coached in real time via private messages to aid or train them how to respond in appropriate ways to customers.

Why do agents take a sneak peek?

Agents are also able to take a little sneak peek to the message which gives them the opportunity to formulate the best response for the chat faster. There are also keyboard shortcuts for adding pre-written messages.

What is Salesforce Live Agent?

Salesforce Live Agent is a real-time live chat support you can embed on your website and apps. This enables your customers and prospects to reach out and communicate with your company on the web while they are currently on your site or app.

What Problems Will Salesforce Live Agent Solve?

Solution: Salesforce Live Agent connects you with your team efficiently. To manage workloads and increase each agent’s productivity, you can monitor their queues in real-time to balance their load while, at the same time, you can manage your customer’s waiting time.

Salesforce Live Agent user reviews

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software. Its services let companies and businesses to work with Cloud. This gives them the option to provide better services for companies who want to support their clients and customers. It can save time and improve your customer relationships and customer experience.

How can you use it?

You can use the Salesforce and LiveAgent integration to create cases in your Salesforce account via LiveAgent tickets. You don’t have to leave customer chat hanging, just report cases immediately and provide better customer satisfaction.

How to integrate Salesforce with LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a Salesforce integration plugin available for customers. It can help you keep track of your customers, manage cases or add new leads.

How to integrate Salesforce with LiveAgent via Zapier

If you want to unlock more workflow capabilities of LiveAgent and Salesforce, you can try using the Zapier service. Zapier is a company that focuses on connecting any two apps with various integration results depending on their capabilities.

Get personalized, real-time help online or in your apps

Start personalized live chats, in-app or online, with your customers based on how they’re using your site. Deliver chat around the globe with multilingual support. And scale your customer support with AI-powered chatbots that help answer routine asks.

Connect your agents and increase productivity

By connecting each live chat with a complete customer profile for context, agents can move quickly using customer chat sneak peek, keyboard shortcuts, and prewritten messages. Plus, routing chats to the right agents is easy.

Improve your team, improve your customer service

Get the most out of your team by coaching agents in real time with private messages. You can also monitor their queues, balance workloads, tap into metrics, and use instant messaging sessions. That’s the power of Chat.


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