What is salesforce instance


Your Salesforce instance refers to the server that your Salesforce organization lives on. Many Salesforce orgs (also referred to as an “instance”) live together on the same server, a method of server management called “multi-tenancy”. As opposed to one system living on one server, many instances live on one server.Feb 25, 2015


What is Salesforce, what does Salesforce do?

Salesforce is a company based out of San Francisco, California. They are the leaders in cloud technology and CRM services. In addition, they offer a suite of products for customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, social media marketing, eCommerce platforms, and more.

What are different Salesforce editions?

  • Contact Manager Edition.
  • Group Edition.
  • Professional Edition.
  • Enterprise Edition.
  • Performance Edition.

What are the Salesforce IP addresses?

  • The IP addresses that we use have been allocated directly to us by The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN),
  • The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), and
  • Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE) or assigned to us by one of our partners from the same Regional Internet Registries.

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Where is Salesforce located?

Salesforce is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and has 59 office locations across 28 countries. See the full list at Craft.


What is the difference between Salesforce org and instance?

In short, a Salesforce Instance is the installation of Salesforce’s software that resides on a server (or group of servers likely). An Org is your specific organization’s data and meta data. Salesforce has multiple orgs residing on the same instance.

How do I find my Salesforce instance type?

To check instance name in this case, log in to Salesforce as an Admin (or if you have permission to view setup) and navigate to Setup -> Company Information. You can find your Salesforce instance in the right column below Organization Edition.

How do I create an instance in Salesforce?

1:421:20:32How to Create Salesforce Instance – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWe are creating the instance. So we will come to this URL. Not salesforce.com is the URL. And we’llMoreWe are creating the instance. So we will come to this URL. Not salesforce.com is the URL. And we’ll come to you here click on the sign up. Button.

What is a Salesforce environment?

An environment is an instance of Force.com platform which can also be called an organization. Salesforce Environments lets users access, deploy or create applications with various feature sets, depending on the configuration of the environment.

How many instances can I have in Salesforce?

Salesforce Instance or POD Each customer is allocated to one and only POD and that is where their data resides. As of July 2014, there are currently 21 Instances in North America, 2 in Asia Pacific, 4 in EMEA and 25 Sandbox Instances.

What is a Salesforce sandbox?

Salesforce Sandboxes are replicas of the production org. They do not contain any live data or active users. Your copy sandbox is a useful environment for making changes and testing them. In sandbox, your changes will not affect any live business processes.

What is user object in Salesforce?

Last updated Apr 23 2018. Integration with the Salesforce User Object. FormTitan is an online web tool that allow you to create web forms, landing pages and Forms for Salesforce.

What is Salesforce object?

Salesforce objects are database tables that permit you to store data that is specific to an organization. Salesforce objects are of two types: Standard Objects: Standard objects are the kind of objects that are provided by salesforce.com such as users, contracts, reports, dashboards, etc.

What is custom object in Salesforce?

Get to Know Objects Standard objects are objects that are included with Salesforce. Common business objects like Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity are all standard objects. Custom objects are objects that you create to store information that’s specific to your company or industry.

What is the difference between an instance and an environment?

The differences between a Dynamics instance and a Common Data Service environment is that the Dynamics instance will contain solutions with Dynamics functionality, and the CDS environment won’t have these (and they can’t be added at a later date).

What are the different environments in Salesforce?

What are the different types of Sandboxes in Salesforce?Developer Sandbox. Developer sandbox environments are intended for coding and testing by a single developer. … Developer Pro Sandbox. … Partial Sandbox. … Full Sandbox. … Conclusion.

Where is sandbox in Salesforce?

To access your sandbox, click the link in the notification email. Users can log in to the sandbox at https://test.salesforce.com by appending . sandbox_name to their Salesforce usernames.

How do I find my apex instance URL Salesforce?

ApexPages.currentPage().getUrl() = Gives page name.ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get(‘Host’) => gives Host Id.Site.getCurrentSiteUrl() => Site URL.

How do I find my Salesforce domain name?

In addition to https://login.salesforce.com , your users can log in to your Salesforce org with your My Domain login URL. This login URL uses a standard format, with your My Domain name as the subdomain. For example, the format for production org login URLs is https:// MyDomainName . my.salesforce.com .

How do I find my Salesforce Service URL?

The format of the URL is https://login.salesforce.com/id/ orgID / userID , where orgId is the ID of the Salesforce org that the user belongs to and userID is the Salesforce user ID. Note For a sandbox, login.salesforce.com is replaced with test.salesforce.com .

How do I find my Salesforce org name?

Click on Setup in the upper-righthand corner. Select Administration Setup –> Company Profile –> Company Information. In the Organization Detail section, the Organization ID is listed in the Salesforce.com Organization ID field is displayed.

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